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Moving to Mississippi

Are you considering long distance moving to Mississippi? Lush lands filled with a wide variety of activities await new residents. When the time comes to make the transition, there are several things to keep in mind. Depending on the area of interest, it makes sense to check into the local regulations when it comes to things like parking. It’s also important that note that there are certain times of year when the state experiences extreme weather. In fact, some areas can be evacuated, depending on the severity of the threat. While the weather can be beautiful year-round, April tends to be the time when the most difficult of weather is faced.

However, if professionals are taking care of the heavy lifting, so to speak, there’s a lot to see on the drive into Mississippi. Along the way, consider stopping in Tupelo to check out Elvis Presley’s birthplace or the Windsor Ruins, the only things left from a large plantation mansion. The Mississippi Blues Delta Highway is a great way to head into the state, running all the way from Clarksdale to Vicksburg. There are beautiful views to be had if you have a little extra time during your move to Mississippi. 

Top Cities in Mississippi


When it comes to that famous southern charm and hospitality, Jackson takes the cake. Residents are proud of their city and attempt to balance out the slower pace of the south with innovations and improvements. In the past, the city was known for its musical appeal with artists from across genres coming to the city just to record. Today, Jackson is continuing to change and make cultural progress. This revitalization is looking to balance out the old and the new to create something unique and different. The “City With Soul” is a place where everyone is welcome. And don’t forget the lovers of the Great Outdoors. Hunters and fisherman alike will find plenty to do in and around the city.


Gulfport is often described as a residential beach community. It’s set up with ideal conditions as barrier islands prevent waves from taking over the water, leaving behind a calm and relaxing beach that tends to draw a crowd. And, with all of that beautiful water so close, residents often enjoy excursions and sailing. There’s even a place to swim with the dolphins for those that don’t mind sharing the water. 


Located in DeSoto County, Southaven is the third largest city in Mississippi. It’s seen a lot of expansion and increase in residents since 2000. With lots more growth on the horizon and a low unemployment rate, Southaven has a lot of potential. The fact that the cost of living here is lower than the national average speaks to people looking for a change of pace who may want to get more bang for their buck.


A storm threatened to take out Biloxi but its residents, determined to rebuild, put their lives back together and restored their city. One of the biggest attractions in the area is the Beau Rivage, a casino resort that attracts quite a crowd. This is the perfect place to charter a boat to head out and catch some fish. And, as an added bonus, it is possible to take what is caught on these excursions and bring it to some of the local restaurants to be cooked up to perfection.

Mississippi Statistics

As of 2017, the number of residents in Mississippi numbered just under 3 million. The figure has been pretty consistent over the past couple of years and a little over a quarter of the population is twenty years old or under. Agriculture, as well as farming, is the major industry in the state. While Mississippi hasn’t historically ranked high in education, major strides and improvements are currently being made to bring the school system to higher levels of achievement. It ranks number one in the United States when it comes to cost of living.

While there are no professional teams that play in the area, there are still lots of interesting sports teams to follow. The Mississippi Braves are the AA team that feeds into the Atlanta Braves. Also, there’s a real emphasis on college sports as teams like Ole Miss and Mississippi State battle it out for bragging rights. It’s important to note that football is more than just a sport in Mississippi–it’s something that’s often considered the lifeblood of its residents. 

Things to Do in Mississippi

There’s something for everyone in the State of Mississippi. Longtime residents appreciate the wide variety of outdoor activities that are available in the area, including hunting and fishing. But if hiking sounds like a more appealing alternative, be sure to check out places like the Gulf Island National Seashore. Located in Ocean Springs, there are plenty of walking trails and picnic tables for residents looking to enjoy nature in Mississippi. The Tanglefoot Trail is another popular stop for residents seeking out a hiking adventure.

More than just history buffs will want to stop by and visit the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum. The state played a crucial role in the Civil Rights Movement and the museum looks to provide insight into the fight for equality that many residents experienced. At the center of the galleries, a sculpture entitled “This Little Light of Mine” creates a breathtaking aesthetic when paired with music important to the movement. The Vicksburg National Military Park, located in Vicksburg, is another historical highlight in the area that contains relics from the Civil War.

Those looking for a beautiful drive will want to make their way to Natchez Trace. This parkway makes its way through parts of Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee. The pathway has a rich history and can be more than just a nice drive. All along the way, there are places to camp, explore and even ride horses. Bicyclists can also be found all along the Natchez Trace Parkway. Drivers who are already out will also want to make their way to the Mississippi Delta, a back road excursion that leads to a number of different activities.

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