Long-Distance Moving in Allentown, PA

Allentown, PA, is a fun, historic place to live. Full of museums that showcase the early history of the very first Americans, the area is well-known for being steeped in a culture that knows how important it is to remember a country’s ancestry. Cross-country moving to this area of the nation can be safely and securely taken care of by Colonial Van Lines and our expertise in the area of long-distance moving to Allentown, PA, and other parts of the country. 

Allentown, PA Long-Distance Movers

Allentown, PA is home to many museums, including The Liberty Bell Museum, where you can see an actual-size replica of the bell itself. Allentown Art Museum houses a collection of modern American and Renaissance artworks. You can also check out vintage vehicles at America On Wheels Museum. 

The weather in the area is known to be partly cloudy year round with hot, humid summers and cold winters. You’ll get to experience the incredible fall colors of the east coast area in Allentown, PA, and its neighboring cities. 

We recommend booking your move to this historic and beautiful area a few months in advance, sometime during the spring when the weather hasn’t gotten too hot and humid yet. 

Long-Distance Moving Services in Allentown, PA

When it’s time to consider all the aspects of moving to Allentown, PA, Colonial Van Lines offers some great options, including the following:

  • Long-Distance Moving: One of the last things you want to have to worry about is the condition of all your belongings. Colonial Van Lines moving company is equipped to carefully pack, move, and unload all your possessions, so you don’t have to spend precious energy worrying about that part of your cross-country move. 
  • The Colonial Cube: Your cross-country movers in Allentown, PA can provide you with moving pods. These pods are known as Colonial Cubes and make the moving process that much easier. Pack up a cube, transport it, or store it, and whatever your specific needs are, they’ll be met with storage and moving service. 

We have more than 50 years of cross-country moving experience to fall back on, so you know you can trust us at the end of the day to provide you with quality services that will achieve the results you want in a move across the country. 


From the Nation’s Top Long Distance Moving Company

The Colonial Cube

Enjoy added flexibility with your moving schedule and planning, thanks to our Colonial Cubes. This storage and moving service has proven to provide a safe and secure way to transport or store your belongings during a cross-country move. 

Colonial Cubes are:

  • Weather-Resistant
  • Impact-Resistant
  • Stored Securely
  • Ideal for Temporary or Long-Term Storage
  • Perfect for Long-Distance Moves

Our team will pack and move your cube for you. If you’d rather take care of that yourself, we’re happy to oblige. Storage and movement of the cube depend entirely on what your preferences are as the mover. 

To get an idea of what your cross-country move to Allentown, PA, could cost, fill out this form for a free quote. 

Colonial Cubes Are Available in the Following Areas:


1. Can I Move My Colonial Cube to a City That Doesn’t Offer the Colonial Cube? 

Yes, you can. Any city that is within 250 miles of a Colonial Cube location qualifies as an area where we can move your cube to. 

2. How Long Does Cross-Country Moving Take?

We are known for our timely and high-quality service. However, the more flexible you are with your moving date, the more likely things will flow seamlessly. 

3. What Should I Prioritize During a Move?

Take a look at our long-distance moving checklist to get some ideas on where to start with your cross-country planning.

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