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Top 5 Important Things to Consider when Moving to an Apartment

Top 5 Important Things to Consider when Moving to an Apartment
August 9, 2017

Are you moving to an apartment from a home? If so, you’re facing a period of adjustment! While apartments offer lots of benefits in terms of efficiency and cost-savings, learning to live in one can take some time. Whether your move took you across the country or across the state, these five moving tips can help you enjoy a smooth and streamlined experience. Here are a few tips to help make your move to an apartment simple.

Tip 1: Consider the Price of Moving
In most cases, moving to an apartment is less expensive than living in a larger home or condo. This isn’t always true, though, especially in areas where apartments are luxurious or in incredibly high-demand, such as New York and The Bay Area. As such, it’s important to consider the price of your unit before you move into it.

Be sure to keep your eye out for additional fees like maintenance of grounds keeping fees.

Tip 2: Look for Surrounding Activities
One of the big benefits of apartment living is that apartments typically offer proximity to the exciting attractions and amenities in a city.

To ensure your apartment is a place you want to be for years to come, do some research about the amenities surrounding your new apartment building. For example, are there coffee shops within walking distance? Maybe it’s important to you to be within a few blocks of a great school system or close to area shopping and dining.

No matter what your priorities are, be sure that the activities that matter to you are close to your new apartment. Not only will this make your new apartment a pleasant place to live, but it may also boost the resale value of the apartment.v

Tip 3: Make Sure It’s Pet-Friendly
If you have pets, make sure the apartments you’re looking at are pet-friendly. Even if they are, take your research a step further by evaluating how easy it will be for your pets to live in the area. For example, a ground-level apartment will make it easier to let pets out to go to the bathroom than an apartment on the 14th floor.

Simple things like grassy areas, elevators rather than multiple flights of stairs, and carpets over slippery floors can also make a space more pet-friendly.

Once you find a pet-friendly unit, be sure to enquire about costs associated with owning pets. If there is a pet deposit, you should know how much it is each month and whether it’s refundable or not. Some places charge pet rent, as well, which is an expense to factor in.

Tip 4: Think About the Neighbors
One of the biggest considerations when moving into an apartment building is to ensure the neighbors are people you want to be around. Nobody wants to spend a few years sharing a wall with noisy neighbors or disrespectful people.

With this in mind, vet the apartment by asking other tenants about their experience of living in the building. They’ll be able to give you a good idea of how quiet (or not) the neighbors are, and what you can expect from living in the building.

You may also want to ask the building manager about who lives in the building, and what you can expect from your tenancy there. Remember: due diligence up-front will save you a hassle down the road.

Tip 5: Consider the Potential for Growth
If you’re in a phase of your life where your use of the apartment will change over time, consider that up front. For example, if you’re planning to start a family in the coming years, be sure the apartment has room for children. If you’re transitioning to working from home or plan to soon, be sure the apartment has space for a home office or quiet space.

Because you have less freedom to renovate an apartment (Even if you purchase the space), it’s critical to ensure that the general footprint of the space will suit your long-term needs and that you won’t have to move in a few years because you’ve outgrown the apartment.

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