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10 Things New Homeowners Need to Know

When you buy a home, you’re not just making a purchase, you’re taking on a responsibility. New homeowner ranks right up there with new parent when it comes to preparing for the unexpected; there’s a lot more to home owning than just changing light bulbs. While the challenges each new homeowner has to face are
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Little Home Upgrades That Make a Big Difference

Home upgrades can have a dramatic effect on the look and feel of your home, but that doesn’t mean the project has to be a major overhaul. Not only are smaller upgrades more budget friendly, but in addition, most small home upgrades can be done in a weekend. Whether you’re preparing to put your home
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Home Improvement 101: 15 Tools Homeowners Need

Home improvement: it doesn’t have to be a scary concept, as long as you have the right tools. For this reason, it’s a good idea to be properly equipped for the multitude of occasions when these tools are needed. Whether you have plans to do some DIY home upgrades or not, having the right tools
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Tips for Weatherproofing Your Home During Winter

The rustling leaves and crispness in the fall air are a chilly reminder that winter is just around the corner. Does the daunting task of preparing your home for winter scare you and your bank account? It doesn’t have to be that way. Below are some easy tips that won’t break the bank for winter
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How Much Does it Cost to Furnish Your Apartment?

Colonial Van Lines is always on the hunt for helpful content to assist you with all things moving. With over fifty years of experience, we have the insights you are looking for when it comes to settling into your first place. This includes the budgeting and interior design wisdom you need to purchase your first
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