Long-Distance Moving to Cheektowaga

Planning a move is never easy. There are so many details to keep in mind. This is especially true when cross-country moving.

But, don’t stress! Contact Colonial Van Lines for help moving to your new home. Our cross-country movers in Cheektowaga are professionals who can help you move with less stress. 

Cross Country Movers in Cheektowaga

Moving to Cheektowaga? The town, which means “Land of the Crabapples,” is a great place to raise a family. Here are some other things you should know before you make your move:

  • It’s affordable. Living in Cheektowaga is very affordable, with the average home price just above $100,000. Renting a home is, on average, $905 a month. Groceries and healthcare are also below the national average. 
  • The weather can change drastically. The weather in Cheektowaga can range from the teens to the high 80s. Snow is common in the winter, with an average of 85 inches, so be prepared with the right wardrobe and snow equipment.
  • It’s quiet but busy. Cheektowaga offers a suburban feel, but there’s a lot to do in this sleepy town. There are some great parks, restaurants, and shopping destinations. 

There are many great reasons to move to Cheektowaga. Get there safely with help from Colonial Van Lines. We’ll make long-distance moving to Cheektowaga a breeze. 

Long-Distance Moving Services in Cheektowaga, NY

Whether you’re moving to Cheektowaga or anywhere else in the country, Colonial Van Lines can help you with cross-country moving. Our professionals will help you move safely with these two services:

  • Long-Distance Moving: The moving professionals at Colonial Van Lines will safely pack and load your items and then deliver them to your new residence.
  • Colonial Cubes: Colonial Cubes are innovative moving solutions that allow you to store and move items between hub locations. These cubes are now available in select cities.

Don’t stress about moving to Cheektowaga. Colonial Van Lines has decades of experience helping people like you start new lives in different locations. Make your move easier with some planning in advance. Start with a free quote by completing the form below. 

The Colonial Cube

Colonial Cubes can provide you with the flexibility you desire while cross-country moving. When you use Colonial Cubes, you can load, unload, and move your items on your schedule.

Our Colonial Cubes are: 

  • Weather-resistant
  • Impact-resistant
  • Secure
  • Stored right-side-up to keep your items safe
  • Great for temporary or long-term storage
  • Great for long-distance moving

You can use Colonial Cubes for your cross-country moving needs as long as both your departure and destination cities are within range. You can pack these cubes yourself or have the professionals at Colonial Van Lines do the dirty work for you. Once your Cube is packed, we can transport it to your new home, or we can hold onto it in a nearby storage location.

Colonial Cube Hubs Are Available in the Following Areas:

Our Colonial Cube services are available if you’re planning a move between any of our serviced hub locations or within 250 miles of any hub location. We are always adding to our hub cities. Our Colonial Cube hub cities include: 


Here are some commonly asked questions about Colonial Van Lines.

1. What Is a Colonial Cube?

Colonial Cubes are Colonial Van Lines’ specially created mobile storage solutions. They help provide flexibility for those who are cross-country moving and are simple to use. Just contact us, and we’ll drop it off at your location. Fill the cube with your belongings or have us do it. When you’re done, place a lock on it, and we’ll deliver it to your new home. We can also keep the Colonial Cube at our storage facility until you need it.

2. How Should I Plan for a Move?

Long-distance moving to Cheektowaga requires careful planning. That’s why we’ve provided this comprehensive moving checklist to help make moving less stressful.

3. How Long Does Moving Take?

Moving can take weeks, depending on how far and how much you are moving. At Colonial Van Lines, we do our best to get you moved into your new home safely and quickly. You can do your part by providing our cross-country movers in Cheektowaga with as much advance notice as possible. Flexibility is also helpful.

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