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Moving to Rhode Island

Looking for a beautiful coastline and a quiet, peaceful place to call home? For many people, this perfect balance can be found in Rhode Island. Despite being on the east coast, the state tends to be more laidback with friendly residents and overall down-home feel. However, it’s important to note that there are certain things that Rhode Islanders are very strict about when it comes to their food. The New York System hot dog has nothing to do with New York. It’s just a Rhode Island thing and when ordering, don’t be afraid to ask for it “all the way.” Also, don’t bother trying to put anything like tomatoes into the clam chowder. This type of addition is sure to get a frown from the locals if they see it.

When winter comes, be prepared for some serious snow. In fact, now is the time to invest in some snow gear in order to get through some of the snowstorms that make their way through the state. Because of this, consider moving any other time of year when the weather in Rhode Island is beautiful and more predictable. After picking up some new snow gear, be sure to pick up some beach essentials. Rhode Island has a lot of coastline and residents find themselves out on the beach fairly frequently.

Top Cities in Rhode Island


For a while, it seemed like Providence was taking a turn for the worst as the city as a whole began to decline, along with the overall industry in the area. But today, the city has been updated, breathing a whole new life into its cultural atmosphere, its job market, and even the benefits it offers residents. Just a walk down the street will show off some of the changes that Providence has undergone in recent years. Now, residents can easily find amazing places to eat and unique art venues.

Because of Providence’s location in the center of Rhode Island, just about everything in the state is only 30 minutes away. It’s nice to be centrally located and have a wide range of places, including beaches and attractions so close. There is no shortage of museums within the city limits, and many residents visit these locations over and over again to experience temporary or changing exhibits. 


Money Magazine called it the “Best Place to Live in Rhode Island” in 2018. There are several reasons why the city came in first. As far as views go, it’s tough to beat the view of Narragansett Bay from the city. There are actually 39 miles of coastline within the city. It’s considered a safe place to raise a family. And both the culinary and the art scene here are really taking off.

The city’s claim to fame is often the burning of the Gaspee. It took place in 1772 and residents don’t mind admitting that they see this as the first act of rebellion that pushed the colonies into the American Revolution. There’s no shortage of things to do as the city looks to keep its calendar packed with concerts, festivals and other local events. 


Research by the CQ Press suggests that Cranston is one of the top 25 safest cities in the United States. It’s no surprise as community building is a top priority here, with things like the Neighborhood Tree Planting Program. The city even makes it easy to pay city taxes online at the City of Cranston website. The city is small with a little over 80,000 residents, but it creates a comforting feeling with friendly neighbors and a small-town feel.

Rhode Island Statistics

Despite being the smallest state in the United States (and not being an island), Rhode Island is home to over one million people. It’s so small that the entire state has just one area code. The median age of residents is around 39 and there are slightly more women than men. It ranks 8th in health care and 13th in crime and corrections according to US News and World Report. 

The state also has a lot to offer when it comes to higher education. Brown University, Providence College, the University of Rhode Island, and the Rhode Island School of Design are all located here. While there are no professional sports teams located in the state, residents tend to look to the colleges and universities in the area for a team to cheer for. The Providence Bruins tend to have a large fan base, as do the Brown Bears. The PawSox Red Sox are a minor league baseball team that is affiliated with the Boston Red Sox.

Things to Do in Rhode Island

If the goal is to take advantage of the coastline, be sure to head out on Ocean Drive. This is a marked route that offers beautiful views from the car and different places to hike and walk to explore a little further. Those that love to bike will appreciate the East Bay Bike Path, which traverses the land between East Providence and Bristol. And, of course, regular trips to Narragansett Beach are a must for residents of Rhode Island. It doesn’t matter whether a person is interested in surfing, sunbathing or even swimming, this is the place to do it. The beach takes up approximately 19 acres.

History buffs will love The Breakers and The Marble House. Both were built as summer cottages for the Vanderbilt Family and both are located in Newport. There are several different tours, including some that venture out to the stables, the servants’ area and even under these homes, allowing for an inside look into how some of the wealthiest Americans of their time lived. While slightly outside of Rhode Island, it might be an adventure to stop by the Lizzie Borden house. Today, it serves as a bed and breakfast and a museum.

Roger Williams Park Zoo, located in Providence, is a great place to check out. In addition to a large number of animals and a beautiful carousel, the zoo puts on different events throughout the year, including an annual Halloween special that features thousands of jack-o-lanterns. Abrams Animal Farm, located in Block Island, is another great place to check out some wildlife. It’s free to check out and most guests appreciate that many animals are featured in a natural setting.

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