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Indianapolis: Moving To The Hot New City Everyone Is Talking About

January 22, 2024

Forget "flyover country." Ditch the dusty cornfield clichés. Indianapolis, Indiana, is about to dropkick your Midwestern expectations into next Tuesday. Indy's a vibrant, unexpected gem, a city that crackles with creative energy yet somehow feels like your coolest neighbor's backyard.

Welcome to Indy, friend. We're ditching the dusty guidebooks and taking you on a deep dive into the magic of this Midwestern metropolis. We'll be your personal guides, helping you find your dream home, unearth hidden gems, and craft an adventure.

Because in Indy, anything is possible. Just ask the racecar drivers roaring around the Brickyard. They'll tell you: Dreams have horsepower here.


So, you've decided to become a Hoosier and call Indy home? Now comes the exciting task of finding the perfect neighborhood for your clan. But fear not, intrepid adventurer, because amidst Indy's diverse tapestry, there's a vibrant corner just waiting to welcome your crew. To find it, let's ask ourselves some key questions:

What's your family's groove?

  • Lively downtown vibes: Think Broad Ripple with its buzzing cafes and indie music scene, or Mass Ave with its eclectic shops and chic restaurants. Perfect for urban explorers and night owls.
  • Tranquil suburban havens: Craving tree-lined streets and top-rated schools? Check out Meridian-Kessler with its historic homes and family-friendly parks, or Nora with its upscale amenities and community spirit.
  • Artistic souls and green thumbs: Herron-Morton's galleries and charming bungalows, or Irvington's walkable streets and community gardens, might speak to your creative sides.

What kind of school day is better?

  • Public, private, or charter: Indy offers a diverse educational landscape. Research top-rated public schools like North Central or Cathedral, or explore independent options like Park Tudor or Brebeuf Jesuit.
  • Focus on extracurriculars? Some neighborhoods boast impressive sports programs, while others excel in the arts or STEM fields. Do your research and find the perfect fit for your budding prodigy.

How do your wheels roll?

  • Walkable wonderlands: Fountain Square with its independent shops and trendy bars, or Old Northside with its Victorian charm and vibrant farmer's markets, are ideal for car-light living.
  • Commuter champions: Consider proximity to major highways and access to public transportation hubs, especially if your daily grind involves a trek downtown.
  • Bike-happy havens: Broad Ripple and Butler-Tarkington offer extensive bike lanes and green spaces, ideal for families who love two-wheeled adventures.

What makes your heart sing?

  • From farm-to-table delights in Fountain Square to international flavors in Mass Ave, Indy's culinary scene is a smorgasbord of deliciousness. Find a neighborhood that tantalizes your taste buds.
  • From museums and galleries to concerts and festivals, Indy's arts scene is bursting with creativity. Seek out a neighborhood that feeds your cultural appetite.
  • Hiking trails winding through the Eagle Creek Reservoir, or family picnics in the sprawling Central Canal, keep Indy abuzz with outdoor adventures. Choose a neighborhood that lets you embrace the fresh air.

Remember, there's no one-size-fits-all Indy neighborhood. The beauty lies in finding the unique corner that reflects your family's rhythm, your passions, and your dreams. So, grab a map, put on your exploration shoes, and get ready to discover your perfect Hoosier haven!

Now, breathe in that Indy air, and let's find your tribe!



Glendale exudes a quiet charm, offering a tranquil escape from the city's buzz. Think tree-lined streets lined with Craftsman bungalows and Tudor-style homes, all within a stone's throw of green spaces and family-friendly amenities.


  • Peaceful haven: Relax and unwind in the 115-acre Glendale Park, featuring walking trails, sports fields, and a dog park for furry friends.
  • Strong community spirit: Glendale boasts a close-knit neighborhood with a variety of community events and activities throughout the year.
  • Hidden gems: Discover local treasures like the Glendale Branch Library, known for its children's programs, or the Glendale Town Hall, hosting musical performances and community gatherings.


Broad Ripple is Indy's bohemian soul, a vibrant hub for artistic expression, live music, and trendy vibes. Think colorful murals adorning buildings, independent shops showcasing local talent, and bustling bars spilling onto lively sidewalks.


