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Kids Entertainment: Keeping Kids Busy During Winter

It’s -20 with a foot of snow outside. You’re snowed in with your small children scrambling to find kids entertainment activities (hello, Google).

Winter can really be a drag on your little ones when they’ve got so much energy but they’re all cooped up inside. And that can really be a drag on mom and dad, too. All that energy in such a confined space.

We’ve put together this fun, family-friendly guide to activities that will help you and your kids keep their sanity on those cold, snowy days.

Kids Entertainment: Top Things to Do When You’re Snowed In

Even a blistering snow storm doesn’t need to be enough to drive you all crazy. Follow these tips for some fun wintertime family moments:

1. Hold a Family Dance Party

Kids Entertainment: Hold a Family Dance Party

Create some fun playlists or plugin to some existing stations on Pandora or Spotify. Crank the tunes up loud and dust off your best moves. Turn it into a goofy dance-off, coming up with winter themed dances like the snowblower, going sledding, or whatever else comes to mind for the kids.

2. Make Homemade Play Dough

Kids Entertainment: Make Homemade Play Dough

I guarantee you’ll have all of these ingredients already in your pantry. Have the kids help you mix it up and pick their favorite colors. It’s less messy than some of the slime recipes, but still just as fun to play with.

3. Read

Kids Entertainment: Read

Organizing a fun story hour will be a hit. Each kid can pick their favorite books. Challenge them with reading the books to their siblings (with mom and dad’s help).

Pro tip: Before starting story hour, work together as a family to turn the living room into a fort. Collect all of the blankets and pillows you can find in the house, and set them up as one big fort big enough for everyone. If you have some fun string lights, you can decorate the inside with those for an added fun touch. This will give you just the right amount of lighting needed to read the books. Plus, this will make reading time much more fun.

4. Photo Scavenger Hunt

Kids Entertainment: Photo Scavenger Hunt

Everyone has a smartphone. Lend yours to your kids for this fun photo scavenger hunt. Make a list of things to find around the house and send your kids off hunting. The list can include things like green triangle, photo of their sibling, and even letters and numbers around the house.

5. Video Chat Grandparents
Kids Entertainment: Video Chat Grandparents

Furthering the family-friendly kids entertainment activities, why not coordinate a time during the day to video chat with grandparents. Even if they live in town, chances are they’re snowed in at home too. If they’re out of town, your kids will have fun telling grandma and grandpa all of the fun things they’re doing.

6. Have a Winter Fashion Show
Kids Entertainment: Have a Winter Fashion Show

Pull out all the scarves, mittens, snow pants, jackets, etc. and have a fashion show. Encourage the kids to get creative and come up with goofy combinations.

If it happens to be warm enough when they get all bundled up, send them outside for a few minutes to burn off some steam. Just be mindful of how long they’re outside given the temperature. If it’s below-freezing, bring the snow indoors. Fill up the bathtub with snow so they can have a little snow day fun while staying nice and warm.

7. Bake Together
Kids Entertainment: Bake Together

Your kids most likely have a family favorite recipe. There’s no better day to bake it together than a winter day. Try to let your kids do most of the work, under your close supervision. Assist where you need to, especially when it comes to using the oven, but try to let it be a labor of their love. They’ll feel really accomplished when they get to snack on their fresh baked goods later.

8. Set Up An Indoor Obstacle Course
Kids Entertainment: Set Up An Indoor Obstacle Course

The ultimate kids entertainment snow day challenge – an obstacle course. You’ll need to gather a few things from around the house. Start the course by having kids do a goofy pose or dance. Obstacles can include balancing a book on their head while walking, walking with eyes closed, bear walk, crab walk, limbo, and so on.

You can even make it educational. Whether you’re working on colors, numbers, or letters or even something a little more advanced like adding and subtracting, include stations where your child has to answer a question correctly before moving on to the next obstacle.

9. Have an Indoor Picnic
Kids Entertainment: Have an Indoor Picnic

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but inside it’s perfect for a picnic lunch. Set up a blanket, pack lunches, and eat your picnic inside the fort you built earlier.

Have the kids help you make and pack their own lunches. If they’re old enough to do it on their own, set out the lunch supplies and have the kids pack the lunch for the whole family. Mom and dad will get a little surprise (without having to make lunch for once) and the kids will have fun “cooking” for their parents.

10. Family Fort Camp Out
Kids Entertainment: Family Fort Camp Out

You’ve already got all of the blankets and pillows assembled from earlier during story time in the fort. Make a night of it and have the whole family spend the night sleeping in the fort. It’ll certainly be the icing on the cake for your winter kids entertainment.

Bring On the Winter Fun

Now that you’re armed with some great, family-friendly winter kids entertainment ideas, winter doesn’t seem so bad. The biggest thing is to keep your kids busy and involved in whatever it is you’re doing. There’s nothing wrong with popping in a moving and having some quiet time, but don’t expect that to last all day.

Hands-on, out-of-the-box ideas are what your kids crave and what they’ll remember. We’re sure they’ll make for some lasting family memories for mom and dad, too.

For more ideas on kids entertainment in the winter, contact us at Colonial Van Lines. We’re happy to help you plan a move to your tropical paradise if this whole winter thing isn’t working out for you anymore. Let us provide you a free quote today!

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