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Moving Day Tools: Keep These Handy on Moving Day

Moving Day Tools: Keep These Handy on Moving Day
June 27, 2019

After weeks of preparing and packing, the moving day is finally here. Once you start loading things onto the moving truck, it can be quite frustrating to realize that some key moving day tools are missing. To make your move easier, we have put together a list of important tools to keep handy on the moving day.


One of the most essential moving day tools is a pair of scissors. There is always a need for a pair of scissors on the moving day. Whether you need to cut boxes, bubble wrap, or packing tape, the scissors is your go-to item. Hence, ensure that your pair of scissors is handy and accessible on the moving day.

Packing Tapes: Washi Tape and Regular Tape

Also, you will need your packing tape on the moving day. Packing tape can be used to repackage moving boxes that are open or loose. You can also use the packing tape to secure a blanket’s corner or furniture parts together. The packing tape can also be used to keep tools, screws, and other necessities taped to the underside of desks or tables.

The washi tape is a pretty paper masking tape. The tape is thin, durable, and made of natural fiber. Washi tapes can stick on surfaces such as wood, metal, or plastic. You can also remove the tape easily without causing any damage to the item. You can use the washi tape to label moving boxes or room doors to indicate where each item will be placed.

Writing Tools: Markers or Sharpies

In addition, you need writing tools such as sharpies or permanent markers on the moving day. Sharpies are the ideal writing tool for any urgent or last-minute labeling. You can use your markers or sharpies to clearly label moving boxes for easy identification. Ensure that all the sides of the moving boxes are well labeled.

Cleaner Supplies

Regardless of whether the previous occupant cleaned your new home or not, it is still important to clean the home. Your cleaning supplies are the ideal item for any last minute cleaning or washing. This can include your all-purpose cleaner, broom, paper towel, sponge, detergent, dustpan, cleaning brush, and so forth. With a good cleaning, you can ensure that everywhere is clean, neat, and tidy before settling in.

Magic Sliders or Rollers

Furthermore, the magic sliders are essential moving day tools that should be available on the day of your move. There are also stair rollers suitable for use on stairs. Using sliders and rollers will save you or the movers a lot of effort. Rather than lifting heavy furniture or household items, you can simply transfer them to the moving truck using the sliders or rollers.

Power Drill

Another moving day tool to keep handy on the day of your move is your power drill and drill kit. With a screwdriver attached to the power drill, the drill driver will rotate counterclockwise. Within a twinkle of an eye, you can remove screws from furniture, bed furniture, chairs, or desks. This way, you can easily dissemble the furniture pieces.

Also, the power drill can be used to make holes in furniture, wood, metal, or plastics, on reaching your destination. You can also use the power drill to drive bolt into concrete or create pilot holes before inserting screws. This way, you easily insert the screw and minimize wood splits.


Hammers also come in handy on the day of the move. You can use the flat side of the hammer head to drive in nails into wood furniture. The other side of the hammer head which contain a claw can be used to extract nails from surfaces like wood.

Ladder / Step Stool

However, there may be need to hang or remove an item from high up or on a vertical surface on the day of the move. The ladder or step stool will give you the needed lift to access the item on the vertical surface. As a safety precaution, ensure that the ladder is balanced and well-positioned before you climb. Keep your body centered between the side rails. In fact, you can ask someone to hold the ladder or step stool while you use it.

Straps and Ropes

Moving straps and ropes are another item that you should keep handy on the moving day. Moving straps are excellent tools for carrying heavy loads. The straps can also be used to carry awkward items such as the couch, big-screen television, household appliances, and more. Once it requires more than one person to carry the item, moving straps can be quite handy.

Besides, moving strap can help in preventing backache, back strains, or other joint injuries. The strap can be used to secure items together, after loading unto the truck. Ropes can also be used for these. Hence, it is usually advisable to have extra straps or ropes on hand on the moving day.

Furniture Dolly or Moving Cart

Lifting or carrying heavy items, boxes, and furniture can be tedious and frustrating. However, with the furniture dolly or moving cart, you don’t have to go through the stress. Furniture dolly or moving cart can be quite handy on the moving day. The equipment feature two or four wheels. You can easily stack boxes on the dolly at once. This will save you from developing back injuries due to lifting load. Also, using the moving cart will prevent the possibility of dropping a moving box which contains fragile or breakable items.

There you have it! Above are some essential moving day tools to keep handy on the moving day. Other items include kid’s items, money, personal protection gear, can opener, flashlight, power bank, medicine, toiletries, and lots more. If you can make necessary provision for all these before the moving day, you will save yourself from getting stranded on the day of the move.

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