  • Live music mecca: Catch up-and-coming bands at The Vogue or The Hi-Fi, or sway to local jazz legends at The Jazz Kitchen. Broad Ripple is where music lives and breathes.
  • Indie fashionista heaven: Uncover unique treasures at vintage clothing stores like Indy Mod Pods or browse eclectic art at galleries like Talbott Street.
  • Culinary crawl: From wood-fired pizzas at Napolese to Asian fusion at Siam Square, Broad Ripple's diverse restaurants offer a global feast for the senses.


this vibrant neighborhood buzzes with energy, offering a walkable urban experience just north of downtown. Think historic homes and eclectic architecture lining tree-lined streets, with trendy cafes and local shops around every corner.


  • Arts and culture: Immerse yourselves in the Indianapolis Museum of Art, explore the eclectic galleries of Mass Ave, or catch a performance at the renowned Clowes Memorial Hall.
  • Foodie paradise: From farm-to-table delights at The Garden to international flavors at Siam Square, North Central's culinary scene is a global adventure for your taste buds.
  • Festival fun: Celebrate life throughout the year with events like the Broad Ripple Arts Fair, the North Central Jazz Festival, and the Christkindlmarkt holiday market.


Located on the northwest side, Delaware Trails is a master-planned community known for its spacious homes, lush green spaces, and strong sense of community. Think walking trails winding past sparkling ponds and friendly neighbors waving from their porches.


  • Outdoor oasis: The community boasts miles of walking and biking trails, a community pool, and several pocket parks, perfect for nature lovers and active families.
  • Educational excellence: With top-rated schools like Nora Elementary and North Central High School nearby, Delaware Trails provides a strong academic foundation for young minds.
  • Shopping spree: The nearby Clay Terrace shopping center offers a diverse mix of stores, restaurants, and entertainment options, catering to all kinds of needs.


Nestled on the north side of Indy, Wynnedale offers a peaceful balance between suburban charm and urban proximity. Picture manicured lawns dotted with charming bungalows and Tudor-style homes, all within a quick drive of downtown's excitement.


  • Top-rated schools: Wynnedale Elementary and North Central High School consistently rank among the best in the city, making it a haven for academically inclined families.
  • Family-friendly fun: The nearby 100-acre Roy G. Holland Park boasts playgrounds, a splash pad, and a dog park, while the Keystone Art Cinema provides movie magic for all ages.
  • Foodie finds: Indulge in delicious comfort food at The Eagle, grab a gourmet burger at Stack'd Burger Bar.


Indianapolis Affordability: Where Your Dreams Don't Cost a Fortune
Forget blowing your budget in Indy! This Midwestern gem lets you live comfortably without pinching pennies. Compared to the national average, Indianapolis is a financial oasis, stretching your dollars further and freeing them up for adventures. Let's explore how you can thrive on an Indy budget:

Housing Heaven: Whether you crave a charming bungalow or a sleek condo, Indy has homes for every taste and wallet, all at a fraction of coastal city prices. The median home price hovers around $347,000, a sweet steal compared to the national average of $407,600. Renters unite! Indy's median rent at $1,135 is a fantastic score against the national average of $1,329.

Healthcare on a Budget: Indianapolis boasts top-rated hospitals like IU Health Methodist and Riley Hospital for Children, but top-notch care doesn't come with top-dollar bills. Healthcare costs consistently dip below the national average, with doctor visits, medications, and procedures delightfully wallet-friendly.

Numbers that Sing: Let's get specific! Imagine ditching that hefty national average apartment rent of $1,329 for a cozy Indy pad at $1,135 – that's an extra $194 every month for those weekend brewery outings or concert tickets! Owning a home? The national median of $407,600 pales in comparison to Indy's $347,000 – saving you a cool $60,600 for that backyard garden you've always dreamed of.

Move to Indianapolis and watch your financial worries melt away. It's a city where affordability doesn't compromise on quality, leaving you more room to savor life's adventures, big and small.

Ready to start counting your blessings? Let's dive deeper into the specifics of your Indy budget!

Cost of Living in Indianapolis, IN

Compared to State Average

Compared to National Average

Housing (Buy and Rent)

3% higher

17% lower

Utilities (Monthly)

3% lower

7% higher


2% higher

2% lower


11% lower

12% lower


3% lower

6% lower

Goods & Services

2% higher

4% lower

Indianapolis offers a compelling proposition: a vibrant, welcoming city with a significantly lower cost of living compared to larger metropolises. From affordable housing and healthcare to budget-friendly groceries and entertainment, Indy lets you live comfortably, pursue your passions, and build a fulfilling life without breaking the bank. So, pack your bags, Hoosier hospitality awaits!


