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6 Inexpensive Ways to Thank Movers

6 Inexpensive Ways to Thank Movers
August 3, 2018

Searching for ways to thank movers can be tricky, but you want to do something nice for all the hard work that’s about to take place in your home. We get it. Of course, tipping is a great fall back, if you’ve got the funds. Here is the breakdown on that, courtesy of Lauri Ward of Redecorate.com:

For a moving crew without a foreman:

If there’s a foreman on the job:

  • He or she should get about $50 for a simple move
  • Up to $75-$100 for bigger jobs.

On the other hand, in lieu of money, there’s always the option to provide a satisfying meal midway through the move too. However, it’s easy to thank movers without breaking the bank. We’ve got 6 great options to show your appreciation in a memorable, and/or morale-boosting way without costing a fortune.

Option 1. Set Up a Morning Coffee Bar

Thank movers upon arrival with a coffee station on your kitchen counter. Most coffee retailers have portable boxes to serve a crowd and will provide creamer, sugar, etc for the workers to assemble their java exactly the way they like it. Mini donuts or a bagel spread are optional extras that are sure to please on the cheap.

Of course, you can utilize your own coffee brewer for a low-key gesture as well. Brew a steaming pot and set out a creamer & sweetener option. Since your mugs are probably packed, it may be a good idea to provide some takeaway cups, and a sharpie so they can write their names.

Pro-tip: Use up those flavorings left over from ice cream sundae nights like caramel or chocolate, if you have it on hand. Putting them out can make the coffee bar a bit more special and you won’t want to pack those items anyway.

Option 2. Provide Drink Refreshments

Another way to thank movers for their heavy lifting is with some ice-cold drinks. This is especially appreciated during summer or in places with warmer temperatures. Your movers are sweating out water and losing precious electrolytes as they haul your boxes of books and maneuver your massive entertainment center.

It is easy to please the crew just by offering an assortment of beverages such as sports drinks, iced tea and water. With this in mind, you can purchase variety packs or packs of petite bottles to help with this. Just throw it all in a cooler with some ice and a sign that says “Help Yourselves.” (Smiley face optional)

If it’s in the budget, you could also invest in a few cases of energy drinks to supercharge your crew to power through the final hours.

On that note, look out for buy-one-get-one deals at the grocery store. What they don’t drink won’t go to waste, so it’s a good investment and a sincere gesture to the crew.

Option 3. Serve Baked Goods (Baking Optional)

Filling your home with the scent of fresh baked cookies, brownies or a cake is a reliably pleasant way to thank movers. Again, you have the opportunity to use up pantry items like open bags of flour, sugar and leftover chocolate chips, etc. Just don’t go too wild with baking on moving day. In fact, make the dough days before and freeze it. Then all you’ll need is a pan and a spatula on moving day.

Furthermore, there is no shame in buying the pre-made cookie dough or ready-made items from the bakery, if it makes life easier. The moving crew will perk up with just a whiff of all that buttery, sugary goodness and will work happily for the remainder of their day. Some paper plates and napkins are all you need to complete this sweet gesture for your movers.

Pro-tip: Go even simpler with a candy bowl for them to pick at throughout the day. If you have leftover bags from Halloween, this is a great time to use it all up.

Option 4. Praise Them to Superiors and Online

There are several ways you can thank movers with praise, and believe us, the gesture goes a long way. When the moving crew does something that exceeds your expectations, praise them, then take it a step further. Reach out to their superiors as well.

Furthermore, writing an appreciative review on consumer sites is another simple, yet impactful way to thank movers. Your observations could have a positive impact on their standing and help them gain future business.

To write the best review possible:

Mention the specifics – Why was it such a smooth move? (i.e. they showed up on time, handled your delicate items with care, etc.)

Personalize it– Provide details about your move’s unique challenges (i.e. it had to be completed quickly or was out of a large, multi-level home).

Another idea is to post a picture to your social media platforms of the crew doing something photo-worthy (if an opportunity arises) such as:

  • Wrapping that insanely fragile chandelier
  • Disassembling your gargantuan four-post-bed like a boss
  • Carrying your sectional with superhuman strength

You could have some fun with a time-lapse video to show your followers how excited you are about your move. At the same time, you’ll be giving props to the crew that’s busting it out like champs on your behalf.

Option 5. Hook Them Up with an App

We’re not talking about thanking the movers with an application. We’re talking appetizers. Stay with us here.

Most restaurants have a “free app card” ( or something similar) in place to promote new business for their restaurant. If you consider yourself a regular at a particular restaurant, ask your trusty bartender, server or restaurant manager if you could get your hands on a few of these promotional vouchers to pass along to the moving crew.

Everyone wins here, as the crew gets a free app, the restaurant gets a new business boost, and you didn’t have to fork over any dough to make it happen. You’re welcome.

Option 6. Create a Considerate Environment

All creativity aside, thanking movers can be an even simpler process: make their workday easier. Help your movers by doing your part to make their work area, a.k.a. your home, safe and well-prepped for a successful move.

Start by preparing your home for the movers – clear all pathways and walkways of debris and obstructions, remove snow and ice from the walk (if you’re moving during the winter months), put protective coverings down over your floors, and keep small children and pets away from the moving zones.

This takes away from some of the unnecessary effort on their part and frees them up to work quickly and efficiently.

Also, it’s nice to provide easy access to bathrooms equipped with hand soap and tissue, and pull out portable fans or heaters if the crew has to work in sub-optimal climates.

Remember that movers, despite the fact that they’re highly trained professionals, aren’t robots or machines. They get tired and need breaks just like anyone else, and will appreciate working with a client who realizes they can work better in a comfortable environment.

Thank Your Movers For All They Do

Movers are hardworking people, and there is a lot that goes into their job description. They are weight-lifters, organizers, disassemblers, wrapping and packing gurus, loading aficionados, detail-oriented inventory specialists and more.

If you’ve recently worked with a team of movers you value and trust, or are about to, thanking the movers will mean a lot to them.

Do you need a team of skilled movers to help you with an upcoming move? If so, contact the team here at Colonial Van Lines today. We’re happy to answer any questions you might have or provide you with a comprehensive (and free!) moving quote.


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