At Colonial Van Lines we believe in giving you the resources you need to make an informed moving decision. We understand that the moving process can be stressful and we’re here to help you every step of the way. That’s why we’ve put together the most frequently asked long-distance moving questions below. Find more free tips in our MoveHub. If you have any questions or need further explanations on any of the items below feel free to Contact Colonial Van Lines today.

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What are some reasons the price of my original quote has gone up (or down)?

In some instances, the weight from the in-home estimate may increase or decrease significantly for a number of factors. Price increases and decreases can happen when:

  • Weight changes: More items become included or excluded after in-home estimate. Common examples: Could not sell the armoire at the yard sale, gifted bedroom set to neighbors.
  • Weight density inaccurate: An oak dresser weighs substantially more than a dresser made from particle board, a titanium shelf weighs less than an aluminum shelf.
  • Long-carry: Our policy is to up-charge when the distance to the truck from the doorway equals more than 75 feet or if there are flights of stairs. This adds additional steps for the movers, so this is reflected in the price to cover additional labor. If this charge was already factored into the in-house quote, then later determined that the truck could get closer, a decrease in price is in order as well.
  • Packing: Could not get as much packing done as you hoped, or completed your self-packing and no longer need that additional service

Perhaps, we’ve added an extra step to the quote process, but it is to ensure we can deliver you the lowest price possible for your move. In some cases, partial deposits are refunded when our weight quotes are over the actual weigh-in. This has been a pleasant surprise for countless customers over our five decades in the moving business.

This an extremely important FAQ. As you educate yourself about the pricing policies of your potential moving companies, take these conditions into consideration so you can best prepare and budget for increases/decreases with your move.

How do I hire a professional long-distance mover?

The moving industry is cluttered with many movers who are competing for your business. Many of these companies may not be licensed or only operate during high season. These companies appear to be a legitimate moving business and then conduct irresponsible business practices resulting in risks to the consumer.

Other well-meaning novice moving companies may not understand the scope of the moving business, let alone master it. They may believe they can compete with pricing, delivery, packing, and other elements of moving only to find out—at your expense—that they are ill-equipped, logistically or without the proper resources to operate a successful move. Start with searching company name/location. Google and other search have current information. Look for BBB, customer reviews, licensing, etc. Also, look for name or DBA names. When in doubt, contact your state attorney general’s office before giving a deposit or financial information.

Fortunately for you, Colonial Van Lines has been a top rated long distance moving company for over two decades successfully moving over 12,000 customers in 2022. As a licensed and insured moving company, we provide professional long-distance moving services nationwide. Follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on our daily activities or check out our MoveHub where you can find all of the best moving tips.

We encourage customers to search sites like the Department of Transportation’s website to ensure an interstate mover is established and trustworthy. We would rather see a customer choose another reputable mover over us, than to have them fall victim to a non-established company.

College moving companies are so cheap, but are they worth it?

Colonial Van Lines has two plus decades in the moving and storage industry. That means we’ve refined the process hundreds of thousands of times over. We are constantly seeking out ways to improve and streamline our moving process by analyzing each move with solicited feedback from our employees and customers. We never assume the move was successful until it has been confirmed by our team and our customers. Home contents can easily be valued at $50,000 and much greater. When it comes to interstate moving and storage, only trust a professional mover with the credentials and experience.

What is a fair long-distance moving price?

That depends. Long distance moving companies price their services differently, depending on who they are, where they’re from, and what services they offer. With this in mind, you’ll want to do some comparison to ensure fair market pricing.

Most long distance moving companies offer free quotes, so be sure to get at least three. so you can feel confident in your final decision. To ensure an accurate quote, have the details ironed out before you call.

  • Is there flexibility with move dates?
  • Are there any bulky items that do not need to come with you to your new destination?
  • Are you packing the home or looking for a full-service move?
  • Will you need to purchase boxes and packing supplies?
  • Will your new home be ready for immediate unloading or will you need storage in transit (SIT) for your household goods before then?

All of these questions will help to determine the overall cost and value of your move. After these questions are ironed out, the next factor determining the price of your move is a quote based on the belongings in your home. Some companies charge price based on square feet, whereas Colonial Van Lines charges by weight. You pay for exactly what you bring and nothing else.

With a weighted quote, it makes no difference how your items fit in the truck. The overall weight, (weighed at the nearest weigh station for accuracy) provides us more accuracy and allows us to offer competitive pricing while still providing premium service.

