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Welcome to Colonial Van Lines. We’re a long distance moving company deeply dedicated to our clients, we strive to offer the best long distance moving services in the country. Never wonder what you’re going to get when you work with Colonial Van Lines. Our team offers detailed processes that allow you to know exactly what to expect. Whether you’re enlisting us for moving services or some professional packing help, we’ll break down our processes from start to finish so you know what to expect, when, and what you’ll need to do. This helps make your move manageable and stress-free and makes it easier to get where you’re going without a headache.

Long Distance Moving Company - Colonial Van Lines

Long Distance Moving Company

As one of the nation’s top movers, Colonial Van Lines offers professional long distance moving services. With over 50 years of experience in the moving and storage industry, our dedicated team of moving professionals are always ready to help.

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long distance moving company - Corporate Moves

Corporate Relocation Services

Our movers are ready to help with your corporate relocation. Colonial is with you every step of the way during your relocation. We offer professional, efficient, and seamless moving services so that you can have a successful move.

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long distance moving company - Storage & Packing Services

Storage & Packing Services

Whether your move may require packing services, short term or long term storage, Colonial Van Lines can provide you with the right moving solutions. When it comes to packing, you can pack as much or as little as you want to. We will handle the rest.

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Your #1 Long Distance Moving Company

As a licensed and insured long distance mover,  Colonial Van Lines has over 200 local agents to help carry out a move near you. Offering residential and commercial moves, we provide our customers with premier moving services. When you need reliable, cost-effective, and efficient movers from the nation’s top moving company, you can depend on us to do an exceptional job with your move.

  • Over 50 years of moving experience

  • Over 19,000 moves serviced per year

  • Friendly, reliable, and professional moving help

Long Distance Moving - CompanyColonial Van Lines 200 Agents

Long Distance Moving Company Tips

Finding a long distance moving company can be challenging. Luckily, Colonial Van Lines is known across the industry as the Nation’s Top Professional Long Distance Moving Company. If you’re not sure how to begin your long-distance move, or you need a team of experienced moving professionals to help you, contact Colonial Van Lines today. We offer free quotes and are happy to answer any questions you might have. If you are in need of some tips you can read more below:

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The moving industry is cluttered with many movers who are competing for your business. Many of these companies may not be licensed or only operate during high season. Fortunately for you, Colonial Van Lines is a top rated long distance moving company that operates year round. As a licensed and insured moving company, we provide services nationwide through both high and low seasons.

Being that we operate all year we focus on not just moving you but providing you with all the best resources possible to help you get moving. Follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on our daily activities or check out our MoveHub where you can find all of the best moving tips.

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Above all else, the moving team you choose should be friendly and approachable. After all, you spend a great deal of time with your movers! They should be people you like. Be sure to avoid any teams who seem contradictory or rude, or who don’t exhibit the level of professionalism you’d expect from a business partner. If you get a bad first impression from the team you’re interviewing, you can bet that feeling will continue throughout your dealings with them.

Experienced Movers 2017-10-31T14:36:13+00:00

Another thing you’ll get from a professional long-distance moving company is experienced movers. Colonial Van Lines, for example, has more than 50 years of experience in the moving and storage industry. Good luck finding this in a one-man moving team!

Fair Prices 2017-10-31T14:30:21+00:00

Long distance moving companies price their services differently, depending on who they are, where they’re from, and what they offer. With this in mind, you’ll want to do some research to ensure you’re getting a fair price.

Most long distance moving companies offer free quotes, so be sure to shop around for these before you settle on any one company. To get as accurate a quote as possible, have the details (like how many of your belongings you’re moving and how far you’re going) hammered out before you call. Not sure what a fair price is? Check out average moving costs from Home Advisor.

Professional Moving Services 2017-10-31T14:31:07+00:00

Today, virtually anyone can brand themselves as a “mover.” All you need is a pair of strong arms and a truck bed. In fact, this is one of the biggest reasons for the rise of “Two Guys and a Truck” moving companies. When it comes to long distance moving, though, it’s smart to bypass these novices for professional movers.

Wondering why?

The answer is simple. Professional moving services come with the experience, skills, insurance, and contracts you need to enjoy a safe and straightforward move. This means that if the movers break your items, you’ll have access to coverage.

It means you have a guarantee that your items will wind up where they’re supposed to be, and that your moving team won’t just forget about your job. It also means you’ll have a foundation of customer reviews and professional services to build off, which allows you to rest easy knowing your move is in good hands.

While hiring someone on Craigslist may seem like an easy way to knock out your move, it’s bound to be more of a headache than it’s worth.

Full-Service Movers 2017-10-31T14:33:55+00:00

Not all long-distance moving companies are full-service movers. Here’s what a full-service mover does:

  • Short and long-term storage services
  • Packing services
  • Corporate relocations
  • Automobile moves
  • Storage in transit

Even if you don’t need all of these services, it’s smart to enlist a full service moving team. Here’s why:

Not only are these movers faster and more experienced than ultra-niche companies, but they’re versatile enough to help you with any moving situation you run into. Trying to figure out how to lower costs? They’ll be able to help you. Need to store some of your items while you downsize? They do that for you.

Having a versatile company on your side makes it easy to focus on getting settled in your new location, while they handle the heavy lifting.

Finding a Long Distance Mover 2017-10-31T19:16:57+00:00

Finding a long-distance moving company is one of the best things you can do to streamline and simplify your move. While lots of people believe they can handle their relocations by themselves, the truth is that this is a problematic approach, and it’s often more time-consuming and expensive than the alternative.

When you hire a long distance moving company, you get access to a team of skilled professionals who understand the ins and outs of moving and are willing to work with you to help you avoid potential snafus. They also have the equipment and skills you need, which saves you from buying items you don’t need!

What’s this mean for you?

It means your move will go faster and more efficiently, with less stress for you in the process.

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Courteous Movers & Great Service

They were very courteous, they worked hard and got the job done. It was an excellent service.

Colonial Is Easy

Moving is stressful but Colonial Van Lines is a very easy service to use.

Highly Impressed

The gentlemen taking care of this move both in Iowa and Florida did a professional and top job. They were very informative and very quick with their service, both in the homes and during their travel time. I could not have been more impressed and would definitely use them again.
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At Colonial Van Lines we are more than just movers, we are a resource. We know that moving isn’t always an easy process. That’s why we like to provide you with moving resources designed to help make your new journey an exciting one. Be sure to check out our MoveHub blog for additional moving tips and resources:

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