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Spring Vacation Ideas: How to Vacation Like a Pro

If you’re looking for spring vacation ideas, you’ve come to the right place. As the weather gets warmer and the sun starts to come back, people just like you around the country are itching to plan a big spring getaway. Luckily, this is a fun and straightforward process. In this simple guide, we’ll give you some vacation ideas worth writing home about, and pro tips on how to plan your vacation from start to finish.

First Things First: Make the Moments Count

Spring Vacation Ideas - Spring Break - Family Vacation - Travel & Leisure

Your vacation will come and go before you know it, and it’s essential to make the moments count as much as possible. This includes planning just like it does the actual vacation. With this in mind, here are a few things to keep in mind as you start researching spring vacation ideas:

Spend more time in fewer places. It’s tough to enjoy your vacation if you’re trying to cram in too many attractions all at once. With this in mind, keep your timeline flexible. Narrow your vacation ideas down to a few attractions and then plan to spend several days in each. This allows you to enjoy each location to its full potential and ensure you’re getting as much from your trip as possible.

Determine which type of vacation is best for you. Would you love a road trip? What about a plane ride to some faraway destination? What about something more active, like a hiking trip? Regardless of your activity preferences, determine which type of vacation will be best for you based on your time and budget. For instance, a flight halfway around the world might be better suited for an opportunity when you’ve got more than a week to travel. Once you’ve identified this, you can move forward with your planning and execution.

Capture the Family Travel Moments. Photos are important, but it’s also a good idea to make sure you enjoy the present moment. Snap a few pictures at each event, then put down the phone or camera and live in the memories as they happen. If you’ve been considering purchasing a new camera, now is a great place to drop in.

Pro-Tip: Many models on the market today are Wi-Fi enabled, which means a simpler process to upload to social media, so you can spend more time appreciating your vacation.

Road Trip to a Nearby Destination. Don’t have the time you wish you did to execute all your biggest vacation ideas? No problem – keep it local and road trip to a nearby destination. You won’t enjoy your vacation any less just because it’s nearby, and you’ll have the added benefit of enjoying more time in your end destination because your travel time will decrease dramatically.

Traveling with Kids? No Problem!

Spring Vacation Ideas - Traveling with Kids - Spring Break - Family Vacation - Travel & Leisure

This is a family vacation, which means you’re including your kids in these spring vacation ideas. While some parents get a little stressed about the idea of wrangling kids from one place to the next, this doesn’t have to be a challenging process. Here are a few smart tips to make traveling with kids fun for everyone involved:

Research family-friendly locations. Check out family-friendly locations that offer something for everyone. While some parents don’t love the idea of a “Kiddie Vacation,” it’s important to remember that your vacation will be more pleasant and relaxing if you don’t have to corral upset kids the entire time.

Be flexible. Traveling with kids is a meditation on flexibility, and maintaining that flexibility is one of the most essential things you can do to preserve your sanity. Be flexible about everything – including your daily plans, your “must-see” attractions, and your itinerary overall. The trip will run more smoothly and your kids will thank you for it.

Pack smart. Avoid meltdowns and unplanned issues by ensuring that you pack everything you’ll need for your kids on this trip. One of the best ways to pack like a pro is to start in advance. This prevents you from forgetting obvious items or overlooking anything you might need for changing trip itineraries. Checklists can also help you pack everything you’ll need. Here’s a particularly helpful checklist to bring along for your spring vacation ideas.

Consider all-inclusive resorts. If you’re looking simple spring vacation ideas the whole family will love, consider checking out an all-inclusive resort. Kids are typically free at these destinations, and you don’t have to worry about logistics like meal or entertainment planning. At an all-inclusive resort, everything is covered for you – you just have to show up!

Plan to keep them entertained. If you’re not going the all-inclusive route, plan to keep your kids entertained during downtime. Bored kids act out, so have a go-to plan to keep your kids busy. Think hotel, restaurants, long lines at amusement parks, really anytime they have to wait. Fill their travel bag with handheld activities like word searches and coloring books. Look for child-friendly activities at your eventual destination, and be sure you’re involving your kids in packing the “emergency boredom kit.”

Inquire about on-site sitting services: Yes, this is sometimes an option. Ask the concierge if this amenity is available when you need a little alone time. It’s your spring vacation too, after all.

Bring a first aid kit. Minor bumps, bruises, and scrapes on the road are inevitable. With this in mind, bring a first aid kit along with you. Your children will appreciate the thought and you’ll be fully equipped to deal with any minor medical emergencies without heading to the local hospital.

Spring Vacation Ideas: Planning the Best Experiences

Spring Vacation Ideas - Family Vacation - Leisure & Travel

The most important part of brainstorming spring vacation ideas is to figure out what your family wants to see and when. Not only does this influence the structure of your vacation, but it also helps ensure that you’re ticking all your must-have items off your list. Here are a few tips for dreaming up the best experiences for your family:

  • Don’t overschedule your timeline
  • Try the road less traveled
  • Read reviews
  • Consider booking an Airbnb instead of a hotel
  • Plan ahead (especially for dining choices and attractions)
  • Talk to the locals about the best spots to eat and the things you must see before you leave
  • Utilize Yelp, Groupon, and Uber Eats
  • Try expensive restaurants during lunch (Did someone say lunch special!)
  • Bring a backup charger or portable battery charger
  • Protect your valuables (either don’t bring them or keep them in a hotel room safe)
  • Keep sunblock and hand-sanitizer in reach at all times

Spring Vacation Ideas from the Pros

These spring vacation ideas are a great way to enjoy your upcoming trip and make the most of your time with your family. Don’t forget to send postcards to family, neighbors, friends or anyone else who wishes to be in on your memorable spring vacation. Now, what are you waiting for? Get out there and soak up some sun!

Pro Tip: Check out some mobile apps that convert your photos and send them instantly as postcards to your loved ones back home.

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