Not sure what a fair price is? Check out average moving costs from Home Advisor.

How much is the average moving cost?

The cost of a long-distance move can vary widely depending on several things. It’s important to take account of as many of them as possible to get an accurate estimate. These moving parts make it difficult to give a sound average. Even if you’re not quite ready to book a long-distance moving company, we would encourage you to reach out for an estimate so you can budget for later. 

What are the factors affecting your moving costs?

  • Your move distance: Mileage is a big long-distance moving factor. The shorter your distance, the less your mileage, and the lower you cost.
  • The date you’re moving: Moving companies have low seasons and high seasons, so when you move can impact your moving costs. Mid-month and off-season moves typically cost less. 
  • How much your items weigh: The weight of your goods affect your charges. You will want to recieve an estimate that is based on verifiable weight and milage before you agree to the cost.
  • Transportation costs: Your estimate should include your transportation costs, which can include labor, fuel, fuel surcharge, insurance surcharge, taxes, and tolls.
  • Storage: If you need storage, it will be an additional cost. Colonial Van Lines can safely store your goods until you are relocated, then deliver them to you. 
  • Packing services: Packing services can be a life saver if you are short on time. You can hire professional movers to pack your personal effects, fragile items, or cumbersome furniture. 
  • Moving add-ons: Additional costs may be incurred if you’re moving fragile or specialty items.

How Much is a Cross Country Move?

The average cost of a cross country relocation varies. It can depend on how far you are moving, the number of items you are taking, your moving date, and if you need packing or storage services. The cost will adjust according to the distance of your move plus the weight of your load.
You’ll save more if you do the packing and cleaning for yourself, but if you don’t have the time, our movers can handle everything.

Why Choose Colonial Van Lines for Long-Distance Moving?

Clients who hire us share one thing in common: they’re looking for a team who can simplify the moving process (and give them peace of mind while they’re doing so). Often, moving all or many household items requires the hand of an expert.

This is where Colonial Van Lines comes in.

Our mission is to provide you the best cross country moving services. Nothing matters to us more than ensuring your relocation goes as smoothly as possible. That’s why we consult with you first. We set schedules and deadlines and provide excellent service and communication throughout the process.

Entrusting strangers with your belongings can be a cause for worry, we understand that. But with Colonial Van Lines, your goods are in good hands. From start to finish, our friendly and experienced team will treat your household items as if they were their own.

A worry-free cross-country move is possible when you hire Colonial Van Lines. With our dedicated and experienced team of moving professionals, you can trust us to take care of your next move.

Get in touch with the nation’s number one moving company. Talk to us today for a FREE, no-obligation estimate.

What is difference between full-service and partial moving service?

Not all long-distance moving companies are full-service movers. full-service moving includes:

  • Out-of-State Moving
  • Household Moving
  • Corporate Relocation
  • Residential Moving
  • Storage options
  • Flexible Packing Choices
  • Moving Supplies
  • Virtual Moving Estimates
  • Affordable Pricing
  • State-to-State Moving
  • Car/Trucking Shipping

Even if you don’t need all of these services, it’s smart to enlist a full service moving team. Here’s why:

Not only are these movers faster and more experienced than ultra-niche companies, but they’re versatile enough to help you with any moving situation you run into. Trying to figure out how to lower costs? They’ll be able to help you.

How do I find a good long-distance mover?

Start with friends, colleagues and neighbors – anyone who has recently moved from out-of-state or cross-country. Take those suggestions and start doing some investigation. Finding a long-distance moving company is one of the most important items for moving your home to another state.

When you a professional long distance moving company, you get access to a team of trained movers who understand the thousands of details of interstate moving and are willing to guide you to avoid potential pitfalls. It goes without saying, but Craigslist is not the place to be looking for a corporate relocation mover. Use the search engines, get meaningful estimates, check references and reviews and compare services/prices. It’s also important that a long-distance mover be responsive to questions and phone calls. Colonial has their own in-house quality team in Pompano Beach, FL.

How do I find if an interstate moving company is registered with FMCSA?

The FMCSA is the leading federal government agency responsible for the regulation and safety oversight of commercial motor vehicles (CMVs). Their mission is to reduce crashes, injuries, and fatalities involving large trucks and buses.

