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Top 4 Things to Consider When Moving Long Distance this Summer

Top 4 Things to Consider When Moving Long Distance this Summer
August 15, 2017

If you’re moving to another state this summer, now is a smart time to start preparing for the transition. While moving can be a big, stressful process, it’s much easier for people who have taken the time to consider the ins and outs of it, and are considering the full scope of the experience. Here are the top 4 things to consider as you prepare for your big move this summer:

Tip 1. Research Your New Living Area Before Moving Long Distance
Moving to another state can make you feel surprisingly foreign. While you know all the ins and outs of your old neighborhood, the new area has bars, restaurants, attractions, and spaces you’re not familiar with. Simple things, like heading down the street for a cup of coffee, can become much less relaxing and much more stressful than they need to be.

Luckily, it’s easy to combat this by researching your new living area.

Before you make the move, find out where in-demand amenities, such as grocery stores, parks, gyms, and coffee shops, are in relation to your home. You may also want to look up specific services or amenities designed to cater to kids if you have them.

Being familiar with these simple comforts before you move to your new area can go a long way toward helping you feel more relaxed and at-home in your new space.

Tip 2. Book Your Move Early
If you want to save money (And who doesn’t?) one of the best things you can do is book your move as early as possible. Moving companies get very busy during peak moving season and can give you the best rates and services if you hire them early. If you have a long distance moving company you want to work with, book the company’s services as soon as you have the big details (when, where, etc.) of your move hashed out.

If you haven’t found a long distance moving company yet, now is the time to shop around and ask for recommendations from friends and family. The sooner you find a business to partner with, the easier it will be to get a great deal and start checking things off your to-do list.

Tip 3. Consider Delivery Scheduling
One of the biggest benefits of working with a moving company is the helpful services businesses like Colonial Van Lines can furnish. For example, perhaps you’re planning on moving with just a few light bags and having the rest of your home shipped to you, after the fact. In this case, you’ll want to take some time to think about in-season delivery scheduling.

While most moving companies offer delivery scheduling, it’s critical to ensure you can get your items delivered within your desired delivery window. If you have questions about how this works, or how it will function for you, don’t hesitate to ask the moving professionals for some additional insight.

Tip 4. Think About the Weather
There are so many things to hammer out when you move that it’s understandable some people forget about the weather. As it turns out, though, the weather is a major consideration that can easily have a huge impact on the success of your moving experience. With this in mind, make time to think about the weather before you book your move.

Generally, the summer and late spring are the best seasons to move, as the weather is virtually guaranteed (in most parts of the country) to be dry and warm. Not only does this make the act of moving more enjoyable, but it also decreases the likelihood of damaging your household items.

If you can’t schedule your move during a month where you’re certain you’ll have good weather, talk to your moving company about how to prepare and protect your items from inclimate conditions.

Colonial Van Lines: Your Source for Hot Summer Rates

Long distance moving can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. When you partner with Colonial Van Lines, you’ll enjoy all the benefits of working with a skilled and experienced moving company, without the shock-inducing price tag.

Here at Colonial, we’ve been in the long distance moving industry for more than 50 years. We’ve also go more than 200 agents around the country, ready and waiting to help you! Whether you’re moving across a few state lines or to the other side of the U.S., our team is the one you need for all your moving services – from storage to packing and beyond.

To learn more about how we can help streamline your move or to take advantage of the hot summer deals happening now, give our team a call today.

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