• How to make a man cave - Colonial Van Lines Home Tips - Man Cave
  • How to make a man cave - Colonial Van Lines Home Tips - Man Cave

How to Make a Man Cave: A Quick Guide

If you’ve just moved into a new house, one of the first things you’ll likely consider is how to make a man cave. Personal, private, and ideal for everything from football Sunday to game nights with the boys, man caves are a fantastic addition to any home. What’s more, since they offer extra space, man caves can also be used for the occasional kid sleepover or unexpected house guest.

If you’ve ever wondered how to make a man cave in your own home, we’ve got the complete guide – regardless of whether you’re dreaming of football, foosball, or something in between. If you’re going to create a man cave at your home, it pays to do it right. Follow these five steps for a man cave that will make you want to host every gathering:

Tip 1. Define Your “Must Haves”

How to make a man cave - Colonial Van Lines Home Tips - Man Cave must haves

Every man cave is different. This is because every man is different! With this in mind, take some time to define your man cave “must-haves.” For example, if you intend to host Friday night football parties in your man cave, a large television will be essential and appreciated, along with a couch, some comfy places to put your feet up, and fun extras like a popcorn machine or wet bar to mix some tasty drinks. If you’ve never constructed a man cave before, a nice place to start may be to write down a complete list of your “must have” items and keep coming back to it. If you’re still in doubt, poll your friends and man-cave members about what they’d like to see in your home’s new addition.

Tip 2. Understand the Style
How to make a man cave - Colonial Van Lines Home Tips - Man Cave - Style

While all man caves are different, they all share some similar features. For example, they tend to be “cave-like,” with minimal light (All the better for TV viewing), or heavy curtains to block out light when the big game is on. They’re also typically decorated in masculine colors and styles, with plenty of wood and heavy textiles. If you’re not sure how you want your man cave to look, consider spending some time shopping around. Look at Pinterest to get inspiration for your man cave and consider visiting nearby man caves, if you have some available, to check out how other people have decorated theirs. Understanding the style helps you make smart decisions about how you want to decorate your man cave, and come up with your own unique ideas to add.

Tip 3. Get Your Significant Other Involved
How to make a man cave - Include your significant other - couple

If you have a significant other, getting them involved in decorating the man cave is essential. Not only are they presumably giving you their blessing to create a space where you go to disappear, but they’re probably funding the cave, at least in part. With this in mind, solicit their input as you come up with the style and layout of your man cave. Start a Pinterest board with them and use it to collect ideas about how you want the cave to look and feel. If you’d like to, take your S.O. with you on shopping outings and furniture trips to find items for your man cave. The more you get your significant other involved, the more likely they will be to join you in the man cave from time to time, and be happy about you spending your free moments in it.

Tip 4. Pick the Right Materials
How to make a man cave - Include your significant other - pick the right materials

While they’re all different, most man caves share some common materials. To ensure yours lives up to the standard, pick durable, masculine materials you love. Dark mahogany and rich red velvets are ideal and common, as are various types of cement countertops and unique textures. Be aware that the most important consideration with any man cave is durability. With this in mind, choose materials you know will last and which will live up to the wear and tear you intend to put them through. If you’re not sure which materials to use, contact your local building center or a certified interior designer to help you choose finishes that match your unique style and get the job done all at once.

Tip 5.  Be Sure to Measure
How to make a man cave - Include your significant other - measure

Few things are worse than choosing some man cave materials you love only to find that they don’t actually fit into your new space. With this in mind, measure the floor plan of your man cave before you set out to purchase items for it. If you’re very concerned about finding the right items, draw up your floor plan on a pad of paper before you head out shopping. As you look for furnishings, consult this floor plan and ensure the items you’re interested in will fit. Not only does this help you avoid troublesome mistakes, but it also streamlines your shopping and makes it that much more effective.

Moving into Your Man Cave

Now that you know how to make a man cave, let’s talk about how to move into one! As is true with any room in the house, moving into a man cave can be a bit complex and challenging. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be. If you don’t want to complete your entire move on your own, hire a skilled and professional moving company to do it for you. Not only will a professional team of movers have your move completed much faster than you would if you did it alone, but they’ll also be able to help you arrange the furniture exactly the way you want it and ensure every ounce of your man cave is up to your specifications. This, in turn, creates a highly livable and approachable man cave you’ll want to spend almost all of your free time in.

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