• Keeping Documents Safe

Keeping Documents Safe During Your Long Distance Move

While some fear a cracked LED TV screen or a broken vase when moving, many overlook the catastrophic effects of lost documents. Important paperwork like birth certificates and passports should be a serious concern when you are planning a long distance move.

So before your long distance moving company shows up, it’s important that you identify and safely store such files. Consider these tips for keeping your document safe during your move:

Make Copies of Items

When moving, you’re strongly advised to make copies of your most vital documents as a back-up in the event any of the originals get lost or damaged. Utilize technology to ensure all of your essential paperwork is easily and conveniently stored during a long distance move. For instance, you can scan your hard copies and load the soft copies to a secure online cloud-based storage service. Once there, they can be remotely accessed anytime, anywhere. You can also send the scanned copies to your email address or save them on a password protected PC.

Keep Documents You May Need with You

Regardless of what happens before, during and after your interstate move, all of your important documentation must be kept with you through every stage of your long distance move. Even if your files are in a safe, ensure the safe is in your sight at all times. Doing so will not only give you a piece of mind.

Moreover, it ensures that critical items like the deed to your new business or your new home lease agreement are within easy reach should you need them on moving day.

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Send to a family member or friend

Concerned about the safety of your crucial documents during your long distance move?  Store your documents in a Lock Box and send it to a trusted colleague or family member while you relocate. This way you will rest easy knowing your Lock Box is in safe hands and you can simply contact them when you need to access it.

Keep Documents in Clearly Labelled Containers

Store your duplicate documents separate from the originals. Be sure to clearly label and carefully pack all folders or boxes containing documents—so at a glance you can easily locate any document you need.

But whereas labeling your containers or boxes is a key part of a smooth, convenient out of state move, be wary of what you label containers with very sensitive files or records. You certainly wouldn’t want to be clear that box A contains bank account info, box B Social Security numbers and be vulnerable to identity theft. While it is important to label your containers, be sure not to reveal too many details on really valuable items.

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