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Things to Do in Kentucky

For those looking into long distance moving to Kentucky, the good news is that there is plenty to do in the state, and its charms extend well beyond great horse breeding. It is possible to feast your brain on a variety of topics in Kentucky, with the Kentucky Horse Park being just one of the educational spots you can take in. This park, affiliated with the Smithsonian, teaches all you could possibly know about Kentucky’s history with horses. 

If exploring and adventuring is more your speed, Kentucky also boasts portions of the world’s longest cave system, with Mammoth Cave taking a top spot. This 52,830-acre national park contains veritable chains of caves which you may explore if you wish. There is also the Louisville Mega Cavern, a huge cave which features the world’s only underground zip-lining course, and holiday lights shows that are bound to be fun for you and your family.

Caves aren’t the only interesting places in Kentucky, however; the Moonlite Bar-B-Q Inn offers some of the best barbecue in the United States, while The Bluegrass Tavern is home to 450 bourbons – many of which are among the best in the country. If basking in the culinary prowess of the South isn’t your family’s thing, you can still learn a lot at one of the many museums and educational centers in the state. The Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville illuminates the life of a legendary boxer and cultural icon, while the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory gladly shares the history of the country’s favorite pastime. Finally, the Big Four Bridge stretches over the Ohio River in an impressive display; you and your family can join the hundreds of thousands of curious folks who cross the bridge each year. 

Top Cities in Kentucky


Louisville is, of course, well known for the Kentucky Derby, but it offers much more than a great annual horse race. A stunning array of independent restaurants and professional chefs makes Louisville’s culinary scene a veritable smorgasbord, while live music venues and festivals spice up the entertainment options. Education is also a big priority for Louisville, earning it accolades for having eight of the country’s best high schools. College is also important here, and a citywide initiative is pushing for 50 percent of the population to have a bachelor’s or associate’s degree by 2020. For families that enjoy a nice walk every now and then, plenty of Louisville’s neighborhoods offer great walking opportunities.


Many know Lexington as the Horse Capital of the World, and the beauty of Lexington’s horse farms holds true today. A thriving culture and market revolve around the city’s horse breeding efforts, but these aren’t the only things Lexington offers would-be residents. The tech sector is growing rapidly in Lexington, so young professionals may move here and raise families in the burgeoning entrepreneurial scene. The public school system in Lexington is ranked seventh, which makes for fantastic learning opportunities for your children. A plethora of parks, wineries, and whiskey makers ensure that Lexington is great for both kids and parents.

Bowling Green

For those looking for a healthy dose of culture, Bowling Green offers two great orchestras – the Bowling Green Western Symphony Orchestra and the more recently formed Bowling Green Chamber Orchestra, both of which perform and encourage the growth of Western Kentucky University’s music department. Bowling Green is also home to the Public Theatre of Kentucky, a non-profit organization that presents shows and hosts musicals at the Phoenix Theatre. Local artists present artworks for purchase there, in the lobby. To round things out in the vibrant city, The National Corvette Museum presents stylish cars and their history.


The city of Owensboro recently revitalized its downtown area with a great public space called Smothers Park and the huge (92,000-square-feet huge) Owensboro Convention Center. The Convention Center sits on the city’s beautiful riverfront, and has caused a plethora of fantastic hotels, bars, and restaurants to spring up along the shoreline. Owensboro Health is the largest employer in the city, and it attracts the brightest minds in the medical field, so Owensboro is among the healthiest cities in the country.

Kentucky Statistics

When it comes to the numbers, Kentucky can get a little funny. While the state is ranked number one for the prevalence of bookmobiles and library visits in the country, it is also one of the states with the highest percentage of smokers. This mix of excellent education and poor health is being addressed by many cities’ local initiatives to create more walking-friendly spaces so that Kentucky residents can get fresh air and keep their minds engaged. With time and effort, Kentucky will buck the bad and keep up its love of books; the desire to learn won’t go up in smoke, and hopefully, neither will any more cigarettes.

Moving to Kentucky

Before you make your move to Kentucky, it would be best to look into the prime moving times. Ideally, you will move in the fall or winter, because spring is rainy and wet in Kentucky, and summer is hot and humid; this makes the latter half of the year the prime time for moving to Kentucky, because the weather is favorable then. Even when it is raining in Kentucky, it is still hot, so make sure to stay hydrated as you make your move, and cover your head if you’re out in the sun.

Since you and your family will likely be moving to a sizable city, make sure to give yourself plenty of drive time, as traffic can be dense and unpredictable. If you’ll be heading to a suburban center, it’s a good idea to figure out the drive time from your new house to your new workplace, so you get to work safe and on time. Interestingly, Kentucky is bordered by both the Ohio and the Mississippi rivers, so the state has a remarkable amount of water transportation; while it isn’t incredibly likely that you’ll require this option, it is important to keep watercraft in mind.

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