Colonial Van Lines University

Colonial Van Lines University (CVLU)

Long-Distance Moving Training & Certification

Colonial Van Lines University (CVLU) is our intense, on-site training center at our corporate headquarters in Pompano Beach, FL. Our teaching-learning facility features an entire residential home where we coach our movers in the “Colonial” way of performing customer-centric long-distance moving. The well-stocked home is also fully functional and is used as out-of-town lodging for our students during training. In this “live” setting, we teach and test our moving team to “pack it, stack it, but never crack it®.”

The CVLU Mover training home features:

  • Fully-equipped kitchen
  • Delicate china & glassware
  • Dining rooms
  • 3 Bedrooms
  • Living room
  • Family room
  • Bathrooms
  • Linen-Towel closets
  • Garage/storage
  • Outdoor patio set

CVLU for Professional Interstate Movers

Your accumulated family items and keepsakes are precious to you, and we realize the trust you place in us when you hire us to long-distance move them. For this reason, we continually update our processes, procedures to make sure that we do everything we can to prevent damage to home items during your out-of-state, residential, and corporate relocation moves.

Before any driver, mover, or packer trains in the field, they must get past the moving instructors at CVLU first. We don’t want every “first” to be in our training facility and not with a family’s sentimental belongings.

We teach best safety practices to avoid preventable injury at every phase of your long-distance move. This begins the moment we pull-up to your home in our very large moving truck. Our drivers are all CDL licensed and are road / parking tested for procedural safety. Our movers will survey your home for clear pathways and assess packing, removal, and loading options. They will use the proper techniques to pack, lift, move and load your items to minimize risk of injury to anyone.

We teach our tried-and-true methodology of packing “smart”, which means we are efficient and effective with any possible item in your home. Believe it or not, there is proper box and accessory for every packing situation. Sometimes, it’s a combination of different packing tools and strategies that find your home items in the exact same condition when they were first packed.

Specialty Item Packing & Handling
CVLU packing instructors guide their packing trainees how to best secure / pack oversized items like fragile wall art, mirrors, or a family furniture heirloom. We teach our packers to utilize specialty boxes and crating while always maintaining awareness of securing item to endure travel or load shifts to new home that may be 2500 miles away.

Disassembly & Reassembly
Colonial professionals learn how to quickly take apart and parts pack a portable basketball hoop, an oversized sectional couch, or large exercise equipment. We prepare our movers, so they don't waste time and know exactly what to do, then do it.

Truck Loading / Unloading
We teach a strategic approach to loading and unloading your home contents. At CVLU, packers and loaders are taught to look beyond just securing load and consider how the truck will be unloaded on arrival, and, in what order. For example, the moving family may have small children and request their bedrooms to be unloaded and reassembled first. We teach our movers to ask questions and strategize to meet the customer’s needs.

Colonial drivers and movers are taught (and required) to clean-up before asking for customer sign-off. This entails removing debris, loose packing materials or cleaning up hallways that got dirty during move out or move in. We train our team on this because it speaks to our professionalism and respect for our customer’s property. We get lots of review compliments on this.

Colonial Moving Services Nationwide

  • Retiree Moves
  • Corporate Relocation
  • House, Condo, or High-Rise Moving
  • Full-Service Interstate Options
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