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Top 7 Tips for Moving in with your Significant Other

If you’re moving in with your significant other, you’re probably feeling many things, including excitement, anticipation, and hope. This is a big step, and it’s not one to be taken lightly! Luckily, people who plan for this big transition can ensure it goes as well as possible.

Whether you’ve been together for ten years or are in the dawn of your relationship, these seven smart tips can ensure moving in goes off without a hitch:

1. Talk About the Rules for Moving In

Before you start the process of moving out of your old place, talk about the rules for moving into your new one. Who is bringing what furniture? Where will it all go? If you’re hiring movers, who will pay for it?

You should also talk about things like having keys made, where to hide a spare, how long the move will take, and how you’ll both handle the cleaning, walk-throughs, and rentals of your old homes.

While discussion points like this may seem small, they can help you avoid common moving speed bumps, and enjoy peaceful cohabitation from the beginning.

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2. Talk About Finances

Talking about finances is one of the biggest “must dos” of moving in together. Renting a house comes with a whole host of expenses, ranging from rent to utilities and maintenance. Before you start sharing a key, talk about how you’ll share these costs.

In many rental situations, both partners split the costs evenly, dividing bills 50/50. In some cases, though, partners prefer to “assign” financial duties, having one person handle certain bills and the other partner handles other expenses.

No matter what arrangement works for you, talk about it well in advance before moving in together. This helps prevent troublesome (and avoidable) financial disagreements as you settle into your new home.

3. Set Responsibilities

If one partner is a neat freak, and the other only does dishes once a week, there’s going to be trouble in paradise. With this in mind, set responsibilities before you move in. Maybe you want to swap out cooking duties every other day or have one person be responsible for walking the dog or sweeping the floors, while the other cleans the bathroom and handles the finances. How this works out will depend largely on your relationship with your partner and your respective strengths and weaknesses.

No matter what, though, be sure you’ve talked about it before you turn the key to your new place.

4. Decorate Together

Everyone wants to feel comfortable in their new home. Because of this, decorating together is a smart idea. In addition to allowing you to fuse your unique styles, decorating together also helps you nest, settle in, and resolve early disputes about how the interior of the home should look and feel. If you can’t agree on a solution to a certain design issue, be proactive about working together and finding a solution you’re both comfortable with. This home belongs to both of you, after all.

5. Buy Items You Both Like

If you need to swap out some old furniture or décor, now is a great time to go shopping together. By buying items you both like, you can establish your style as a couple, and ensure that your new home feels welcoming and comfortable for both parties. What’s more, buying items you both like allows you to split the bill and lessen the financial burden of redecorating.

6. Give Yourselves Time

Even if you’ve spent all your time together before now, living together is an entirely different ball game, and it requires some time to get used to. With that in mind, be patient with yourselves for the first few months. While disputes will come up, couples who are generous and understanding can resolve them and develop a healthy cohabitation situation easier and faster.

7. Have A Housewarming Party to Bring Your Friends Together

Once you’ve decorated, nested, and defined your household duties, have a housewarming party to celebrate your new space and bring your community together. In addition to helping you fill your new home with good vibes, a housewarming party allows you to meet one another’s friends (if you haven’t already) and get comfortable in your new space.

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