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Moving To Louisiana

Southern states have a great culture, but none is more distinct than that of the deep south’s Louisiana. Long distance moving to Louisiana means embracing the amazing Creole and Cajun culture and the interesting history of this state. Getting to Louisiana can be done by land, air or sea. The popular Interstate 10, which goes through multiple U.S. states, takes you through Louisiana via some of the great cities and towns that make it so unique. You can also land at one of the three international airports in the state or arrive via ship at Port NOLA.

The waterways in and around Louisiana are part of the charm and history of the state. The most popular port, NOLA, is between the Mississippi River and Lake Pontchartrain and has direct and easy access to the Gulf of Mexico. There are rivers and bayous all over the state as well. A bayou is something that people first think of when they think of Louisiana, and for good reason. The longest bayou on earth is Bayou Bartholomew, which spreads across Louisiana and Arkansas. Some may just consider these swamp lands that can be overlooked, but the slow current and unique flora and fauna creates an amazingly beautiful home for many animals.

Top Cities in Louisiana

Louisiana has a great diverse group of French, African and French-Canadian cultures that all come together to create what can now be called the Louisiana culture. This is evident in various top cities in Louisiana, especially the most well-known of them all: New Orleans. New Orleans has a population of over 389,000, making it the largest city in the state. A lively city with an amazing music scene, the “Big Easy” (as people like to call it) has a great vibe. 

New Orleans is a mix of laidback and lively, with a downtown area that always has something going on. New Orleans, and in particular Bourbon Street, is the place to be for nightlife, jazz and amazing spicy dishes that you can only get here. When you see a photo of Mardi Gras on Bourbon Street, you will immediately understand the excitement and buzz that happens in this city each year. Besides being a great spot for nighttime activities, New Orleans is also close to the Gulf of Mexico and the Mississippi River, so you are never too far away from nature when you are visiting this city.

The next largest city in Louisiana, Baton Rouge, comes in at around 228,000 residents. Baton Rouge may sound familiar thanks to a popular Garth Brooks song from the 1990s, but there is more to it than just being popular in country music. Only about an hour and a half away from New Orleans, Baton Rouge is growing in popularity as a destination for tourists who are looking for that authentic Louisiana flair in the form of interesting museums and plantations. The capital of Louisiana and an industrial city, Baton Rouge is growing in the tech industry, too.

Shreveport is the third largest city in Louisiana and is in the northwest part of the state closer to Texas. Shreveport has a good grasp on art with some interesting galleries and sculptures. With beautiful gardens and trails and even a casino, it’s a great place to reside and keep entertained on weekends with interesting things to do.

Louisiana Statistics

People who are from Louisiana or currently reside there have great pride in their state. With 4.6 million inhabitants, there are plenty of people that are excited to tell you about their great state! Louisiana statistics show some really well rated schools, not only K-12 but also colleges and universities, too. Baton Rouge is especially popular for university-aged students, with Louisiana State University being a popular choice for undergrads and graduate students. This university has some amazing offerings for business, management, marketing and biological sciences.

Something else to be proud of when moving to Louisiana are the great sports teams on the collegiate and national level. This southeastern state is represented in almost all major sports. The New Orleans Saints are popular with people who aren’t even from Louisiana. The Saints often make it to the playoffs, giving the people of Louisiana something to celebrate. If football isn’t your idea of fun, there is the major rugby league team New Orleans Gold, the Pacific Coast League baseball team the New Orleans Baby Cakes, and the NBA team New Orleans Pelicans.

Things to Do in Louisiana

Louisiana can be considered one of those places that has something on each end of the spectrum. It has its fun, lively and crazy parts and also more relaxed parts. The French Quarter of New Orleans is on many people’s bucket lists. With exciting nightlife, this area is popular with jazz enthusiasts, gourmet foodies and performing artists. Every corner will have something new and colorful to see and experience, with a lot of smiling people–and not only the residents but the many tourists who come through as well.

For history buffs, the National WWII Museum is located in New Orleans. Affiliated with the Smithsonian, this museum revolves around the United States’ contribution to the war. The museum is large with multiple pavilions with plenty of information and exhibits that showcase memorabilia and explain this important part of history.

The diversity of Louisiana shows off in the many festivals that happen throughout the year. True to its southern heritage, the City of Lafayette holds the Mid-Winter Rodeo each year which is exactly what you think, a good old fashioned southern rodeo with the best livestock around. Another interesting and culturally exciting yearly event is The Independence Sicilian Festival. Celebrating when a large group of Sicilians settled in the state in the 1880s, this festival is located in the aptly named City of Independence and features plenty of great Sicilian dishes, dancing, arts and crafts and a parade.

Whether you are sitting in a rocking chair on a sprawling porch overlooking a swampy area, exploring museums or partying at Mardi Gras or one of the other popular festivals, there really is something for everyone in Louisiana.

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