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How To Hide Your Valuables In Your Home | 10 Tips

How To Hide Your Valuables In Your Home | 10 Tips
October 26, 2018

When you are a new homeowner, you’ll do anything to protect your home and valuables. Do you have some items at home that you hold close to you heart? You know—those items you would not want anyone to mess with. We know that feeling of concern about such items. Don’t take chances with them. There are many creative ways to hide valuables effectively; in the privacy of your home and sometimes in plain view.

There are many reasons to hide your valuables from other people. Who knows? It could be out of fear of burglary, increased government intrusion or spooky family members. It is important to note that the master bedroom is the most typical place a burglar will come looking for valuables. Therefore, it is a good idea to consider other areas of your home to hide your items including the kitchen, laundry rooms, bathrooms and the hall area.

If a burglar were to come checking, the most probable places they’d check first are:

  • Cabinets
  • Freezers
  • Under mattresses
  • Dresser drawers
  • Bedroom closets
  • Inside toilet tanks

Not everyone owns a safe deposit box or a fire proof safe. So if you have to hide your items at home you have to come up with some really creative ways to hide your valuables in places no one would imagine. Here are some clever hacks for hiding valuables from prying eyes:

  1. Hide Keys Under A Rock
    Who would imagine that you can hide your keys under a rock in your yard? No one. Unless they see you, so you have to be careful as you hide it. Forget the most obvious places such as under the welcome mat or under the planter. You can do this in a thousand and one ways. For instance; you’d put the key in a medicine bottle, bury the bottle and mark where you buried it with an attached rock pebble. Nobody would ever imagine there’s a key under the piece of rock.

    2. Hide Valuables In The Kitchen Pantry
    This may sound weird but it works. Hiding your valuables in a pot or in empty detergent bottles—it outsmarts any burglar. When they come looking, they would want to be fast. These are not the obvious places anyone would first go for. Here are some ways of disguising items in the kitchen/pantry.

    Place small valuables like jewelry or cash at the bottom of your box of dishwashing detergent pods, then simply cover them up with pods.

    Use an oatmeal canister for larger items. Just seal your valuables in a plastic bag first then place in back of pantry shelf. Add oats back in in you want.

    Install a secret door in the toe-kick base of your kitchen cabinets.

    3. In A Floor Safe
    Earlier on, we mentioned that the bedroom is not the ideal place to hide your valuables. However, much as this may be an obvious place to check for high value items, it would take quite some time, noise and effort to break the items out if they are kept in a floor safe. Floor safes are generally made of high class concrete and therefore very difficult to break open. A floor safe is worth considering. This is ideal for hiding money, or guns—we bet you’ve seen it in movies.

    4. In The Air Vents
    Look for an appropriate faux air vent storage unit. They often seem like real air vents but are just storage places. Install one in the hallway and another in the bathroom. Those would be unlikely places a burglar would consider looking for items.

    5. Behind Wall Art
    Wall art make great décor and consequently great decoys to hide away your valuables. Simply cover an old medicine cabinet with a hinged canvas piece. Stash your valuables inside the cabinet and hang the wall art covering on the wall as a beautiful piece of art.

    6. In A Hidden Liquor Cabinet
    This is just so creative. Hidden liquors are carefully designed to make you think that the cabinet houses something, say, files while beyond the files are your bottles of liquor. The files don’t even have to be real; it could a bunch of trimmed files with hinges or hollow files to create room for the hidden liquor. Definitely a clever way to hide your valuables.

    7. In Loose Bricks Around A Fireplace
    This is a great idea as thieves might just glance at a fire place and not realize there is anything of value hidden in the wall. They’ll probably be in a hurry so the chances of noticing cracks on the wall are slim. Look for a loose brick around the fire place and carefully remove it. Wrap your valuables and then place the inside the place you have removed the brick from. You’d reduce the depth of the brick to create space in the wall. Gently put the brick back to cover the items.

    8. A Diversion Safe
    One way to hide your valuables in plain sight is to look for a diversion safe. They can look innocent but are awesome places to conceal your items. Diversion safes could even be a head of lettuce, book, and regular can of soda or candle. You could keep the can of soda and the head of lettuce in the fridge and they would pass for the real thing. (This won’t work for mooching roommates, unless they hate soda and lettuce.) As these appear like normal everyday items, it is unlikely that burglars would take time to look into each one of them.

    9. In An Old Vacuum Cleaner
    Old vacuum cleaners are good for hiding valuables. If you are wondering where to get one, go to a yard sale or the flea market. You are likely to get an outdated vacuum cleaner that could be converted to a storage device. Any burglar will certainly overlook these.

    10. In A Spare-Tire
    When most people look at spare tires, they see little more than hollow spaces. Simply deflate your spare tire. Place your valuables inside then pump the air back. Your valuables will hang in there.


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