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6 Tips for Preparing Items for Storage

If you’re looking for ways to enhance your storage preparation, you’ve come to the right place. The truth is that preparing items for storage can be tough (Where do you start? Which items do you store?) Luckily, you’re not alone. In this post, we’re going to walk you through a few professional storage preparation tips you’ll be happy to have in your back pocket.

6 Storage Preparation Tips Everyone can Use

Whether you’re storing just a few items or your whole home, these tips can help make it safer, easier, and more streamlined.

Tip 1. Pack Properly

Storage is easier when you pack the right way, to begin with. With this in mind, pay careful attention to how you pack the items you intend to store. Here are some general tips:

  • Keep delicate items in sealed bins or containers. This includes wedding dresses, garments, artwork, and other items that could be damaged by weather or moisture.
  • Label everything. It’s impossible to figure out what you have in your storage shed if you haven’t labeled anything. As you put items in boxes, be sure to write a quick note about what’s in each box and where it should go when you pull it out of storage.
  • Pad empty spaces. If the box you just packed has any empty space, pad it out with packing materials or old t-shirts. This reduces movement in the box and cuts down on the likelihood that your items will break as they move.
  • Label fragile items. Just because you know the contents of a box are fragile doesn’t mean anyone else operating in your storage shed would. With this in mind, be sure to add the word “Fragile” to the boxes you pack. For best results, use a red or black permanent marker, or other highly visible writing material.

Tip 2. Label Everything

Labeling is part of packing properly, but it’s much more important than that. As you move through your house packing items and working on your storage preparation, be sure to label each and every box. This includes the boxes you intend to put in storage and the ones you’re going to leave for your movers to deal with. This reduces confusion and helps your move go as smoothly as possible.

Tip 3. Create an Itemized List of All Your Items

While this process can be tedious, you’ll be amazed how easy it makes unpacking. Instead of scrounging around in boxes trying to find that coat you packed…somewhere… make an itemized list of everything you have in each box. While this is a professional-grade unpacking hack, it’s also great for making sense of your stored items. For optimal visibility, stick the itemized list to the outside of the box so you know exactly what you’re dealing with, at all times.

Tip 4. Look for Mover Discounts

If you’re working with a moving company during the storage preparation process, find out if they offer any storage discount. Many moving companies also offer storage services, and getting storage direct through the company you’re already working with is a great way to save some money and streamline your storage process. What’s more, moving companies are often storage experts, and can help you make smart moving decisions from beginning to end.

Tip 5. Explore Your Short- and Long-Term Storage Options

Most storage facilities offer two terms for storage services: short-term and long-term. While you might already know which one is best for you, it’s smart to explore your options. If you’re taking off for a trip, signing a short lease at a smaller place, or just looking for a place to store items you plan to sell, short-term leases are ideal for you. If you’re moving across the country, though, and don’t know when you’ll be back, a long-term lease may be most ideal. In either case, be sure to talk to your moving and storage experts to learn about the pros and cons of each option, and make an intelligent decision.

Tip 6. Know The Size of Your Storage Unit

You don’t know how much you can store until you know how large your storage unit is. With this in mind, take accurate measurements before you move in, and use them to inform your decisions from thereon out. This helps you avoid problems and get the right storage shed for you.

Storage Preparation Done Smart

Storage preparation is a critical part of any good move. With these six tips, you can ensure your storage shed is the right size, shape, and location, and that all the items you intend to keep in it are safe and sound for the long-term.

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