Wisconsin Statistics

If you immediately associate Wisconsin with cheese, you’re overlooking one of its greatest assets. Of course, Wisconsin is a popular spot for the dairy industry and known for the production of certain cheeses. In fact, It is one of the largest producers of cheese in the United States, with hundreds of different cheese varieties to try. However, it also boasts lots of scenic lakes and natural beauty.

Those who haven’t traveled to Wisconsin or the surrounding states might think that there aren’t many people living in this northern state, but the current population is around 5.8 million, which is 0.2 million more than nearby Minnesota. 

There are some exciting metropolitan cities in Wisconsin, along with several popular sports teams. The Green Bay Packers NFL team has fans all over the country, and the Milwaukee Brewers MLB team is similarly popular. It wouldn’t be a northern state without a healthy dose of hockey, with the Milwaukee Admirals being a great team to root for when you move to this great state.

Moving To Wisconsin

When you are moving to Wisconsin from another state, you will likely find there is a different way of life than wherever you came from – but that’s all part of the appeal. Wisconsin living is what you might expect from a midwestern state that also has the joys of being a part of the area of the Great Lakes. With two Great Lakes along part of the state and farms and forests within the land of Wisconsin, this is a state of beauty and wonder.

To see all of this natural beauty, it is best to travel by car. The cities are all reachable by different highway systems, and through the wintery season, it is especially important to have a car that is up-to-date with snow tires and that can handle driving in the snow. If you’re not used to driving in these conditions, you might want to take a quick winter driving course to get up to speed.

Throughout each season, there is a lot to see and do. In fact, you could see the same beautiful scenic view in every season and have a completely different experience each time. Amnicon Falls State Park, Devil’s Lake State Park, and Natural Bridge State Park all have their own distinctive looks, so there is always something new to add to your Wisconsin to-do list.

Top Cities in Wisconsin

With almost 600,000 residents, Milwaukee is the largest city in Wisconsin in terms of population. Although it is not the capital, Milwaukee is considered the most recognizable city of the state. Located on the western shore of Lake Michigan, this metropolitan city also has water throughout in the form of rivers such as the Menomonee River. Summer is a great time to visit Milwaukee as there are plenty of different music, food and culture festivals throughout the season. One of the more popular ones is the German Fest. German Fest normally takes place in July each year and gives everyone a chance to join in celebrating the German heritage of this large city.

Madison is the next top city in Wisconsin in terms of population, with more than 230,000 residents. It’s also the capital of the state. Along with the nearby counties of Columbia, Green and Iowa, the great Madison area has plenty of options for those looking to relocate to Wisconsin. There is a great tech boom happening in the area, and plenty of big names in technology and products are landing in Madison to also call it home. A progressive and strong city, Madison also has its fair share of bodies of water, with two lakes, Lake Mendota and Lake Monona, straddling the center of town.

It would be hard to discuss Wisconsin without mentioning Green Bay. The popular Green Bay Packers football team has some intense fans who you may recognize at games thanks to some clever memorabilia in the form of hats shaped like wedges of cheese. Green Bay is not just the home of the famous NFL football team; it is also a popular city for day trips and vacationers, and a great place to call home. Green Bay is a bay that extends from an arm of Lake Michigan. In fact, many popular Wisconsin cities are situated on the water, and that is a testament to the sheer beauty of Lake Michigan and the plethora of activities to do on weekends and holidays in these areas.

Things to do in Wisconsin

From exploring caves and hiking national parks to ice fishing and cheese tasting, there really is never a dull moment in Wisconsin. You might need to drive to the nearest cave or park or do a bit of research before attempting to ice fish, but these unique opportunities for fun things to do in Wisconsin are worth the drive.

Wisconsin can have a very distinct winter season that seems like it will never end. Instead of wishing for warmer days, embrace the cold with fun activities that work better in winter. Snow tubing is a great pastime for even the youngest members of your family. If you don’t already have a favorite snow tubing destination, check out the city of Portage, which boasts a great ski mountain called Cascade Mountain. It’s a beautiful sight in any weather, but it’s especially popular in winter.

Snowshoeing, dog sledding and ice skating are some more unique winter activities that everyone can enjoy, but don’t forget that there are similarly exciting and family-friendly activities for the warmer months. Visiting the Cave of the Mounds in Blue Mounds is like discovering a whole new world underground.

The two great lakes offer plenty of fun activities. At Lake Superior, you can find the Apostle Islands, which are home to beautiful lighthouses, forest areas and sea caves. Fishing, bike riding and camping are popular on these islands in the warmer months, and you can even scuba dive to see some interesting shipwrecks and geographical sights under water.


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