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Long-Distance Movers Pivot in 2023

Americans are calling long-distance moving companies to move them from their region/state. In fact, nearly 30% of Americans are looking to move long-distance in 2023. They are headed north, south, southeast, southwest, east, but not west with cost-of-living and quality of life.  Historically, job opportunities and corporate relocations motivate people the most. Workers, executives, and nurses travel to move up or make more money to better provide for their families. Although, many out-of-state movers are moving for work, they are also scared of the destructive power of mother nature. In fact, wildfires, earthquakes, and hurricanes racked up over $60 billion in property damage since 2021.

Quality of life & Mother Nature Motivate Movers

While job opportunity, transfers and corporate relocation will always be the mainstay for leaving one’s home and moving out-of-state, it’s about half of what it used to be in 2015, according to Forbes. Mortgage company LendingTree indicates nearly 40% of Americans are looking at long-distance moving companies to move them out-of-state to the next greener pasture. Bottom line, regional natural disasters like flooding, hurricanes, earthquakes, wildfires, blizzards have become important variables for America’s nationwide long-distance mover. While Baby Boomers and the silent generation moved to Florida when winter arrived, today’s long-distance mover is factoring cost-of-living, quality of life, safety and high home insurance costs.

Colonial Chosen as Best Long-Distance Mover in 2023

Colonial’s top long-distance moving company services are constructed to get you and your home contents from Chicago, IL to Sarasota, FL or from New York City to Savannah, GA. We promise to handle all your relocation details at an affordable price. With custom services for packing, moving and storage, we will protect and transport your stuff without incident. In fact, state-to-state movers rave about colonial’s customer service for nationwide moving. Most national movers will tell you they will go the distance. Well, Colonial will go the distance and help you unpack if you need help settling in. Ask us about unpacking services today and get an honest estimate for your interstate move today!

Professional Cross-Country Moving Services that Deliver!

Long-distance moving cross-country is a large task, and most don’t enjoy it, but we do! In fact, all of our long-distance moving professionals are trained at Colonial Van Lines University (CVLU) at our national headquarters in Pompano Beach, FL. Here, our new, nationwide movers learn the Colonial brand moving process at national moving company facility that includes a staged home complete with furniture/contents. We love long-distance moving and train our CVLU-trained movers to deliver so you can focus on other important items in your relocation move.  As one of the top cross-country movers, we are registered with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Admin (FMCSCA) and the Department of Transportation (DOT). We are fully licensed to transport household goods across state lines. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that Colonial is a reputable mover with moving company reviews to back it up. At the same time, we have been chosen as one best long-distance moving companies for 2023 by

Are You Long-Distance Moving in 2023?

Colonial’s top long-distance movers have been hard-working for long-distance movers from Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, San Jose and more. While long-distance moving has its share of small mishaps, we’re so proud that at least 80% of our moving and storage customers give us high marks in moving company reviews.

In 2023, interstate movers are still relocating to Florida cities like Orlando, Tampa, and Pensacola. However, Arizona cities like Tucson, Phoenix, and Tempe are gaining inbound movers from California, New York, and Illinois. As a tech-driven mover, Colonial offers personalized long-distance mover services for residential and commercial customers. Maybe that’s why selected as one of the best long-distance movers for 2023. Are you thinking of joining the moving herd this year? Call us and find out how expert interstate movers can help you relocate.

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