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Green Moving Boxes and Other Ways to Go Green on Moving Day

Lots of things we do aren’t wildly environmentally conscientious, including moving. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways you can make your next cross-country or neighborhood-over move a little more green. Take a look at our list of 10 tips for green moving to get an idea of where to start.  Do a Purge We
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How to Install Security Cameras at Home

Home security camera systems are an excellent and easy-to-install DIY option to ensure that your home and loved ones are protected. Read on to discover the best home security camera options and tips for installing a DIY security camera. Security cameras often work as a deterrent when installed in a visible location, criminals typically don’t
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How to Keep Your Things Safe While You Move

Do you enjoy moving to a new home? A lot of people don’t like the process. They put it off, complain throughout the move, or hire professional movers.  What can make moving even worse is if any of your valuables get stolen or broken. Let’s at least avoid that problem, and moving can be a
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Staying Cool during a Summer Move

Essential Tips to Help You Stay Cool When Moving in Summer The summer season remains the most popular moving period across the nation. During summer, the kids are out of school, employees can utilize vacation days, and the real estate industry is at its peak. However, there is a downside to moving in summer –
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Protecting Your new Home: Best security product and services

New homeowners and experienced homeowners are under a similar threat. Gone in a minute. All the electronics, jewelry and cash that have taken you years to save for are gone in the blink of an eye. That’s what can happen if the wrong person walks into your house. It’s easier than you think. If you
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Avoiding Moving Day Injuries

Moving day is an exciting one: the anticipation of a new home, the long list of to-dos, and the creativity that comes with decorating a new space: it’s a very big time! As it turns out, though, without the help of professional packers and movers, moving day can also be a dangerous one! While moving
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How To Hide Your Valuables In Your Home | 10 Tips

When you are a new homeowner, you’ll do anything to protect your home and valuables. Do you have some items at home that you hold close to you heart? You know—those items you would not want anyone to mess with. We know that feeling of concern about such items. Don’t take chances with them. There
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9 Essential Tips to Protect Yourself Against Holiday Hackers

Holiday hackers often seize the holiday shopping period to perpetrate evil acts like hacking and credit card fraud scams. If you are shopping with your credit card, you can become a victim of these opportunistic thieves. These Holiday Hackers will be in full effect to take advantage of you either through a credit card fraud,
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