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When you hire Colonial as your long-distance moving company, rest assured that our moving team has the skills, training and experience you need for a stress-free move. After all, these are your personal, sentimental and important home items. You don’t want to trust just anyone with those! That’s where Colonial comes in. Our nationwide moving company services are designed to provide the best possible move experience for you and your family. We place a lot of value on our overall moving company service offerings that include packing, storage, commercial, corporate relocation, and interstate. We strive each day to be better than yesterday and always employ professional movers committed to providing top notch service and professionalism.

Long-Distance Moving Services

We specialize in long-distance moving. It’s not the same as loading some boxes in a van and going a couple of towns over. There are a lot of aspects to consider and that begins with being licensed to operate large moving company trucks on interstate highways and across state lines. From smart packing, secure loading, to making sure everything is unloaded safely at home or our storage facility, Colonial is here to take care of it all. With Colonial as your moving company, you can focus on your exciting new journey ahead and leave the long-distance household moving to us.

We’ll take care of all the details for you and store them right on your smartphone with the Colonial moving APP . In fact, most customers download our mover APP for iOS or Google play to get their long-distance move estimate. So, if you’re looking for a hassle-free move, choose Colonial as your full-service long-distance mover.

Moving Packing Services

Professional moving begins with expert experience. And, even if you are packing yourself, you need expert advice. More than just packing up boxes, Colonial packing services offer a variety of packing options including: minimal | partial | full-service | single item | advanced choices to help you get your home packed right for a move that extends 2500 miles. We know from decades of experience that each properly packed / labeled box is the start of each successful move.

Our pro packers are trained to follow the same packing process that we know keeps home items safe during a long truck trip. Do-it-yourself (DIY) packers need to work closely with our packing guidance to avoid costly damage to their home items that not insured for damage as a result of poor packing. Which is why many long-distance movers opt for Colonial’s packing services.

Moving Storage Services

No matter where you are headed next, we have multiple options that include securely storing your household possessions when move-out and move-in dates are not aligned. Our storage options include a few days, a month, or up to a year. Storage in-transit is popular with corporate relocation moves that happen suddenly. We also offer our Colonial Cubes modular system in most major metro areas for flexibility. For everything else, we’ll put together a short or long-term storage plan that is cost-effective for your situation.

All of our storage units for home furnishings are climate-controlled storage in a variety of sizes, depending on the items to be stored Not sure about your moving storage needs? Call us today at (800) 356-1855 so we can help. You can also take photos and post them into our smartphone moving APP to speed up the process.

Corporate Relocation Moving

The truth is that we are one of a small number moving companies that stick to interstate moving services. We’ve become one of the most trusted corporate movers in the industry. Whether you’re going to Seattle from New York or LA to Dallas, we service some of the most challenging corporate relocation moves with precision. At the same time, we typically personalize packing services that are vital for corporate relocation. We even offer unpacking services for long-distance movers when your time is short.

You can also be assured that are movers are professionally trained for corporate relocation. Moreover, every Colonial mover (we mean everyone) is trained at Colonial Van lines University in our Pompano Beach corporate headquarters. Their paid long-distance training program lasts about four weeks and consists of intensive procedural packing and truck loading. Here, our moving trainees learn how to pack items quickly and precisely. They are required to pass testing-certification before hitting the road for corporate relocation customers. At the same time, our packing expertise will save you the time, effort, and stress from packing everything on your own. When we get to work in assembly line fashion to wrap, securely pack, and carefully load into our moving trucks, it is really something to see if you enjoy process perfection!

Commercial Moving

As a top long-distance mover for nearly 25 years, Colonial is the moving company that features the latest technology for the most efficient service. This investment allows us to streamline processes, minimize cost and provide you with the most effective moving process for your business. With locations nationwide, Colonial’s commercial movers all have the skill and professional equipment to manage all your company moving and storage needs. Our expert commercial movers are on time with due dates and stay in contact with Colonial national dispatch on periodic move checkpoints. Whether you’re moving office furniture or file storage, we have different options to fit your long-distance commercial moving needs.

Commercial Moving Features

Company relocation: Moving your business from San Fran to Austin, TX? Tesla’s not the only company moving there. We got you!
Records Archives: Life before the internet was comprised of paper. You still need and Colonial will take care of them.
Inventory warehousing: Call Colonial when you got overstock inventory at a deep discount price and no where to put it. We saved a space for you.
Emergency Warehousing: Nature’s destructive force can threaten your business quickly. Count on Colonial as your back-up plan to salvage valuable inventory.
Equipment stowage: We’ll help you secure and protect capital equipment when you need it.

Interstate Moving

Colonial Van Lines is your state-to state moving company from New York to Los Angeles (and most states in between). We offer premium long-distance services for residential, corporate relocation, commercial movers. Colonial is licensed by the Department of Transportation (DOT) and regulated primarily by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) for more than two decades. This gives our interstate moving customers valuable peace of mind when moving cross-country from states like California and Illinois to destinations such as North Carolina, Texas, Florida, and Arizona.

Ready to begin your interstate moving process? Then download the FREE Colonial Moving APP and take us for virtual visit around your home and relate the home items to be packed and moved. It only takes minutes to get you an affordable quote.

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