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At Colonial Van Lines we love to provide you with the moving resources you need to make your move a smooth one. From tips on how to pack your most important belongings, to easy ideas to make your new home feel more like home, we love to be your guide to everything moving. Our MoveHub moving blog is packed with helpful tips, be sure to check them out below. We have

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April 2018

Moving Hacks: 9 Smart and Savvy Hacks

If you’ve ever wondered and asked yourself why is moving so hard? You’re not alone. Between the packing, the transport, and the re-arrangement at your new home, there’s a lot to think about. But what if we told you that a few cheap moving hacks could make all the difference? Hack 1: Utilize Garbage [...]

Moving: 6 Reasons Why It’s So Hard

Moving your entire life to a new area is a challenge, even if all your ducks are in a row. It could be the greatest opportunity in the world: the best-paying job, enrollment at a first-rate institution or closing on your forever home. Yet, when you are uprooting from your current situation, no one is immune to the difficulties [...]

Moving Tips: Packing Books in 7 Simple Steps

Packing books is one of the toughest aspects of moving. Sure, you love your paperbacks and hardcovers, but they’re heavy, and they take up a great deal of space. When it comes time to transport them from one spot to another, you’ll quickly find that they’re more than you can handle on your own. A medium sized box of [...]

Last Minute Moving: How to Prepare in a Pinch

Last minute moving is far from ideal, but sometimes it’s inevitable. Perhaps you are relocating for work or another great opportunity. You could be facing personal troubles or have finally found your dream home. Regardless of the circumstances, last minute moving is often unavoidable. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be massively stressful. If you’re facing a last minute move, here’s [...]

Moving Advice That Makes Moving Simple

Everyone moves at some point in their life, chances are you have moved or will be moving sometime in the future. W have some of the best moving advice for you as you begin planning your long distance move across the country. We have plenty of experience with moves of all kinds whether you are moving from a house, [...]

Donate: 10 Reasons Moving is the Perfect Time

What’s on your moving checklist? Declutter, pack, organize, and donate? If the last one hasn’t earned a spot in your must-dos yet, it’s time to put it there. While moving can be overwhelming, lots of people overlook it as the perfect opportunity to donate items to charitable causes. After all, you’re scouring your closets, drawers, and storage areas, [...]

Your Guide to the Perfect Mother’s Day Brunch

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. It’s time to start thinking about you'll do for that special woman in your life. While there are dozens of ways to celebrate, brunch is one of the most traditional. Ideal for family members of all ages, brunch is a fun (and tasty) way to bring everyone together and celebrate those wonderful [...]

Mother’s Day: 8 Affordable Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is coming upon us shortly, but affordable Mother’s Day gifts aren’t always easy to come by. We all know that no amount of money could ever tell that special woman in your life how much she means to you, but still, we can show appreciation in many other ways.  If you find yourself a little strapped [...]

Spring Allergies: Arm Yourself Against Allergies

Spring is here, and spring allergies are taking their toll on you and your loved ones. These nasty inconveniences tend to attack your system in a life-disrupting way: Sneezing & runny nose Coughing and wheezing Inflamed and Watering eyes Nasal congestion and pressure Headaches You may think there's nothing you can do. Luckily, that’s not entirely true. Whether it’s [...]

Moving? Tips to Have a Yard Sale Like a Boss

As spring evolves, many homeowners start to think about having a yard sale to get rid of unwanted goods and unneeded items. If you’re an old yard sale pro, this might not seem like any great feat to you. However, if you’re new to the process, it can feel a little overwhelming and foreign. Luckily, it doesn’t need to. [...]

Spring Décor: A Fresh New Look This Season

Are you looking for a few fresh ways to update your spring décor? Have you been itching to switch things up around the house as the snow melts off and the world gets green and warm again? Lots of homeowners are turning their attention to making their indoor and outdoor spaces as beautiful and welcoming with the new season. [...]

Fashion Trends: What to Wear This Spring

Winter is gone, and thank goodness we can now see what’s in store for spring fashion in 2018. Ideas on what to wear now that the spring season is in full swing are sprouting up just as fast (and as beautifully) as spring flowers. We’ve collected all the tips and tricks you need to look fabulous during this [...]

Fitness Goals: Maintaining Your Resolutions

Each year, thousands of people make resolutions about fitness and health. They want to lose weight, hit the gym more frequently, get some muscles, or improve their stamina. These fitness goals are incredibly popular - about 21.4% of people make resolutions to lose weight or improve their eating habits each year, while about 5.5% set goals to work out [...]

March 2018

Spring Cleaning: Big Project, Bigger Reward

Spring cleaning: it’s one of the most dreaded processes homeowners face. In addition to the obvious tasks of ripping your house apart and cleaning every surface, the process also includes some sneakier duties, like getting rid of clutter and re-assembling the house once you’ve pulled everything apart. Luckily, spring cleaning doesn’t have to be as painful as you’re probably [...]

Home Bar: Cocktails at Your Place

Your home is your haven, so why not take it to the next level with a DIY home bar? You might have a something to celebrate like finishing your spring cleaning or relocating to a new city. Perhaps it’s just been a long, stressful day. A DIY home bar is a great way to liven up your space, and it [...]

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