Living Alone in a Big City Apartment

Preparing to live alone in a big city for the first time can induce a whirlwind of emotions. You’re probably feeling excited to have your own space, but you’re likely also experiencing some anxiety (or maybe even a lot of anxiety). Don’t worry; this is to be expected. Whether you’re moving out of your parents’
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Best Home Storage Solutions for Your New Home

Did you recently move into a new home? Finding a place to store all your items and belongings can be quite tough. You need as much storage space as possible in your kitchen, living, bedrooms, and garage. This will enable you to store all your items such as kitchen utensils, pots and pans, plates, clothes,
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Moving in with Roommates

Rent and mortgages are becoming more expensive. Depending on where you live, living alone will become less feasible. You may also decide to live in a specific area due to the proximity to your job. In a situation like this, moving in with roommates will help save cost. You can reduce some of your expenses
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Moving out on your own, now is the time

No matter how good you think you have it living at home, you can’t really be the king of your castle until you’re the only king of the castle. Listen, you can only count on sleeping late, not having to worry about paying the rent, and finding some leftover Chinese food in the fridge for
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10 Questions to Ask Before Entering a Short-Term Lease

There are many different moving scenarios that may cause you to consider the option of a short term lease. As moving experts in the industry, we’ve seen people move as frequently as every six weeks. Of course, it helps to have the assistance of a trustworthy packing and moving company. A short-term lease refers to
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The Essential Guide to Apartment Living

Colonial Van Lines has been moving individuals and families into apartments for over fifty years. If you’re moving into an apartment, let us be the first to welcome you to apartment living. Currently, about 8% of the U.S. population lives in apartments.  Living in an apartment provides many benefits for the right person or family,
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