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Having the right moving supplies in the quantity that covers your household items will ensure a smooth home move. Colonial is your one-stop shop for moving boxes-supplies that will help make your packing process more convenient. Moving is made easier with Colonial Van Lines’ boxes and moving supplies. We offer residential moving customers all the right DIY moving supplies for your household move, storage or office relocation needs.

Packing Supplies for Long-Distance Moving

We provide a wide range of affordable interstate moving supplies to secure your home items professionally and have you feeling confident on moving day. Colonial packers use our moving supplies to wrap fragile specialty items, cover furniture, and protect heavy appliances for your peace of mind. Our professional long-distance movers will help you determine what kind of supplies you’ll need and what will work best for the items in your home moving process.

From china boxes, blanket wraps, tape, mattress covers, and more Colonial Van Lines has all the moving supplies necessary for a long-distance move.

How Many Moving Boxes Should I Buy?

Short answer: Enough! You will know you have enough moving boxes when you complete our long-distance moving checklist and the first order of business is to donate or get rid of items no longer useful. So, once we establish a supply of belongings, we can then determine demand for boxes. Simple!

When it comes to deciding how many moving boxes you will need, it’s better to be a bit over, and not under. The reasoning is usually DIY packers who make poor packing decisions if they feel they may not have enough boxes. It also compels movers to run out and purchase very expensive, cheap boxes from a local store.

Large, heavy or smaller, pliable items may require a family packing strategy meeting. Make use of your biggest boxes for light, pliable like linens, pillows, and blankets. For big, heavy items like wall mirrors, there are special boxes to use.

A good foundation for moving box demand: A conventional three-bedroom home will need about 125 packing boxes for out-of-state moves. Examine the below factors and tweak your number up/down based on where you fall within these moving variables.

  • Square footage – The more space you have, the more stuff you store.
  • Number of rooms – More rooms generally mean more boxes.
  • Time in Your home – Longer time typically increases supply of items.
  • Number of family members – You got this one!
  • Lifestyle – This is tricky and the time to get honest when you begin the initial divesture of unused items. This is where you have to decide whether you’re a Spartan minimalist, a moderate, or a hoarder (or collector, if you prefer)!

Moving Supplies for Every Situation

Apartment move | Residential Home | High-rise buildings | Corporate relocation | Condo moving | Military movers | Planned communities

What to do with non-perishable food items?

Simple! Box them up and give them to your Colonial movers on moving day. If you have a ton, that’s great, but let our moving team know in advance to ensure moving truck space. Either way, when you donate your pantry food you’re helping your local community fight food scarcity and MOVE FOR HUNGER!

Move for Hunger is a 501(c)3 non-profit that focuses on making use of non-perishable food that is usually tossed out during long-distance moves. With thousands of households moving every day, Move for Hunger is an important & proud charity. Just let your Colonial movers know you have a pantry food support, and our movers will deliver it to a food bank nearby. As of January 2023, the Move for Hunger program has provided over 26 million meals to families suffering food scarcity.

Packing Supplies for Maximum Protection During Interstate Moves

Our professional-grade supplies will keep your moving trucked packed tight and secured. We use time-tested materials to ensure your home goods arrive safely and to move them at a reasonable cost. Some of the packing supplies include:

  • Packing paper
  • Bubble wrap
  • Mattress covers
  • Blanket wraps
  • Packing tape
  • Foam wrap
  • Packing peanuts

Call us today and speak with our professional moving experts for more details on our moving supplies.

Interstate Moving Supplies Available Nationwide

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