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Welcome to the Colonial Van Lines family!
For the past ten-plus years, we have provided flexible and affordable moving services. Make us your moving management partner; we will handle your relocation needs. Our experience and the vast network of agents make us a trusted company for moving items to new locations.

We are proud of our moving agents who boost our reputation in the industry. Since our network spans the entire nation, we are constantly looking for new agents to join our team.

Agent Benefits: We Book It, You Haul It!

A Long-Lasting Partnership. Success in the moving industry depends on joining an extensive network of agents with the shared goal of providing reputable moving services. Our goal is to build lasting relationships with agent partners. By choosing us, you can fill your empty trucks without the hassle of agent fees or single agent contracts.

With our inventory of more than 20,000 loads per year, you will have the flexibility to pick the loads that you want year-round. Please fill out the following form to initiate your registration or contact one of our friendly Agent Recruiters directly at (888) 347-9037 today.

  • No Agent Fees
  • No Single Agent Contracts
  • Receive Loads Year-Round
  • Premium Rates Year-Round
  • Receive Return Loads
  • Over 12,000 Loads Per Year
  • Customer Service Provided
  • Dispatch Services Provided

Join the fastest growing agent network in the nation with no single contracts!

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