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Winter Moving Tips

Although the summer season is the busiest season when it comes to moving there are plenty of people who move during the winter. For understandable reasons, mainly weather in some regions makes moving during the wintertime difficult and in some cases nearly impossible.

“Tis The Season…”

Colonial Van Lines wishes you a Happy Holiday Season and with that, we bring you a gift of our Winter Moving Tips.

At Colonial Van Lines, we service moves at all times of the year through rain, shine, and snow. We have plenty of experience moving in the winter so we came up with some of the best Winter Moving tips to help you out.

  • Start Moving Early

  • Pack a “Warm Go-Bag”

  • Get Your Pets Ready

  • Clear Your Walkways

  • Make Some Hot Chocolate or Coffee

  • Let The Experts Do It

The following winter moving tips are a surefire way to save you from some of the headaches that come with moving. If there are any other tips you would like to suggest or if you have some questions about a move contact our team. In the meantime, we hope you find these useful:

Start Moving Early

Getting a head start on any move is a great idea in general but remember it’s winter. Depending on where you are moving to and from, timetables can change due to the weather. This can cause setbacks in your plans to move and can even make the loading and travel time of your items longer. By starting the whole process well before any specific deadlines like a home sale or the end of a lease. You will be saving yourself quite a hassle and in some cases a bit of money. Speaking of money, the rates and fees movers charge during the winter are typically much lower because it is considered the offseason. Ask one of our team members about our holiday rates.

winter moving tips - early moving

Pack a “Warm Go-Bag”

No matter if you are moving in the summer or the winter we always recommend that you pack a “Go-Bag”. A “Go-Bag” ensures that you have some of the essential everyday items you may need in a pinch. Items like toothbrushes, toiletries and a couple extra sets of clothing are a few items that you should pack up. Considering the fact that it may be bitter cold outside one of our winter moving tips is to pack a “Warm Go-Bag” with items like extra sweaters, boots, scarves and items of the like. You want to make sure that you stay warm throughout the whole moving process.

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Get Your Pets Ready

Your pets are part of the family and moving can be just as stressful for them as it is for you. We previously wrote a useful blog about Moving with pets which provided some great tips. In this case, it’s now winter and you have to take into account the changes in weather and how that affects your furry friends. If your pets spend lots of time outside you may want to get them acclimated to spending time indoors to keep them warm. Another great idea is to invest in buying some warm clothes for your pets like booties, and sweaters.

winter moving tips
Clear Your Walkways

If you live in a city that gets hit with a heavy amount of snow year after year, you are no stranger to shoveling snow. If you want to make your move process as seamless as possible on moving day break out the shovels. Clearing out any snow or debris from all the walkways and areas where you and your movers will be working is a must. Taking some time on moving week to regularly clear out your walkways will make the task less daunting on moving day. Stop by your local supply store an pick up some bags of salt to help manage the snow and ice that may form.

winter moving tips - clearing your walkways
Make Some Hot Chocolate or Coffee

Are you looking for some quick ideas to keep warm during your winter move? Well, we have a simple winter moving tip for you. Fire up your coffee pot or make some hot chocolate. Giving yourself a warm treat is a great way to “break the ice” of your winter move. If you’ve been at it and are planning an all-nighter some expresso will work wonders for you.

Winter Moving Tips: Let The Experts Do It

Planning a winter move is tough so why not let the experts do it all for you. Instead of breaking your back in the brittle cold contact your mover of choice at Colonial Van Lines. Our expert teams in our headquarters will professionally coordinate your move and our teams on the road will get the job done quickly and efficiently. During this winter and holiday season, we are focused on making sure each and every customer has the best holiday move possible. If you are ready to move or need some help getting the process started contact our team and we will be more than happy to help. You can also download our app available on the Google Play and Apple iTunes stores.

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