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Function Meets Fun: Creative Box Labeling Ideas for a Move

Function Meets Fun: Creative Box Labeling Ideas for a Move
September 12, 2017

Who says packing has to be boring? The more creative you become, the more fun you can have when labeling your boxes. Here are some creative box labeling ideas to have fun while making labels to keep you organized during your move.

Creative Box Labeling Ideas for a Move

Numerical Label System

Try using a numerical or letter system is an excellent way to keep track of all your boxes. All you have to do is organize your boxes the way you feel most comfortable. Some people prefer to organize their boxes by room while others prefer to organize their belongings by type. For example, you may want to put all the boxes for your living room together or you may want to put all your clothes together. Whichever way you feel is best for your family is the way you should organize them.

Once you have organized your belongings, you will want to number or alphabetize them. You start with 1 or A, and you continue until you are finished with each section. This is also a great option if you do not have the best handwriting. You can minimize the amount of writing on each box. You will still want to write “Fragile” and which side needs to remain up. On a separate sheet of paper, you can keep track of what number corresponds to each box. This is also an optimal way to make sure all of your boxes have arrived. You can quickly scan and see if any letters or numbers are missing.

Color or Symbol Code

This is a similar idea to the number or letter system, but instead, you can use colors or symbols. This is a way to add some color or decoration to your box. You can really use your imagination when it comes to symbols. If you have someone with bad handwriting, it can be helpful to use symbols instead. For instance, you can draw a picture of your pet to let yourself know your pet’s items are in that box.

Color coding is another superb way to keep each room organized. Your living room can be blue, while the bathroom can be red. This will be helpful when you begin unpacking your belongings.

For Kids

Sometimes, the most fun you can have is knowing your children are enjoying themselves. In order to get your children involved, you can have them show their creative flair through their boxes. You can give them the boxes to each of their rooms and have them creatively decorate them. This serves two purposes: One purpose is that they will feel involved and will be entertained. Second, they will able to spot their boxes quickly when you arrive at your new home.

There are many ways to label your belongings. But the main point is to find a way to enjoy the mundane task of packing, by using imagination and organization skills. You can always combine these box labeling ideas to make the process easy and fun. You can color code your items by room, and then number them to keep track.

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