At Colonial Van Lines, we have partnered with the FMCSA to ensure the safety of our workforce. We approach our business with the philosophy that if we take care of our employees and put their needs first, they will, in turn, do the same for our customers.

You can find out if a mover is registered with FMCSA by visiting the Protect Your Move Website.

Where can I get a copy of my moving rights and responsibilities and other consumer information?

A move is no small deal, even if it’s just across town. We highly recommend getting well-acquainted with your rights as a consumer. You can find out if a mover is registered with FMCSA by visiting the Protect Your Move Website.

This helpful resource will provide you with tools to research your mover, protect yourself and home from fraud, and file a moving fraud complaint. There is also a helpful “Ready to Move” brochure and checklist to help you prepare for your move and understand your role in the moving process.

At Colonial Van Lines we also provide information on your consumer rights. You can click here to visit “your rights and responsibilities when you move” brochure.

What is a Bill of Lading?

A Bill of Lading is a very important document. It is a contract between you and the mover as well as a receipt of your belongings.

Will the movers load all the boxes I pack?

Yes, as long as the moving company deems your items safe for transport.

What should I do with my personal / home valuables?

If you are opting to pack your valuables yourself, then it is important to note that you are personally liable for those items. If you have opted to include insurance for your professionally packed belongings, you can take an extra safeguard and make sure that the mover is licensed and insured. This information should be readily available on the mover’s site and materials. If they are licensed they have to offer limited liability protection. If you may need full coverage of your belongings, additional coverage is an option with some movers.

Are moving deposits required to schedule a long-distance move?

Many moving companies do require that you pay a deposit, a portion of your total cost, in order to lock in your move date. Requiring a deposit is a typical policy for most moving companies. Pricing depends on the size of your move; the large your move is, the higher the deposit may be. Make sure you ask that question to understand each moving company’s policy regarding deposits.

Should we pack our home or let the movers do it?

You can do as much or as little packing as you would like but it is important to note that if you are packing your own items you are liable for those items. At Colonial, we offer many different packing and storage options for your move. View our full list of Colonial Van Lines Packing and Storage Services.

What’s the best time of year to move?

In the moving industry there are two main seasons, peak and non-peak season. If you have the ability to be flexible with the date of your move, it can save you money. Peak season generally runs from Spring through Summer. Non-peak season is the late Fall months through Winter.

What is a non-binding estimate?

A non-binding move estimate is an estimate that is not guaranteed. In other words, this should be considered as a ball-park estimate of your long-distance moving cost. Your final moving costs are based on the actual weight of your items and any additional or optional services that were provided at the time of your move. If your final weight exceeds the initial estimated weight, for example, you might be obligated to pay additional charges for your move. If you have any questions, please call us at 800-356-1855.

What is a binding estimate?

A binding moving estimate is a contract that details the exact cost based on the services you request at the time of the estimate. If you select this option, your final charges will not decrease if your final weight is less than originally estimated. If additional services are requested or required at the time of your move, the total cost will increase to accommodate the changes.

Can we long-distance move on the weekend?

Moving on the weekend is not typical. First, it will be more expensive. There are some companies that do not schedule any moves on Sundays so be sure to ask this question during the scheduling process. Also, research the moving laws in current state and new home state. Many of eastern states have “blue laws” that prohibit moving on Saturdays and Sundays in observance of Sabbath.

How long before my move should I start contacting interstate moving companies?

Early bird gets the worm. Knowledge is power and, if you have the time, the better off you’ll be in finding the right long distance mover. As an industry standard, you want to give the moving companies as much notice as possible. Though there may not be an exact move date, you can lock in pricing for around the time of your mover. We recommend at least two months in advance to ensure a smooth moving process. This gives you time to research different moving companies, compare prices and the flexibility to schedule your move when it’s convenient for you.

Is there a moving checklist to help prepare for the move?

Yes, Colonial Van Lines has a FREE long distance moving checklist that contains tips to keep you on the right track for your move. Colonial Van Lines FREE moving checklist.

What’s the cheapest way to move long-distance?

Simple. Do-it-yourself is the inexpensive way to long-distance move. This will remove the cost of labor and you’ll just be paying for the truck rental and cost of gas. However, if you’re moving the contents of a four bedroom home from NY to Florida, you’ll pay a whole lot more with a ton of labor. The long-distance moving business is based on efficiency and shared resources to keep costs competitive.

How far in advance should I book a long-distance moving company?