Indianapolis is a thriving job market waiting to ignite your career. Relocating for a specific gig or seeking a fresh start? Buckle up, because Indy's diverse and dynamic landscape has your name written all over it.

Grab the Opportunity!

  • Landing your dream job at Eli Lilly and Company, a global pharmaceutical powerhouse (and major Indy player).
  • Coding your way to success at tech giants like Salesforce or Infosys, surrounded by a vibrant tech scene.
  • Flexing your creative muscles in Indy's booming film and media industry, with the likes of Netflix setting up shop here.

Indianapolis' not just about corporate giants, though. A thriving small business scene pulsates with innovation and entrepreneurial spirit, from craft breweries to cutting-edge startups. And let's not forget the thriving healthcare sector, anchored by institutions like IU Health Methodist Hospital and Riley Hospital for Children.

So, ditch the big-city grind and embrace the possibilities of Indianapolis. Here, a supportive ecosystem and vibrant community await. You'll find more than just a job; you'll discover your professional haven, where ambition meets opportunity, and your career dreams take flight.

Ready to make your move? Start exploring Indianapolis' diverse job market and find your perfect professional fit in this dynamic Hoosier hub. Your career dreams are waiting!



For families relocating to Indianapolis, education isn't just a priority, it's a tapestry woven with diverse threads, offering possibilities for every young mind. From top-rated public schools brimming with innovative approaches to specialized magnet programs and renowned private institutions, Indy unlocks your child's full potential, one bright spark at a time.

Public Schools: Where Individuality Meets Excellence
Indianapolis Public Schools (IPS) is a vibrant network of learning communities, each tailoring its curriculum and environment to nurture unique talents. Consistently ranked among the state's best, IPS champions individualized learning, college readiness, and social-emotional well-being, ensuring every child feels seen, heard, and supported.

  • Top-Tier Gems: Schools like Merle Sidener Gifted Academy School and Forest Glen Elementary School shine as beacons of academic rigor, challenging gifted students with advanced coursework and immersive programs.
  • Specialized Options: Whether your child thrives in a STEM-focused environment or embraces the hands-on world of Montessori, IPS offers a kaleidoscope of educational pathways, guaranteeing the perfect fit.
  • Community Heartbeat: IPS understands that strong schools build strong communities. That's why they foster close relationships between teachers, parents, and students, creating a supportive and nurturing environment where every child feels like they belong.

Indianapolis Exceptionalism Public Schools

  • IPS STEM Magnet Program: This program provides accelerated learning opportunities in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics at several IPS schools.
  • Butler University Magnet High School: Ranked among the top high schools in Indiana, Butler University Magnet High School offers rigorous academics, AP courses, and early college credit opportunities.
  • Dual Language Immersion Programs: Several IPS schools offer dual language immersion programs in Spanish, French, and Mandarin, promoting bilingualism and cultural understanding.

Private Schools: Cultivating Uniqueness, One Student at a Time
For families seeking a tailored education rooted in specific values or philosophies, Indianapolis' private schools provide a dazzling array of choices.

  • Faith-Based Foundations: Schools rooted in diverse religious traditions offer a blend of rigorous academics and spiritual growth, nurturing well-rounded individuals with strong moral compasses.
  • Montessori Magic: Immerse your child in a world of hands-on learning, creativity, and personal development at one of Indy's renowned Montessori or Waldorf schools, where the focus is on fostering curious minds and confident individuals.
  • College Launchpad: Prepare your child for the most competitive universities at a college preparatory school. Rigorous academics, AP courses, and college counseling ensure they're equipped to excel in higher education.

Beyond the Classroom: Where Learning Takes Flight
Indianapolis' educational ecosystem doesn't just fill minds, it ignites passions and opens doors to a world of possibilities.

  • Extracurricular Exploration: From robotics clubs and art programs to sports teams and theater productions, students can delve into their interests and discover hidden talents, all while making lifelong friends.
  • Cultural Immersion: World-class museums, libraries, and performance venues become extensions of the classroom, enriching young minds and sparking a love for learning that extends beyond textbooks.
  • Real-World Experience: Partnerships with businesses, universities, and community organizations offer internship opportunities and hands-on learning experiences, bridging the gap between education and the real world.

