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Revamp Your Space by Improving Your Spring Décor

Are you looking for a few fresh ways to update your spring décor? Have you been itching to switch things up around the house as the snow melts off and the world gets green and warm again? Lots of homeowners are turning their attention to making their indoor and outdoor spaces as beautiful and welcoming with the new season.

The best place to start overhauling your spring décor is with spring housing trends. They’re all over lifestyle and fashion blogs right now. These are great sources of inspiration for anyone looking to revamp their space. Here’s your complete guide to getting the look you want this year:

Spring Décor Trend #1: Details Galore

Spring Décor - Home Decorating - Home Décor - Décor Ideas - Spring Décor DIY

Whether you’re shopping for furniture, bedding, or accessories this spring, you’ll notice that most all of them have unique embellishments. This is one of the hottest spring décor trends out there. Embellishments make each room of your home feel tactile and handmade.

Items like macramé wall hangings, fringed pillows, and luxurious throws add detail to each room and make them the perfect place to gather as the season warms up.

Spring Décor Trend #2: Bright Colors

Spring Color Trends - Spring Décor - Decorating Ideas - Home Décor - DIY Décor

Say goodbye to neutrals! Spring is all about cheerful, creamy colors. Across both the fashion and spring décor scene, soft shades of pink, blue, purples, and reds have been cropping up. (Think of ice cream colors)

Go for a big, bold statement by painting a wall a lady-like lilac. Another color-popping option is to add inexpensive dinner chairs in bright hues.

The latter option makes it easy to swap the trend out when the dark days of winter roll back around.

Spring Décor Trend #3: Geometric Shapes

Spring Trends - Spring Décor - Decorating Ideas - Home Décor - DIY Décor

Geometrics are huge right now – mainly in wallpaper, art, and tiles. They’re bold, unique, and ideal for adding visual interest to a room. Geometrics are the perfect finishing touch for a small space.

Add them in the bathroom (a single sheet of wallpaper works beautifully on a bare wall), as a few cushions on a couch, or in some tiles on stair risers. They’re a unique spring touch for any home.

Spring Décor Trend #4: Natural or Faux Foliage
Spring Décor - Natural or Faux Foliage - Decorating Tips - Spring Decorating Ideas - Home Décor - Décor Ideas - DIY Décor

Natural elements are always huge in the springtime, and it makes sense! After all – spring is a time of rebirth and renewal, and natural elements bring the outdoor world inside.

For spring 2018, foliage is huge. Add real foliage to your home with geometric plants like ferns and succulents, or look for fabric printed in natural patterns. An accent chair with a palm-leaf print will look great in a reading room, for example.

If you’re interested in beefing up your green thumb, consider adding plants:

  • On shelves
  • Mantelpieces
  • Coffee tables
  • Hanging in sunlit ceiling corners
  • Outdoor living areas

Not only do these natural touches add texture, but they’ll help purify your home’s air and keep the space clean and healthy. However, you might want to set a reminder for watering those babies.

Spring Décor Trend #5: Indigo Blues
Spring Décor - Decorating Tips - Spring Decorating Ideas - Home Décor - Décor Ideas - DIY Décor

While it may seem like it’s in direct opposition to the pastel tone trend, inky, indigo blue is a hot color this spring. Seek out spring décor in indigo for the living room, bedroom, or guest room. Here are a few other ways to incorporate indigo into your spring décor:

  • Textured pottery
  • A deep blue throw
  • Wire table
  • Bouquet of blue hydrangeas centered on a coffee table

Regardless of where you choose to use the color, keep it sparing. You don’t want it to overwhelm your other spring décor.

Spring Décor Trend #6: Ombré Walls
Spring Décor - Decorating Tips - Spring Decorating Ideas - Home Décor - Décor Ideas - DIY Décor

Ombré walls are one of the most welcome spring décor trends. Popping up over the last few years in fabrics, cushions, rugs, and beddings, it’s finally made its way to the walls, where it adds a mellow, serene and classy touch to any room.

If you don’t feel brave enough to undertake the painting on your own, look for a wallpaper that will offer the same effect. Once you’ve chosen your color selection, keep your accessories minimal and complementary so they don’t overwhelm the space.

Spring Décor Trend #7: Gold Touches
Spring Décor - Spring Decorating Ideas - Spring Home Décor - Spring Décor Ideas - DIY Décor

Gild your springtime home with beautiful gold touches. Gold is an elegant color that reflects light and makes your space feel luxurious and upscale.

Much like the bright, ice cream colors mentioned earlier, gold is also gaining in popularity, though it can potentially make your space feel cluttered and loud. With this in mind, use it sparingly and ensure it’s making an appearance in accessories more than in large items.

Areas to place a golden touch:

  • light fixtures
  • accessories
  • tabletops
  • flatware
5 Quick Tips to Refresh Your Home
Spring Décor - Home Décor - Decorating Tips - DIY Decorating - DIY Designs

You don’t have to break the bank on spring décor to refresh your home this season. Follow these five quick tips for a fast refresh:

1.) Let the light inHomes often feel musty come spring. Freshen your space up by opening the windows, pulling back the drapes, and letting the light in.

2.) Bring in some life: Anything green and living will make your indoor space feel like a refuge. With this in mind, grab some potted plants at your local hardware store, pick up a bouquet of flowers at a local market, or add a few potted, small trees to either side of your front door.

3.) Spring up the fireplaceAs the warmer weather rolls around, you’ll need your wood-burning stove less and less. Instead of filling it with logs, add some antique mirrors to the back of an open fireplace and place some pretty LED candles or gold accessories in front of them.

  • It catches light
  • Gives the room some visual interest
  • Prevents your out-of-use-fireplace from feeling cold

4.) Add some color: Dress up each room with spring-inspired color:

Living room: Colorful scented candles on side tables

Dining room: A fun Turkish rug for the floor

Bedroom: Throw pillows or blanket

Bathroom: Seasonal shower curtain, towels or mat

5.) Create a new centerpiece: Something as simple as a centerpiece can really dress up your spring table. This year, make your centerpiece fun and colorful.

  • Add some brightly colored eggs and moss to a hurricane vase
  • Paint mason jars with chalk paint, then plant succulents
  • Scatter sea glass on mirror trays around a few springtime colored votive candles

Spring Home Décor for a Festive Year

Spring is in the air, and spring décor is a great way to celebrate! Whether you’re looking remodel after your annual spring cleaning or just looking for a few ways to update your space, these smart designer tips are just the place to start!