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Moving across the state or country? We’ll get your belongings to your destination as conveniently as possible. Colonial Van Lines is a full-service national and long-distance moving company that takes the stress out of your next relocation.


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During a corporate relocation, the last thing you want to think about is finding reputable long distance movers for Florida. Colonial Van Lines has a long history of happy customers; we’re proud to be a top Florida long distance moving company, chosen by companies for corporate relocation time and time again.

Moving To Arizona

Come to Arizona to explore the great outdoors, and stay in Arizona to create a home and a life that is full and rich of the magic of this great state. Arizona might seem like it has a lot of mountains, canyons and desert landscapes with no room for people to inhabit the land, but that’s not true. There is room for nature and people to be together in one place, giving those who choose to call Arizona their home a fulfilling life.

Phoenix, Tucson and Yuma all have airports for easy flights into and out of Arizona. Living in a city might mean you could get around using public transport for work and leisure, but to really explore Arizona in your time off, it’s best to do so by car. The federal and state highways and roads in Arizona keep you well connected, with 22 different points to enter the state from all sides. Interstate 17 goes from the north to the south and hits most major Arizona hotspots along the way. There is also the scenic Apache Trail, which is a 42-mile drive through the Sonoran desert with plenty of outstanding views along the way of desert landscape, mining towns and desert lakes.

Top Cities in Arizona

The most notable of cities in Arizona with a population of more than 1.6 million, Phoenix is a bustling city that attracts people from all over to get their first taste of Arizona living. You are likely already very familiar with Phoenix and all it has to offer. A beautiful and quickly-growing capital city, Phoenix has a thriving economy and is a great place to put down roots.

Located near the Sonoran desert, Tuscon is the second most-populated city in Arizona, with more than half a million people calling it home. The stunning beauty of nearly every sunset will have you excited to get to bed to check out the sunrise the next morning. That’s because the constant sunny weather in Tucson creates quite a show on the landscape of this well-contained city and the natural beauty surrounding it, providing attractive scenery at every turn.

Scottsdale deserves a mention as a top city in Arizona thanks to its true blend of wild west and modern city. Scottsdale has everything needed for a simple yet exciting life, plus plenty of golf courses for those who enjoy the sport. With a quieter pace of life, Scottsdale is best for those who aren’t looking for the hustle and bustle of a city drenched in nightlife and would rather spend time enjoying the scenery.

Though not the most populated of cities in Arizona, Tempe is on the rise, quite literally, as a big contender for the top cities in Arizona to settle with a population of just under 200,000. Tempe may be known by some as a college town due to the nearby university, but the school has prompted a great surge of people wanting to live near the action of a tech boom that is creating buildings and jobs left and right. Tempe is popular with young professionals and new families looking for a piece of this great town, with short commute times and plenty of ways to stay active outside of work. 

Besides these more populated top cities in Arizona, it’s also worth noting some of the cities with more charming names. Surprise, Goodyear and Paradise Valley are a few that will not only put a smile on your face, but might also be worth a little day trip from your new home so you can explore all that Arizona has to offer.

Other Cities Served In Arizona

Arizona Statistics

Checking out statistics such as crime rates and school rankings in the area you plan to call home is of the utmost importance. In the capital city of Phoenix, there has been a decline in violent crime since the 1990s, though there is still a high crime rate when it comes to vehicle theft. In smaller towns outside of the big city, you will find safe, family-friendly neighborhoods with plenty of options for schooling for every age.

Checking out crime rates and school rankings is important, but many people also have to consider backing a new sports team. Arizona has all of the pro teams that you would expect from a big city, and they are pretty popular teams. Check out the stats for the Arizona Diamondbacks, the Arizona Cardinals and the Phoenix Suns to get a glimpse into just a few reasons you can likely get behind some of your new sports teams.

Things to Do in Arizona

From the red rocks of Sedona to the vast valleys formed by the Grand Canyon, Arizona is quite an outdoorsy place to live. There is a plethora of options for couples, families and solo adventurers to fill their weekends, with plenty of day trip options to boot. 

Heading over to Sedona, you can find yourself hiking or just taking in the beautiful colors and fresh air of this mountainous region. If biking, hiking and four-wheeling isn’t your cup of tea, you can head down to the main town of Sedona for unique shops and delicious restaurants that are evocative of the history of this region of the United States. Just a 1.5-hour drive from Phoenix, it’s hard to resist the great energy and vibes of such a unique town with great flair.

Of course, not everybody wants to spend their free time outdoors. Moving to Arizona means you have not only amazing mountains, valleys and rivers at your fingertips, but you are also a stone’s throw away from one of Arizona’s better-kept secrets, the town of Bisbee, which is a haven for eclectic artists.

When you live in Arizona, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to take in the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon. It’s a sight that you just won’t tire of seeing. The ever-changing landscape and amazing colors that appear throughout different months make this a great place to visit year after year. You can spend time hiking down into the canyon or fly above it in a helicopter to take in the sights from a bird’s-eye view. Even just stopping at a lookout to take in the views on your way to your new house can help remind you why you chose this state to call home.


I had the most wonderful experience with them from the very beginning to the very end. My rep was very patient with me because I didn’t know what I was doing. The two men who were packing all of our stuff got my husband, who was having a bursitis attack on his leg, into a car of our neighbor’s so I could take him to the emergency room. They were so kind. The men were gonna deliver everything the next day and there was no way I was gonna be able to make it. This was from Mesa, Arizona to New Mexico, to Rio Rancho. And my daughter lives here. They were able just to contact my daughter so that she could let them in the house. She said they were just wonderful. They went above and beyond to do things. – Joan

I had to move some furniture from Ohio to Arizona and I was very happy with the service. I was happy they weren’t pushy but they still were very clear about still being able to help me if I still needed the move. When I was ready, I was able to call them and schedule it. They completely walked me through the process and everything went very well. They knew my account and they told me who they were and what their purpose was for the call if it was a new person calling me. It was very smooth. – Heather

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