Statewide Programs

  • 21st Century Scholars Program: This state-funded program provides scholarships to Indiana students who graduate from high school with high GPAs and demonstrate financial need.
  • Indiana P-TECH: This program allows high school students to earn college credit and industry certifications while gaining hands-on experience in high-demand fields.
  • Indiana Virtual School: This online school provides alternative learning opportunities for students who require flexible schedules or personalized learning plans.
  • Indianapolis Children's Museum: The largest children's museum in the world, offering interactive exhibits and educational programs for children of all ages.
  • Purdue University Fort Wayne: Offering several unique programs, including a renowned cybersecurity program and a nationally recognized aviation technology program.

In Indianapolis, education is about creating the future, one young mind at a time. Here, your child doesn't just learn, they flourish, reaching their full potential in a supportive and thriving community where dreams take root and soar.

Ready to discover the perfect educational fit for your family? Start exploring the diverse educational landscape of Indianapolis and watch your child blossom in a haven of learning and opportunity.


You've landed in Indianapolis, a city where Midwestern charm collides with urban cool, buzzing with a vibrant energy that caters to every soul. 

Nature Escapes & Urban Oasis

  • Hike through ancient forests: Eagle Creek Park, the nation's largest municipal park, beckons with miles of trails, sparkling lakes, and the renowned Indianapolis Zoo. Breathe in the fresh air and reconnect with nature, all within city limits.
  • Paddle serene waterways: Kayak down the lazy White River, weaving through scenic landscapes and discovering hidden waterfalls. Or, hop on a canal cruise and let the gentle current guide you past charming cafes and bustling street life.
  • Unwind in hidden oases: Seek solace in The Falls Park, a downtown sanctuary where cascading water drowns out the city's hum. Or, pack a picnic and spread out amidst the vibrant blooms of the Garfield Park Conservatory, a botanical wonderland under glass.

Landmark Explorations & Cultural Immersion

  • Soar to iconic heights: Ascend the Soldiers & Sailors Monument, a Civil War tribute offering panoramic city views. Then, delve into Indiana's rich history at the Indiana State Museum, where dinosaurs and sports legends share the spotlight.
  • Art for every soul: Immerse yourselves in world-class collections at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, from ancient Egyptian treasures to Impressionist masterpieces. Or, discover local talent at galleries nestled in Mass Ave's trendy alleys or Broad Ripple's bohemian streets.
  • Catch a game, any game: Roar with the Indy Eleven at Lucas Oil Stadium, or cheer on the Indianapolis Indians at Victory Field for a classic ballpark experience. For a uniquely Hoosier thrill, catch a thrilling race at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the home of the iconic Indy 500.

Neighborhood Gems & Local Flavor:

  • Stroll through Mass Ave: This vibrant corridor thrums with trendy cafes, independent shops showcasing local artists, and colorful street murals that tell Indy's story. Stop for a latte, browse unique creations, and soak in the artistic energy.
  • Unwind in Broad Ripple: Vintage charm mingles with eclectic shops and live music venues in this bohemian haven. Grab a drink at a historic pub, catch a band at The Vogue, or discover treasures at vintage clothing stores.
  • Explore beyond the beaten path: Embark on a unique historical tour through the hidden catacombs beneath the city's landmark Cathedral, or step back in time at the Old Town Historic District, where Victorian architecture whispers tales of the past.

But remember, this is just a taste of Indy's tapestry:

  • Dine at farm-to-table restaurants: Savor seasonal flavors sourced from local farms, or indulge in international delights at restaurants reflecting Indy's diverse cultural mosaic.
  • Catch a show at the Murat Theatre: Witness Broadway productions, comedy acts, or musical concerts in this opulent historic theater, a jewel in Indy's artistic crown.
  • Take a brewery tour: Immerse yourselves in Indy's thriving craft beer scene, hopping from brewery to brewery and sampling the city's sudsy creations.

Embrace the Hoosier spirit, strike up conversations with friendly locals, and let your curiosity guide you. This is your chance to make Indianapolis your own, one adventure at a time. So, put on your walking shoes, open your mind, and dive into Indy! Your urban playground awaits.

Remember, Colonial Van Lines isn't just your mover, we're your guide to uncovering the magic of Indianapolis. Let us help you find your perfect neighborhood, discover hidden gems, and create a life you love in this vibrant Hoosier hub. Get ready, your Indy adventure starts now!



