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5 Smart Tips For Scheduling Your Move

Scheduling your move can be challenging. After all, you’ve got dozens of things to think about, and many commitments to juggle. Of all the considerations that can be challenging, though, deciding on a moving date is often the toughest. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems. Wondering how to schedule your move the smartest way possible? Here are five tips to streamline the process:

Tip 1. Be Flexible

Flexibility helps when it comes to scheduling a move. Because moving can be variable, depending on the availability of things like moving trucks and moving companies, it’s smart to create some flexibility around your moving date. Consider scheduling your move for the weekend, but offer some space for it to run into the weekdays. Think about how much time you imagine needing for your move, and pad it on either side, just to be sure.

This ensures you’ll get the services you need, when you need them, and that your move won’t suffer on account of being too rigid. Keep in mind that certain months are also more hectic in the moving industry. With that in mind, if you have the option to move in the fall or winter, consider it. You’ll get better prices and a less packed roster if you do.

Tip 2. Consider the Time of Year

Few things are more difficult or stressful than trying to move right in the middle of the school year when you have kids in classes. With this in mind, focus on working around your children’s school schedule, working around the holidays, and working around a work schedule as you’re scheduling your move.

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If you can, use paid vacation or personal days to facilitate your move, and take full advantage of any paid time off you have from your own job. Not only does this give you the space you need to complete your move, but it also helps you ensure you get paid as you move.

Tip 3. Ask Your Movers

A good moving team will be invaluable to advise you about your moving schedule and how best to go about scheduling your move. If you have questions about scheduling a move, don’t hesitate to ask your movers. They’ll be able to give you tips and tricks about how to move at the lowest-density times of years, and what you should think about as you get busy with your upcoming transfer.

Tip 4. Ask for Help

If you want your move to run on-schedule and on-time, don’t forget to ask for help while scheduling a move. In some ways, you’ll want to schedule your move around the people who can help you do it. If your father has a conference the week you want to move and you’d like his help, it might be smart to adjust the move accordingly.

The same goes for hiring a moving company. While most moving companies have ample staff to help them move their clients, it’s important to remember that they have a schedule to work around, too. With this in mind, ask for help and be flexible about when you move. Other people’s’ schedules may determine your own.

Tip 5. Consider Mover Availability

Are your movers available the week you want to move? If not, you’ll have to consider their availability as you get to work. Contact the moving company of your choice and ask them about their upcoming schedule. This should, in fact, be one of the first things you do as you’re scheduling a move. The more you understand their availability, the better able you’ll be to plan your move accordingly.

As you consider the availability of your movers, don’t forget to factor in the distance of your move, and the time it will take to get from Point A to Point B.

Scheduling a Move – The Smart Way

While scheduling a move can be tough, it’s important to remember that it works the exact same way as scheduling anything else. As you confront the idea of a big move, be sure to look at the other elements of your life. Is there a school or work schedule you need to work around? What about major holidays? Are you working around anyone else’s schedule? Do you have the flexibility to move during the off-season and save some money in the process?

The key to scheduling a move is to be intentional about it. Instead of just picking a date randomly, be sure you’re evaluating all the factors and choosing a date that works as well as it can within them. If you need help figuring out when you should move, don’t hesitate to contact your local moving professionals. They’ll be able to advise you about off-season rates and help you ensure that you’re making a smart decision.

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