In a perfect world, at least two months before your move date, but 3 months is recommended for moves during the busy summer moving season.

When should I start packing for a long-distance move?

Begin planning as soon as you know you’re going to move (or at least six weeks before the date). Give yourself the time to get organized, determine items for donation to reduce to moving eligible items! Then download our Moving App and we can do a virtual estimate on your Smartphone.

Is moving to a different state worth it?

Depending on your job, government views, safety, or other stuff, moving state-to-state may be the best thing for your family, but only you can make the best decision like so many did during the pandemic. No wrong answers here.

Do you pay long-distance movers upfront?

Short answer is NO. Interstate moving is a service. If the service has not yet been rendered, then no payment should be due. Do not give cash to any moving company and only transact securely with bank cards. Reputable movers will NOT demand cash or any large deposit before moving you. However, most long-distance movers will ask for a deposit. When you hire an interstate mover, you reserve a date, and they have to allocate the resources needed to complete your move on schedule. It is typically 20%-30% of estimate.

What is the Best Way to Maintain Employee Productivity During an Office Move?

Assemble a moving team, plan a convenient moving date, encourage employees to help out, allow employees to work from home and hire a professional moving company.

How do I avoid getting scammed by a moving company?

Check online for reviews with the BBB and Google to be sure that they have a recent history of customer service success. Document Everything. After delivery, you have nine months to report any problems to the interstate mover and file a written claim for loss or damage to your belongings. Take the time to properly investigate your moving company and pay close attention to see how they handle damage goods, which are quite common. A solid moving company will work with you to make it right through claims.

What is the difference between a moving company and a moving broker?

Moving brokers are sales agents that book your home move and sell it to another moving company to perform your move. A broker does not assume accountability for, and is not sanctioned to transport, your household goods. Moving brokers do not have trucks or professional movers, but rather a network of nationwide movers to fulfill the service.

How much does it cost to move out-of-state?

Depends on a lot of things – contents, weight, distance, storage, service type. In general, a long-distance residential home move can vary between $3000 to over $7000. Again, many different factors affect cost. And even more if you’re moving cross country or moving a home that has more than 5 bedrooms. Best practice is to get multiple estimates that offer a virtual walk-around for accurate quoting.

Who is cheapest long-distance mover?

Good question, but a little scary. When it comes to moving all your accumulated furniture and belongings, most people moving wouldn’t indicate cheap as their most important qualification. However, if you don’t have much to move and not going far, a truck rental and some help from friends should suffice. However, residential, long-distance moving will be most cost effective by professionals like Colonial. In fact, we use advanced logistics for transportation efficiency and pass those savings onto our customers.

How is the price of a long-distance move calculated?

the price of your quote depends on the size of your move as well the moving services you require. We recommend getting a free estimate, to see how much your move will cost you. Colonial Van Lines offers a FREE online moving estimate Colonial Van Lines that can be completed in a few simple steps.

We also have an app that will walk you through every step of documenting, photographing and shooting video of your rooms and furniture that needs to be moved and submitting it for a reliable and more accurate quote.

Download the FREE Moving APP Today

Ready to start? Click to download the Colonial Van Lines APP today.

What to Consider as you Shop for Moving Storage Services?

Whether you’re moving a home or business, we’re here to take a load off your shoulders by giving you a safe and secure place to store your essential items. Give us a call today or read on to learn more about our storage services and how they can help you. Are you shopping for storage services? Don’t forget to consider these critical things as you make your pick:

How much storage space if I can’t move-in to new home right away?

The size of the storage unit you rent depends in large part on the number of items you need to store. With this in mind, do a quick inventory of your goods before you start shopping for units. This allows you to ensure you’re finding the right sized unit and that you won’t need to make last-minute adjustments before or after you move in. We have different rental options to get you what you need at a reasonable price,

How much should moving storage cost?

Storage units are all priced differently, so be sure you’ve budgeted accordingly before you book a unit. Most reputable companies offer free quotes on their storage units, so don’t hesitate to take them up on this before you move your items in. Also look for any other hidden charges, like those associated with moving into your unit or starting a lease.

How long should I rent storage unit when moving?

Storage units are available in short- and long-term leases, so be sure you understand which you need before you make your choice. If you’re just looking for a place to store some items while you move, a short-term unit should work just fine. A long-term unit, on the other hand, will be well-suited for a longer arrangement.