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Moving with Kids: How to Keep Your Kids Happy

Making the decision to move, due to a corporate relocation or for personal reasons, can still be a difficult decision to make, especially if it’s a long distance move. When there are kids involved the moving process can get a little more complicated. When it comes to moving with kids, children of all ages experience a wide range of emotions when they are told that relocation is on the horizon.

At Colonial Van Lines we like to make the moving process as simple as possible and that means giving you the tips you need to make your move a successful one. Use the fun ideas below to create new opportunities for smiles.

Tip 1: Create an online collage with pictures of their new city, recreational areas and of course, photos of the new neighborhood and the home itself

Tip 2: Redecorate new bedrooms with their favorite colors, characters, and themes.

Tip 3: Let them make small choices for their bedroom (layout, decorations, etc.) in order to involve them in the decorating process.

Tip 4: Find local activities for your children so that they can meet new friends and explore new areas.

Tip 5: Have a decorating or painting party with your children. You may create an aspiring group of artists.

Tip 6: Explain your new job to the children and highlight the positive elements of their new home.

Tip 7: Make a special occasion calendar. Include important days like birthdays, anniversaries and holidays and vacations. Show your children all the special occasions they will be celebrating in your new home.

Tip 8: Keep a master list of important names, addresses, telephone numbers and emails of people you and your children wish to contact and place it in a safe spot.

Tip 9: Invite all of your families friends and relatives to a farewell party. Have your children help make decorations and prepare the desserts.

Tip 10: Have each of your children make a “ready to go” bag filled with age-appropriate games and videos for the travel to your new home.

Tip 11: Put your children’s emotional health first. They may need some extra love, attention or support. On moving day, it is important to make sure that your children have snacks and games to keep them entertained throughout the entire moving process. Your extra effort will pay off in the end.