Long-Distance Moving to Tempe, AZ

It’s no wonder you’re moving to Tempe. With its amazing outdoor activities, temperate winters, and outstanding business opportunities, this hotspot east of Phoenix is a great location.

Tempe Long-Distance Movers

Tempe officials consider it “refreshingly Arizona,” and now you are going to call it home. Lucky you! To start planning your move, here’s some information that will be helpful:

  • Weather: The winters are mild, but the summers are hot, often topping 100 degrees, so try to plan your move in October-March. April and May aren’t bad temperature-wise, but spring brings occasional showers, and the monsoons of July and August bring more frequent thunderstorms.
  • Hydration: While dry heat may seem more comfortable, it can be deceiving. In a dry climate where your sweat evaporates much more quickly, you may not identify that you are getting overheated and dehydrated. Keep a cooler stocked with cold water, and plan the physical parts of moving to Tempe for the early morning and cool evening hours.

Let our more than 50 years of experience in long-distance and cross-country moving make your move to Tempe as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Long-Distance Moving Services in Tempe

What should you look for in your cross-country movers to Tempe? Experience and options are very important. At Colonial Van Lines, we offer:

  • Long-Distance Moving to Tempe, AZ: When you’re moving across the country, our moving services are tailored to maximize your time, money, and effort.
  • Packing Services: Our professional packing services keep your belongings safe and help you avoid common moving mistakes.
  • Storage Services: You can also store items in our climate-controlled facilities with enhanced security and protection against environmental hazards.
  • Colonial Cube: While the Colonial Cube is not available at our Tempe location, we are working hard to bring this modular moving option to more locations across the country.

You can take advantage of our many other tools, like our Moving Checklist and Moving App when you fill out the form for a free quote.


From the Nation’s Top Long Distance Moving Company

The Colonial Cube

Cross-country moving doesn’t always have a convenient timeline. A sudden change in job location can mean first moving into short-term housing while you look for a home, without the space to move in all of your belongings. This is just one example that can be solved with the Colonial Cube.

Colonial Cubes are 400 cubic feet of space that you can either pack yourself or have or professional packers do it for you. The Colonial Cube can be delivered to the location of your choice, and then you can unpack at your leisure.

Colonial Cubes are:

  • Weather-resistant
  • Water-tight
  • Secured with your own lock

At this time, the Colonial Cube is available in a select number of our hub cities and the surrounding 250-mile area. We continue to work toward making Colonial Cubes available in more locations so we can offer this secure and flexible option to more people.

Colonial Cubes are Available in the Following Areas:


Here are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

1. How Does the Colonial Cube Work?

First, we drop off the Colonial Cube at your house. You can then pack it yourself or allow our movers to do so. Once finished, place a lock on the cube and then we can either transport it straight to your new location or keep it at our secure storage facility until you are ready for it.

2. What Should I Prioritize During a Move?

Cross-country moving is filled with a lot of difficult decisions. If you need help making a plan, be sure to check out our long-distance moving checklist.

3. How Long Does This Process Take?

Colonial Van Lines prides itself on giving prompt, quality service. However, the more flexible you are with your moving date, the more likely it is that your cross-country moving will be seamless.

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