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Top 5 Ways to Stay on Budget for Your Long Distance Move

Preparing for your long distance move can be a stressful and overwhelming experience. With countless things to remember, worry about and deal with in an interstate move, most people often find it hard to cut down costs and stick to a moving budget.

With these few creative moving tips and strategies, however, your upcoming out-of-state move should be smooth, seamless and on-budget.

1. Research on DIY vs Professional Movers

Most people assume DIY moving is less expensive; however, that’s not often the case.  With professional moving solutions, the costs can actually be lower. When evaluating DIY vs using long distance moving professionals, it is important to weigh all the factors associated with each option while comparing the moving costs.

Whereas renting a do-it-yourself long distance moving van looks like a great deal, a closer look at its fine print will reveal a long laundry list of hidden costs that can really add up. From mileage and gas to insurance for valuables, taxes, and more, moving by yourself end up being more costly.

When considering experts for your move, be certain to get a few quotes from different long distance movers. From there, you can compare those quotes with your DIY estimate. Be sure to ask your

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2. Optimize Utility Savings

Not every utility company will prorate your bills as of your moving day, so when your routine billing cycle isn’t in agreement with your departure date, consider discontinuing your service early enough to avoid paying for services you won’t use or need.

3. Have a Garage Sale

Selling things you don’t need puts extra money in your pocket and ensures you have fewer valuables to move. So save yourself the trouble of paying to relocate things you don’t need and do a thorough clean-out before relocating from your home or business.

4. Plan out long distance moving expenses

If you’re to stick to your moving budget, it’s important that you plan and keep track of your relocation expenses. While most of these expenses can seem like an afterthought, they can be pretty significant if you’re moving long distance. Considering all of your moving expenses beforehand will give you a pretty good idea of how each can affect your moving budget.

5. Saving on Moving and Packing Supplies

Packing supplies are the cornerstone of any move, which is why most home improvement companies and stores sell them at inflated prices. Ask your long distance mover for packing supplies and see what kinds of discounts they can provide for your move.

For additional tips on how to save on moving and packing supplies and relocate on a budget, please get in touch with one of the moving experts at Colonial Van Lines. You will even get a free, no-obligation moving quote to get you started.

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