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4 Tips for Showing Your Home to Buyers

Many of the tips for showing your home online hold one important piece of the puzzle above all else, especially in the early stages of selling a home—staging. Good staging is the best way to sell a home fast, and to the right buyer at the right price. What is home staging? It’s the art
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The Six Places that Get Overlooked When Cleaning a New Home

You’ve finally done it! After months of tedious planning, packing and repacking, you’re at your new place. It’s natural to have the urge to start unboxing your belongings so that you can get settled in ASAP. But before you can start arranging furniture, you need to give your new home a good deep clean. Even
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DIY Carpet/Floor Cleaning Methods to Try Before You Move Out

Your flooring does not hide a multitude of sins. Quite oppositely, it brazenly displays them. The pet stains, the spilled wine, the muddy footprints, they’re all right there in the oddly colored blotches that now contribute to the décor of your house. Although you may have gotten used to them when you’re ready to move
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Deep Cleaning Your Home Before You Move

If you’re preparing to sell your home, you’ve likely been looking at houses elsewhere, so you know just how important it is to have your home looking its best for potential buyers. Deep cleaning a house pre-move is different than tidying up for guests. Shoving your odds and ends into closets, drawers and garages won’t
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Spring Cleaning the Garage

Maybe you’ve been putting cleaning your garage off for months, or even years. News Flash: Spring is the best time to tackle this project. A garage is an easy spot to toss things that seem like they have nowhere else to go or things that you’ll definitely “deal with later.” People tend to fling boxes
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Staging Your Home to Get it Sold

Home may be where the heart is, but when you’re selling your home, buyers are a lot more interested in the home than the heart. In other words, if your home’s on the market, you want to depersonalize as much as possible. Staging your home could cost you nothing – taking your family’s pictures off
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Moving Day Tools: Keep These Handy on Moving Day

After weeks of preparing and packing, the moving day is finally here. Once you start loading things onto the moving truck, it can be quite frustrating to realize that some key moving day tools are missing. To make your move easier, we have put together a list of important tools to keep handy on the
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