Moving Checklist

Here at Colonial Van Lines, we’re setting you up for success with our moving checklist, because let’s face it, moving isn’t always easy. In fact, it’s downright hectic to say the least. 

We have lived and breathed the moving industry for over fifty years and don’t think anyone should have to navigate the stressful waters of moving on their own. It’s our pleasure to take the time to make things easier for our customers, and a moving checklist is just the beginning. 

As you start making your way through the moving process, it becomes more important than ever to stay organized. We’ve created a document to help you stay on top of your move. 

Chances are, you are moving for a major reason such as a new job, purchasing a home, additional family members, or some exciting opportunity. There are countless reasons to move including downsizing or moving in with a partner or roommate, and all those things will need your full attention. 

You have a lot of big decisions to make such as which neighborhood to live in, what professionals to utilize in your new location, and where your kids will go to school. You’ll also be coordinating the transfer of dozens of items from your old life into your new life. Moving is an exciting time, but the long list of tasks can seem overwhelming if you don’t have a game plan to tackle each item in time.

Moving Checklist

Our moving checklist was designed to break down your tasks and prioritize them in chronological order so that you can make progress each day leading up to your move. 

Take advantage of all the wisdom, insight and experience stuffed into our moving checklist, so you can get back to the details of your life that really matter. This moving checklist is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the assistance and resources we have available for you. Trust us, we’ve been mastering life transitions for five decades, so we’ve got you covered.

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As a licensed and insured long distance mover, Colonial has over 200 local agents to help carry out a move near you. Offering residential and commercial moves, we provide our customers with premier moving services. When you need reliable, cost-effective, and efficient movers from the nation’s top moving company, you can depend on us to do an exceptional job with your move.

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Did We Mention Colonial Van Lines Has a Moving App?

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Downloading our free visual moving estimator app will expedite the quoting process. You simply take pictures and videos of everything you would like moved and then it will be submitted directly and privately to our company and we will provide you with a price. 

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