Long-Distance Moving in Paterson, NJ

Are you making a long-distance move to Paterson? Congratulations on your upcoming adventure! Colonial Van Lines is ready to help you enjoy a seamless cross-country moving experience.

Paterson Long-Distance Movers

If you’re moving to Paterson, you’re probably curious to learn more about your new city. Here are some interesting facts to help you get to know this historic New Jersey town:

  • Paterson’s history traces back to the Founding Fathers: Yep, the famed Alexander Hamilton founded Paterson in 1792 as an industrial center for the country.
  • The city is home to the second-largest waterfalls in the country: Great Falls National Park is a true spectacle, as it encompasses a 77-foot tall waterfall of the Passaic River.

We have plenty of diversity: From residents with Dominican and Puerto Rican ancestry to Palestinian and Syrian roots, Paterson is proud to be a very diverse city.

Long-Distance Moving Services in Paterson

Allow our cross-country movers to help you get settled in Paterson. You’re sure to feel more comfortable with professional movers on the job. Our long-distance moving services include:

  • Long-Distance Moving: Hire our movers to pack, load, transport, and unload all of your belongings to your new home in Paterson. You’ll be relieved to have more time to focus on the big changes ahead.
  • Colonial Cubes: When you’re looking for more flexibility in your move, choose our modular moving solution to move between one of our hub locations with ease.


From the Nation’s Top Long Distance Moving Company

The Colonial Cube

Colonial Cubes are the ideal option for anyone needing to store their belongings for a period of time, or for those who won’t be heading straight to Paterson. Move on your own terms with our flexible and convenient Cubes.

Colonial Cubes offer features like:

  • Total safety and security
  • Always stored upright to keep your belongings safe
  • Great for storage
  • Perfect for long-distance moves
  • Weather-resistant
  • Impact-resistant

Looking for even greater convenience? You can choose to have our professional movers pack your Cube for you. If you prefer to handle the task yourself, that’s fine too. We’re here to meet any of your moving needs.

Colonial Cubes Are Available in the Following Areas:

Enjoy all the flexibility of Colonial Cubes in one of our hub locations, or within 250 miles of one of the following hub cities:

Get a quote today to find out how Colonial Cubes can make the process of moving across the country that much less stressful.


Still have questions for our cross-country movers in Paterson? Check out our FAQs for answers.

1. What’s It Like to Use Colonial Cubes?

Our movers will bring your Cube to your house, where you can load it on your own terms or have our movers pack for you. Then you’ll lock it up and we’ll either take it to a storage unit or transport it right to Paterson.

2. What’s Most Important to Focus on During My Move?

There’s a lot to think about during your move. Better prioritize your time by using our helpful long-distance moving checklist.

3. When Is the Best Time to Plan a Move?

It’s always wise to plan your move as far in advance as possible, but Colonial Van Lines is known for our ability to flawlessly handle any move, on any timeframe.

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