Indy's After Dark Anthem: Where Nights Come Alive
Forget unpacking blues and cardboard castles – ditch the boxes and step into the spotlight, Hoosier friends! Indianapolis' nightlife roars with a kaleidoscope of sound, light, and laughter, a vibrant stage for every inner performer. Whether you're a headbanger or a jazz aficionado, a beer-guzzler or a theater buff, Indy has a beat for your heart and a melody for your soul.

Backstage Pass to Hidden Gems

  • Dive into live music bliss: Uncover hidden gems like The Hi-Fi, where local bands belt out blues tunes until the stars peek through the ceiling, or The Melody Inn, a legendary stage where jazz giants have serenaded the night since 1935.
  • Journey through historic theaters: Witness Broadway classics come alive under the opulent chandeliers of the Murat Theatre, or catch a contemporary play at the intimate Phoenix Theatre, where raw talent meets innovative productions.
  • Rooftop Revelry and Speakeasy Secrets: Sip sunset cocktails with panoramic city views at 317 Rooftop Bar, or whisper a password at The Rathskeller, a hidden speakeasy where craft cocktails are mixed with a touch of magic and vintage vibes.

Festivals that Paint the Town Red

  • Heart-pounding thrills: Feel the ground rumble at the iconic Indianapolis 500, the ultimate motorsport spectacle, or cheer on the Pacers at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, where basketball becomes electric.
  • Whimsical escapes: Wander through the Carmel Arts Festival, a vibrant celebration of Indiana's artistic spirit, or indulge in family fun at the Indiana State Fair, where laughter mingles with the aroma of fried corn dogs and buttered popcorn.
  • Community celebrations: Experience the vibrant tapestry of cultures at the Indy Jazz Fest, or raise a glass at one of Indy's many lively breweries during Beer Week, where local hops take center stage.

Beyond the Big Stages

  • Comedy for the soul: Giggle till your sides ache at Stand Up Live, where rising stars and seasoned comedians tickle your funny bone.
  • Late-night adventures: Fuel your inner night owl with bar crawls through Mass Ave's trendy streets or Broad Ripple's bohemian haunts, where every corner holds a new story to be told.
  • Family-friendly fun: Catch a family-friendly performance at the Clowes Memorial Hall, or let loose at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis, where playdates transform into imaginative journeys.

Remember, this is just your opening act

  • Discover live music in unexpected places: From backyards turned into open-air venues to pop-up concerts in parks, Indy's music scene is always ready to surprise and delight.
  • Dance the night away: From salsa clubs pulsing with Latin rhythms to rooftop bars with DJs spinning the latest hits, Indy offers a dance floor for every groove.
  • Catch a game at any hour: Dive into the electrifying atmosphere of a late-night bowling league or cheer on your favorite sports team during a televised game at a bustling sports bar.

So, grab your dancing shoes, dust off your party pants, and let your curiosity guide you. Indy's nightlife is a blank canvas waiting for your brushstrokes. Paint the town red, one show, one festival, one unforgettable night at a time. Your Hoosier entertainment adventure starts now!

Colonial Van Lines isn't just your mover, we're your insider guide to unlocking the magic of Indianapolis. Let us help you discover hidden gems, navigate the diverse scene, and find your perfect rhythm in this city that never sleeps. Get ready, Hoosiers, let the curtain rise on your Indy after-dark adventure!


Event Description

Catch indie darlings and established acts in this historic Art Deco theater.

Get up close and personal with rising stars and local legends in this intimate club.

Feel the ground rumble and adrenaline surge at this legendary motorsports spectacle.

Circle City Wine & Spirits Festival

Sample a global selection of wines and spirits amidst downtown Indy.

Lose yourself in a sea of art, music, and culinary delights at this beloved event.

Roll the dice and unleash your inner geek at this massive gaming convention.

Indiana State Fair

Indulge in fried food, Ferris wheel rides, and Hoosier spirit at this summer tradition.

Christmas at the Zoo

See the Indianapolis Zoo illuminated in festive magic, perfect for families.

Talbot Street Art Fair

Immerse yourself in a vibrant showcase of local and regional artists in this historic neighborhood.

Experience the Bard's timeless works under the stars at the Indiana Historical Society.

Enjoy classical masterpieces and innovative programming at the Hilbert Circle Theatre.

