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Welcome to Colonial Van Lines. We’re a long distance moving company deeply dedicated to our clients, we strive to offer the best long distance moving services in the country. Never wonder what you’re going to get when you work with Colonial Van Lines. Our team offers detailed processes that allow you to know exactly what to expect. Whether you’re enlisting us for moving services or some professional packing help, we’ll break down our processes from start to finish so you know what to expect, when, and what you’ll need to do. This helps make your move manageable and stress-free and makes it easier to get where you’re going without a headache.

Long Distance Moving Company - Colonial Van Lines

Long Distance Moving Company

As one of the nation’s top movers, Colonial Van Lines offers professional long distance moving services. With over 50 years of experience in the moving and storage industry, our dedicated team of moving professionals are always ready to help.

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Colonial Van Lines Corporate Relocation Services

Corporate Relocation Services

Our movers are ready to help with your corporate relocation. Colonial is with you every step of the way during your relocation. We offer professional, efficient, and seamless moving services so that you can have a successful move.

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Colonial Van Lines Long Distance Storage & Packing Services

Storage & Packing Services

Whether your move may require packing services, short term or long term storage, Colonial Van Lines can provide you with the right moving solutions. When it comes to packing, you can pack as much or as little as you want to. We will handle the rest.

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Your #1 Moving Company

As a licensed and insured long distance mover,  Colonial Van Lines has over 200 local agents to help carry out a move near you. Offering residential and commercial moves, we provide our customers with premier moving services. When you need reliable, cost-effective, and efficient movers from the nation’s top moving company, you can depend on us to do an exceptional job with your move.

  • Over 50 years of moving experience

  • Over 19,000 moves serviced per year

  • Friendly, reliable, and professional moving help

Colonial Van Lines 200 Professional Long Distance Moving Companies

Our Customers Love Us

Good Experience Overall

The transport coordinator was very nice and thorough. He went through almost everything with me beforehand and gave me an estimate for the weight from what I had described of my things. During the move, they contacted me through emails and calls. They kept me in the loop and informed me if there were changes. Colonial Van Lines did a great job. They got all my stuff off the truck in an hour and a half and they helped me put my stuff together, so that was very quick. Nothing was broken and we had a good experience with them overall.

Great Communication Start to Finish

I was relocating and the initial guy that I talked to from Colonial Van Lines answered a lot of my questions. It was my first time dealing with the company and he gave and explained to me some information that was very helpful. He called me and we talked about the estimate. First of all he sold me going by the weight. We lifted everything and he gave me an estimate based on what he was looking at how much it’s going to cost. He explained that they're going to start up with an empty truck and then we're going to weigh it in and at the end, we're going to do it again. Then along the way, somebody will call me and make sure that everything is good and if anything changes. And everything worked out great. The account manager was great and he called me to make sure if there were any changes made or if anything happened out of ordinary. I told them what they were and they made adjustments. I was told how to do everything including being prepared during the time of pickup and delivery. When the driver came, I had everything boxed up and I had told him what he needed to box up so he brought the proper equipment to box my stuff up including a grandpa's clock. I got that boxed up and told him about the bed and mattress and packed that up. The process was cool and the only thing is we thought we’re getting an empty truck and it's not much weight but then there's the weight we had and then there was another shipment going on the truck also. So, I got to trust that they weighed the truck after they took my stuff, before they picked somebody else's stuff and added it onto that truck.

Very Nice Experience

We needed to afford living somewhere so we moved 2068 miles cross-country from Albuquerque, New Mexico to Sebring, Florida. Colonial Van Lines had a good rating and we liked everything that was included in their service so we hired them. They assigned a value to everything we had, had us estimate the number of boxes we would have and describe our furniture. Once all that was totaled, they gave us an estimate that was relatively close to what we ended up paying. The coordinator explained everything fairly well and the delivery date set was accurate. Everything arrived intact so it was a very nice experience.
From Our Moving Blog

At Colonial Van Lines we are more than just movers, we are a resource. We know that moving isn’t always an easy process. That’s why we like to provide you with moving resources designed to help make your new journey an exciting one. Be sure to check out our MoveHub blog for additional moving tips and resources:

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