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Colonial van Lines Moving Checklist

Colonial Van Lines Moving Checklist

Moving isn’t always easy. That’s why at Colonial van Lines we take the time to make things easier for our customers. As you start making your way through the moving process, it becomes more important than ever to stay organized. We’ve created a document to help you stay on top of your move.

Click here to download the Colonial Van Lines Moving Checklist or view it below.

1-2 Months Before Your Move

  • Plan your moving method (hiring movers or truck rentals) and get at least three moving estimates to compare

  • Download the Colonial Van Lines App and inventory everything you want to move

  • Create a pack it or trash it list

  • Coordinate packing and storage services if necessary

  • Lock in your move date and moving quote rate

  • Purchase moving insurance to protect your belongings during the move

  • Insure all valuable items

  • If you are packing your own items before the move, get packing supplies such as boxes, tape, padding, markers, etc.

  • Transfer of important records such as medical and dental records and children’s school records (if applicable)

  • Coordinate a yard or garage sale if needed

3-4 Weeks Before Your Move
  • Begin packing and cleaning every room as you go

  • Pack clothing and decorative items that are out of season

  • If you have children, be sure to make it fun while also getting them involved in the packing process

  • Pack items that you may need frequently or quick access to separately and make sure they are easily accessible during your moving process

  • Do not pack any medications that you may need in the next two weeks

  • Begin using up perishable foods

Personal Preparation

  • Check in with your relocation specialist at Colonial Van Lines

  • Complete a change-of-address checklist. Be sure to update: banks, legal companies, magazines, credit cards, insurance, and subscription services.

  • Squeeze in some fun with goodbye parties with all important people in your life

  • Prepare all final travel plans including booking any airfare, scheduling appropriate tune-ups if traveling in a vehicle, and confirm any hotel bookings.

1-2 Weeks Before Your Move
  • Finalize your packing

  • Label all boxes accordingly and be sure to pay close attention to packing fragile/antique items and label them accordingly

  • Schedule disconnection of utilities for 2-4 days after your move date, to allow for delays

  • Schedule connection of utilities at old and new place

  • Change the locks if necessary/applicable

  • Make sure not to pack any needed tools (screwdriver, pliers, wrench, etc.)

  • Continue cleaning and getting rid of items that you are not moving with you

  • Empty out any safe deposit boxes you may have and store them in a safe location

  • Set up your new bank accounts (if applicable)

  • Coordinate having the day off for moving day

  • Finalize your plans for your pet(s) if applicable

  • Make an action plan for moving day

Day of Move
  • Remove bedding and break down beds

  • Pick up rental truck, if applicable

  • Walk movers through the house to give an overview of what you want loaded

  • Make sure the movers have your new residence address

  • Plan to be on hand the day of the move to supervise packing and loading

  • After everything has been loaded, do a last walk around before signing off on the inventory list

  • Point out all fragile/valuable boxes to ensure special care is taken when packing/loading

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