Age-Appropriate Moving Tasks For Kids

Moving is a chore. Chances are, your kids don’t like the idea of moving and they don’t like the idea of doing chores. Common wisdom would tell us that putting the two together would be cruel and usual punishment, but actually, the opposite is true. When kids are dealing with the stress of a move, assigning them moving tasks can be the best way to help make the upcoming relocation easier for them. Appointing your kids certain duties can help them to feel less helpless during the stressful transitional period and more like valuable parts of the team.

Moving Tasks for Kids

Not only will they feel like valuable parts of the team, but they actually will be. When it comes to moving, kids can be outstanding parts of the team. Even if they are half your size, they can sort, pack, clean and even label boxes. And while you’ll have to leave the grunt work to the adults, there are several age -appropriate tasks that can make things easier on the whole family. Here are a few suggestions from the team at Colonial Van Lines.

The Moving Tasks Timeline

We probably don’t have to tell you about how important proper timing is to the moving process. If you’re planning a move, chances are you have your timeline already set up impeccably. However, we realize that as you move down that list, there may be some tasks that your children can help you with that may not be so easy to spot. So, we’re going to help you out by highlighting some of them. Here are some chores your kids can complete as you move through your timeline.

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Four Weeks Before the Move: Sort Out Their Belongings

In the “Sort out Your Belongings Game,” the object is to declutter your old home, and the rule is to transport only the things you absolutely love and will use in your new home. Decluttering your house before a move can save you time and money; why not make a game out of it?

Ask your kids to go through their things and sort them into two piles. The first should have the things that they like and want to take with them, the second should have the things they’re not so crazy about and don’t plan to use any time soon. They may be unsure about what to keep and what not to keep, so make sure to be there for the final decision-making process.

If you’re donating, consider having a word with your kids about the concept. The idea of giving the less fortunate may add a little heroism to their sacrifices.

Pack Their Things

Provided your children are old enough for the job, have them pack their things after they sort them. It may be a good idea to give a little demo to show them how it’s done. Get a few boxes together, pack one with books, another with toys, and yet another with larger games and Lego sets. Show them how to wrap delicate belongings in packing paper and arrange them carefully in boxes. After you’ve shown them how to label the boxes properly, they should be able to take over from there.

Clean Their Rooms

It’s may be a dirty job, but someone has to do it, why not your kids? Well, maybe not all of it – but cleaning the house is a necessary evil, especially if your planning on seeing your security deposit again or making your home presentable for an upcoming sale.

After your kids have their things sorted and packed, assign them tasks that are appropriate for their age. The older they are, the more complex tasks they can do. Give them moving tasks such as dusting, wiping furniture, mopping the floor, and vacuuming. Avoid asking them to do moving tasks that involve harsh chemicals; leave those to an adult.

One Week Before the Move: Pack the Essentials Box

Basically, an essentials box is a survival kit full of essential items the family members will need in the last weeks before the move and right after the relocation when the usual household items won’t be available. Every family member needs one, the littlest ones included.

About one week before the move, ask your kids to pack their toothbrushes and toothpaste, pajamas, an extra set of clothes and a few favorite toys or books. It is recommended that a parent supervises this process, as your child’s idea of what’s essential may not be the same as yours. Make sure to pack vitamins, medication, and to bring along a first aid kit.

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Label and Decorate the Moving Boxes

Writing on the walls with markers and crayons is the last thing you want your kids to do before a move. Decorating and labeling cardboard boxes, on the other hand, can be a creative and advantageous alternative.

Have your kids channel their inner interior decorating skills constructively, by letting them help you label the moving boxes before the move. Throw in some stickers, decorative tape so they can put a little imagination into it. Ultimately, the more occupied with labeling your children become, the fewer distractions you’ll have and the more you’ll be able to accomplish.

Colonial Movers and Moving Tasks

As you move down your timeline, you will find some moving tasks that your kids can’t help you with. One of those is finding a reliable mover. Looking for an experienced, dependable moving company is serious business. It takes research and a lot of shopping around.

Luckily, finding a reliable mover is one moving task Colonial Van Lines can help you with. With over 50 years of experience, we have the know-how and skills to get your belongings to your new location as conveniently as possible. We’ll handle all aspects of your moving process, from packing to transportation to storage and our licensed professionals will walk you through the process from beginning to end.

On top of our unparalleled moving team, you’ll get a customized moving plan based on your moving requirements and your budget to maximize time, effort and money. To learn more about us, and see how trustworthy we are, request a free rate quote today. We can give you a line by line breakdown of your expenses, so you know where your payments are going. Plus, we never make you sign a contract until you’ve had time to think it over carefully.

One moving task accomplished and, hopefully, a few less stressful ones ahead. When Colonial is by your side, we’ll get you through it from start to finish. Request our free rate quote to find out more.

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