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Moving in Winter: How to Prepare

Moving in Winter: How to Prepare
November 20, 2018

Moving in winter may not seem ideal but there are some benefits, and if your move falls during the winter season, we’re here to show you how to make the most of it. During the chilly winter months, it is cheaper and easier to hire professional movers or rent a moving truck. However, the hazardous and unfavorable weather conditions can make moving in winter overwhelming.

Furthermore, the icy roads and the required home maintenance makes winter moving more demanding. Nonetheless, this shouldn’t prevent you from moving to your new home or office. In case you are considering moving in winter, this article is for you. Here, we will be providing you with useful tips to help you prepare for your winter moves.

Stock Up On Winter Supplies

The unfavorable weather condition makes moving in winter a hassle on its own. For this reason, individuals and businesses who plan to move are advised to stock up on winter supplies. These include sand, salt, shovels, rake, and so forth. These moving supplies will come in handy if it suddenly starts to snow or your DIY moving truck becomes stuck.

Get Your Homes Ready

When you are moving in the winter, your first priority in setting up your new place is scheduling utilities long in advance. Make sure that all utilities, especially heat and light, have been set-up and are functioning optimally. Clear the snow from the sidewalk and walkway leading to your new place. You can salt or sand the area if required. Also, check that the parking area is clear of snow or ice. This will help make the parking space available for the moving truck.

Pro-Tip: Just like in a fall moving scenario, you can take some steps to protect your flooring in your entry ways. Simply lay down painter’s plastic and secure with tape to create a barrier against muddy snow…etc.

Just as you get your new place ready, it is also important to prepare your old home for moving out. Ensure that the walkways, sidewalks, and driveways are free of ice or snow too.

Have Hot Drinks Available

With lots of moving and packing to do, an excellent way to stay warm is by taking hot drinks. Whether you are hiring professional movers or moving on your own, ensure that you have hot drinks available. Everyone helping with the move will welcome a cup of hot tea, coffee, espresso, or chocolate. Extra hats, mittens, and socks are also excellent ideas.

Prepare Healthy Snacks for Family Members

Depending on the size of your home, furniture, and items you want to move, moving and packing can take between 4 to 9 hours. Your family members will also be helping out to make the process faster. You will definitely need something to keep them energized. Healthy snacks or prepared meals are the perfect options.

However, it is possible that your refrigerator is empty during the move. Hence, you need to think ahead and make a list of foods not to pack. For instance, you can leave fruits such as pears and apples on the counter. You can also prepare tuna sandwiches or toast, and keep them in a small container. Another alternative is to order pizza from a local pizza shop. With this, everyone will remain full and satisfied.

Relocating in the Winter

Often times, we get engrossed in moving and packing on the moving day. We end up forgetting that the weather condition can change suddenly. Hence, it is important to keep an eye on the weather. Before the moving day, monitor the weather closely. Check at intervals until the moving company arrives. Keep your radio on throughout the move. With this, you can receive the latest weather updates and act on any changes as required.

Plan Your Travel Route Carefully
Furthermore, it is essential that you plan your travel route, especially during long distance moving in winter. Due to the snow or ice, a lot of roads may be unsafe to travel. Contact the local authorities to find out if the highways and road networks are open and safe to travel on. You can check the website of your state or province for regular updates about the condition of the highway. With the right information, you will be able to plan to travel route carefully and avoid getting stuck.

Inspect and Service Your Vehicle

If you are moving in winter on your own, try as much as possible to inspect or service your vehicle before the move. Winterize the car. Top up all necessary fluids. Check to see that the tires and breaks are in excellent condition. With this, you can be sure that your vehicle is ready for the huge task ahead.

Prepare an Emergency Kit before the Move

What’s more, the harsh condition of the road during winter means you should always be prepared for any emergency.

A winter emergency kit includes:

  • first aid kit
  • chains
  • snow shovel
  • maps
  • bottled water
  • flashlight
  • a spare tire
  • extra windshield fluid
  • a gas can
  • and an emergency blanket

These emergency kits can be a lifesaver during your winter moving. Though it can be scary to think about, icy roads increase your risk of a roll over. In the event that you cannot get out of your car or truck during a crash, there are some smart tools on the market like The Extractor that can break you out in an emergency.

Have a Backup Plan

Likewise, a winter storm can threaten your move. Hence, ensure that you have a backup plan. For safety reasons, it may be advisable to reschedule your move. Speak with the landlord or real estate agent of your current space to determine if you can stay for some extra days. Discuss with your moving company if they can postpone the move. If not, you may need to get an apartment or storage space for short accommodation.

Have an Emergency Contact List

Ensure that you have all the required emergency phone numbers with you. These include contacts of the highway patrol, roadside assistance, and so forth. In addition, ensure that someone that is not moving with you has a copy of your travel plans. Call the person from time to time to inform him/her of your whereabouts.

Pro-tip: There are many family tracking apps that will allow someone you choose to have your exact GPS location through your smart phone. This may be a good idea in case cell towers are out and you are in a dire emergency.

Hire a Professional Moving Company

Save yourself the stress and hassle that comes with moving in winter. Hire a professional moving company. The company will be in charge of the entire moving process. These include packing, boxing, loading, unloading, unpacking, and unboxing. The moving company will also provide the moving truck and moving supplies.

There you have it! The above are a couple of useful tips to prepare for moving in the winter period. The unfavorable weather condition makes both short and long distance moving in winter quite challenging. However, if you can plan ahead diligently, you can deal with the minor details. With this, you can have an enjoyable moving experience, irrespective of the weather.

Contact us today at Colonial Van Lines to help with your winter moves. Our services are affordable, well-detailed, and highly professional. We can tailor our services to your budget and moving needs. We will provide adequate protection and security for your items and belongings. With us, you are sure to get a comfortable and enjoyable move in winter.