Corporate Relocation Services

Relocation Services For Businesses

More and more companies are moving their businesses to lower cost states to save on expenses. At the same time, the motivation is to give employees lower cost-of-living and increased quality of life. Whether your moving your company to a hot relocation city in the Carolinas, or just accepted a chief marketing officer job in Denver, Colonial has the corporate relocation moving services you need.

Starting a new job in a new city is a big horizon but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. In fact, we want your long-distance relocation move to be painless. When you hire Colonial, you get to focus on your business and we’ll take care of the rest with our experienced relocation movers. It makes sense right? You run your business effectively each day, and we do the same for long-distance movers with life’s next great opportunity in front of them.

Corporate Relocation Services Long-Distance Moving Nationwide

As a leader in the long-distance moving industry, we understand the critical time elements of a corporate relocation move that must be carefully planned and executed. A corporate move involves more than just moving yourself or entire division to a new city. It entails moving a family and a life, as well. By choosing us as your partner, we can keep your transferees pro-active and enthusiastic when they arrive at their new job location. That is why we provide expert corporate relocation service planning at every stage of the moving process.

  • Cross-country moving
  • Home, condo, or high-rise move
  • Bonded & insured movers
  • Premium long-distance options
  • Colonial Cubes modular system
  • Custom packing services
  • Discounted packing supplies
  • Virtual long-distance quotes
  • Oversized item breakdown / reassembly
  • Unpacking assistance option
  • Furniture protection with quilted blankets
  • Additional insurance options
  • Interstate moves
  • Auto shipping

Out-of-State Moving for a New Job

It’s an exciting time to be an upwardly mobile corporate professional. First, there are so many cool long-distance mover cities that were not visible a decade ago. In the next place, the Pandemic taught us that we can effectively work from anywhere with motivation and a hot internet connection. However, the best part is you don’t need a new opportunity to relocate to Charleston, SC, Orlando, FL, Austin, TX or Denver, CO. That said, as American tech continue to expand, they need to attract savvy professionals to join them in new place. It’s exciting and frightening all in the same sentence! Don’t sweat it! Hire Colonial to do the lifting and you’ll be transplanted from NYC to Tampa, FL in no time at all.

Let our corporate relocation movers get you (and your family) packed, loaded and moved to your new city/state. Your household items will arrive safe and sound. Our Colonial Van Lines University trained movers will execute your job move so seamlessly you’ll have time to get new suit!

We want you to only be excited for your long-distance moving adventure and burden us with the details. Take advantage of our services today, so you can keep the wind in your sails and give it to our long-distance moving team team of coordinators, packers, movers, and drivers.

Who Pays for Corporate Relocation Moving Costs?

Understanding Lump Sum Relocation Moving Benefits

To contain costs while attracting talented employees, many companies offer lump-sum corporate relocation benefits for long-distance moving. In fact, about 50% of U.S. companies recruiting employees use the lump sum benefit. Essentially, the one-time payment is anticipated to cover the entire cost of a corporate relocation move for you (and your family). The money received is tax-free when used to pay all-related corporate relocation costs (consult with tax advisor to be sure).The long-distance moving benefit is typically different for each management level and factors in current (inflation-adjusted) market costs that will pay for the cost of the entire corporate relocation moving process that include:

  • Transportation
  • Long-distance moving
  • Short-term apartment rental
  • Security deposits
  • Breaking of the lease
  • Home hunting costs
  • Closing costs

Three Benefit Levels for Corporate Relocation

Main Benefits: The company specifies the main relocation benefits to be covered by a lump sum option. The relocation money is then provided to help with these defined relocation moving benefits that, might otherwise be offered as a reimbursement expense. Sometimes, many expenses are not covered entirely by employer.

Self-Service: Just like it states. The company pays the lump sum amount to employee, who will research, hire, and pay for all anticipated corporate relocation costs (or, as directed by corporate policy). This option is usually most cost efficient for employers since it capitates cost and resources.

Hybrid: The relocation moving employee is given a lump sum amount but is provided additional support and to best utilize the lump sum. Support can be provided through a third-party relocation company, preferred vendor agreements or through a technology APP.

Why Hire Colonial to Long-Distance Move Your Business?

Less Downtime, Lower Costs
As a trusted relocation company, you can depend on us to reduce the downtime and cost associated with corporate relocation. We will help you move your company safely to your new location. Our team brings flexibility with our corporate relocation services so that they fit within your policy requirements and make your employees feel valued. You can trust our experience and know-how to help with your move.

Experienced Interstate Mover
To date, we have successfully relocated thousands of businesses with our professional moving services. Regardless of where your company is moving, we will exceed your expectations and help your business meet its moving goals. We are your go-to source for expert corporate relocation services. Our team has the skills and experience needed to ensure your company’s move goes as smoothly as possible. Contact us today for help with your relocation needs.

Our team takes safety seriously, and we can promise you that we’ll relocate your employees safely every single time. Dedicated to streamlining your move as quickly as possible, and helping you avoid any unneeded moving stressors, our team makes safety a top priority.

Flexible Storage
At Colonial we understand that during the moving process you may require additional moving services such as packing & storage. Offering a vast amount of storage options for your belongings, we provide spacious climate controlled storage units customized to fit your moving needs.

Colonial Cubes
With our modular system, Colonial can provide professional packing services and then loads everything onto our trucks or you can pack your household goods yourself and let Colonial take care of the loading and transportation. You can choose to store your cubes in one of our secure storage facilities or keep your Colonial Cubes at your house so you can take your time to load or unload. You lock the cubes with your own padlock for security.

Corporate Relocation Insurance
Moving shouldn’t be nerve-wracking. That’s why we offer complete insurance packages to ensure your employees are covered during their big transition. Designed to provide peace of mind and comfort, our insurance packages cover household goods and items in the event of damage. Contact us today to learn more about these and our other moving resources.

Relocation Packing Options
If your employees are moving to follow your company, we can offer packing services to help them, and their families get on the road. Regardless of whether your employee lives in a small apartment or a large home, we’re here to make moving out of it as simple as possible. Our expert movers are skilled and experienced in all facets of packing, and will make quick work of that aspect of the moving process.

Furnishings Protection
Your employee’s furniture is a large part of what makes their home feel warm and welcoming, especially after uprooting their lives to join your company. We take the proper measures to ensure that all furniture is properly wrapped with blankets to protect it during transit. Trust us with your employee’s furniture – we won’t let you down!

Are you ready to get started? Let one of the best corporate relocation companies handle your employee’s move the right way today! Give us a call to receive a free quote for your corporate relocation. We look forward to providing the trusted moving services you can depend on.

The Adventure Begins

We understand that with every move comes a new adventure in your life. From start to finish, our corporate relocation professionals are here to help you with the moving process and meet you with friendliness, professionalism, and competitive prices. But don’t just take our word for it, see what our customers have to say about us as a long-distance mover.