• Moving FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions About Moving

Moving FAQs: Top 20 Questions to Ask

If you’ve ever pursued moving FAQs, you know how extensive they can be and how many great questions they typically contain. If you’re like so many people, though, you have your own list of moving FAQs to pursue. Fortunately, we’re here to answer many of the biggest. Here’s one of the best moving FAQs you’ll find anywhere on the web:

Moving FAQs 1. Can you provide references?

Moving FAQs - Provide References

Good moving companies have lots of references from satisfied customers. Don’t move forward without these things. Be sure to check out their online reviews, as well.

Moving FAQs 2. How long have you been in business?

Moving FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions About Moving

While years in business isn’t always an indicator of quality, it’s a pretty good hint that the company you’re working with is reputable. With this in mind, be sure to ask the company in question how long they’ve spent working in the industry. More years generally prove that they understand the industry and the challenges associated with it. There are other ways you can gauge the reliability and trust-worthiness of your potential moving company.  Using a trusted site such as The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Mover Search Tool will provide you with a data on moving companies registered with the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Moving FAQs 3. Do you charge for extra services?

Moving FAQs - Do You Charge for Extra Services

Depending on the company you work with, “Extra services” could be anything from packing to additional transport miles. Be sure to ask your moving company how they define these services and how they charge for them.

Moving FAQs 4. What do you specialize in?
Moving FAQs - What Do Your Specialize In

Moving companies may fall into more than one category as far as the types of moves they service. If they specialize in long-distance moving, for example, they’ll likely offer a set of different services than a company that specializes in local moves. For example, some long distance moving companies also provide storage services for customers whose destination home may not be ready when they need to exit their current home. Ensure their specialty matches your needs.

Moving FAQs 5. How do you price your services?
Moving FAQs - How Do You Price Your Services

Some companies offer a flat rate while other charge by weight or distance. Figure out how your company charges so you can budget more effectively. Most moving companies provide multiple types of estimates during  moving process including a binding estimate, a non-binding estimate, and  a not-to-exceed estimate. You can learn more about their individual roles in the moving process by utilizing the American Moving & Storage Association’s consumer estimate breakdown here.

Moving FAQs 6. Do you carry liability insurance?
Moving FAQs - Do You Have Liability Insurance?

Liability insurance is essential for a reputable moving company. Designed to protect both of you in the event that your move doesn’t go the way you planned, liability insurance covers damages to your property and means you can be reimbursed for them if anything goes wrong.

Moving FAQs 7. Who will pack my items?
Moving FAQs - Do You Offer Packing Services

Most moving companies offer packing services. Before you hire them, though, be sure to ask who does the packing and loading. How are those movers trained? What will they do to ensure your belongings arrive in one piece?

Moving FAQs 8. How do you deliver paperwork?
Moving FAQs - Paperwork

Some moving companies are filing forms electronically, while others might not be there yet. With this in mind, be sure to ask how you can expect to receive paperwork from your moving company. Will it be delivered electronically, through your email inbox, in-person, or through your mail? Figure this out in advance so you know where to look for contracts and other paperwork.

Moving FAQs 9. Do you charge for travel time?
Moving FAQs - Travel Time Charges

Some moving companies will and some won’t. Depending on where you live, this could be a substantial addition to your moving cost, so be sure to ask about it in advance!

Moving FAQs 10. What’s your cancellation policy?
Moving FAQs - Cancellation Policy

While most people do everything they can to ensure their moves go through as planned, things happen. With this in mind, be sure to ask your moving company about their cancellation policy. Ideally, you’ll work with a moving company that offers at least partial reimbursement in the event that you have to cancel your move.

Moving FAQs 11. What’s your deposit schedule?
Moving FAQs - Deposit Schedule

Most movers require at least a partial deposit before you start your move. Asking when and how much is a smart way to start planning your move.

Moving FAQs 12. How do you pack delicate items?
Moving FAQs - Packing Tips

Most moving companies have protocols in place for packing delicate items like televisions, paints, and glassware. Ask about these to ensure your sensitive materials will be in good hands. Did you know that Colonial Van Lines offers more than just moving and transport? We also offer full or partial packing services. Read more about our services here or view any of our MoveHub blogs about packing below:

Moving FAQs 13. How do you handle complaints?
Moving FAQs - Complaint Management

In the event that you have a complaint, how can you expect your mover to handle it? Will they send your complaint along to a supervisor or manager? Is there a formal dispute management protocol in place?

Moving FAQs 14. Do you offer full-service moves?
Moving FAQs - Full Service Move Options

If you don’t want to handle any part of your move (except finding a new home) on your own, ask your movers if they do full-service moves. Designed to streamline and simplify your move, these services are essential for a streamlined experience.

Moving FAQs 15. What supplies do I pay for?
Moving FAQs - Moving Supplies

Figure out how many of the moving supplies you’ll be responsible for purchasing by asking this question in advance. If the movers expect you to purchase boxes, tape, or other items, you’ll need to factor this into your moving budget accordingly.

Moving FAQs 16. What additional services do you offer?
Moving FAQs - Additional Services

Most people assume movers only offer moving services. In many cases, though, they also offer packing, transport, and storage services. Ask about these additional services to get a full-picture impression of how the team can help you move.

Moving FAQs 17. How are your movers trained?
Moving FAQs - Trained Movers

Do these movers go through an apprenticeship program? Do they work under more experienced movers? Ask about their training in advance to get a feel for how they’ll handle your big move.

Moving FAQs 18. What else should I know?
Moving FAQs - What Else Should I Know

Make sure you’ve covered all of your bases by asking your moving team what, if anything, else you should know about their moving services. More likely than not, they’ll give you a few things to be conscious of.

Moving FAQs 19. Do you offer local moves?
Moving FAQs - Local Moving Services

Some movers only offer long-distance moves, which can throw a bone in your plan if you’re just meaning to move across town.

Moving FAQs 20. What will my total cost be?
Moving FAQs - Total Cost

If you haven’t done it yet, get a free moving quote from the company you want to work with. This will ensure you can afford the move and make it easier to budget your move accordingly.

Ready to get your big move underway? Contact Colonial Van Lines for more information about our services!

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