Witness operatic brilliance at the opulent Murat Theatre.

Support the city's professional soccer team at Lucas Oil Stadium.


Fall in Love with Indy: Your Perfect Weekend Escape

Ready to swap packing boxes for weekend bliss? Escape the unpacking dust and step into the vibrant heart of Indianapolis! Whether you're a seasoned Hoosier exploring a hidden corner of your state or a curious adventurer planning a quick getaway, Indy has a charm that lingers long after the weekend fades.

With over 8,000 restaurants bursting with flavor, from farm-to-table delights to international hotspots, and an astonishing array of museums and landmarks that tell the city's story, every corner of Indy promises a new discovery. Immerse yourself in world-class art at the Indianapolis Museum of Art, feel the ground rumble at the iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway, or wander through the serene gardens of the Easley Winery, all within a quick hop of your cozy downtown hotel.

But Indy's magic isn't confined to grand museums and historic landmarks. It whispers in the laughter echoing from Mass Ave's trendy cafes, pulsates in the beat of live music spilling from Broad Ripple's speakeasies, and blooms in the vibrant murals adorning alleyways. Here, history and hip collide, offering a kaleidoscope of experiences for every taste.

So, ditch the unpacking to-do list and grab your weekend wanderlust! This section is your guide to crafting the perfect Indy escape, a whirlwind tour of delectable bites, cultural immersion, and unexpected delights. We'll unveil hidden gems, whisper secrets about must-see spots, and map out an itinerary that leaves you yearning for more. Buckle up, weekend adventurers, your Indy love story is about to begin!

Ready to explore Indy's culinary scene, dive into cultural treasures, and create memories that last a lifetime? Let's dive in!

Hotel Recommendations:



7-9am Start off with Coffee at Coat Check
401 E Michigan St, Indianapolis, IN

  • The Colonial Van Lines Travel Team recommends heading to Coat Check for your first morning in Indianapolis. Located in the grand foyer of the historic Athenaeum Theatre, this quaint coffeehouse will start your morning off with a perfect view of the city. The stunning theater was built in the 1890s and was designed in part by Kurt Vonnegut’s great-grandfather.

9-10am Experience City Market
222 E Market St, Indianapolis, IN

  • The market has been a community gathering space since the early days of the city, drawn into city maps as an integral part of the new Indianapolis. First opened in 1886, the historic Indianapolis City Market is home to over 30 locally owned artisan booths serving up everything from food and drinks to flowers and handmade gifts. 

Lunch: Taste Test the Milktooth
534 Virginia Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46203

  • Milktooth is a modern diner that has a patio for inventive breakfast and brunch items. The restaurant has been refreshed and now has new chef Esteban Rosas in charge. The menu focuses on globally inspired seasonal fare with childhood favorites highlighted. Brunchers can tuck into everything from Cap'n Crunch and Pop-Tarts to Belgian waffles to Chinese black rice pudding among others.

1:30 Immerse Yourself in Newfields
(Indianapolis Museum of Art)
4000 Michigan Road, Indianapolis, Indiana 46208

  • You might like getting up close to masterpieces by artists like Rembrandt and Turner, Cezanne and Picasso, O’Keeffe and Hopper, Calder and Lichtenstein and LeWitt and Sherman. You might become curious to see what is considered the most comprehensive collection of Neo-Impressionist paintings in North America. You may linger near major works of Abstract Expressionism, Minimalism, Pop Art, light- and video-based works, and contemporary design. Or possibly you’ll just decide to tour the planet, viewing galleries of art from Asia, ancient Greece, South America and beyond.

3-5pm Learn about Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library
543 Indiana Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46202

  • One for the literature lovers, this underrated attraction just around the corner from the Canal Walk dives into the life, work, and times of one of America’s finest satirical authors.  Even if you’re not an avid fan of the man, the Kurt Vonnegut Museum and Library is still well worth a visit for its insightful collection of memorabilia and personal items — all best appreciated with an expert-led guided tour of the old building.

Treat Yourself to Cake Bake Shop before Dinner
1615 Carrollton Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46220

  • Enjoy a cup of afternoon tea and a slice of cake at one of the most Instagrammable places in Indianapolis. The Cake Bake Shop serves elegant cakes, pies, and pastries, as well as a full menu with salads, sandwiches, burgers with pomme frites, crab cakes, and a variety of coffee and tea options. The Carmel location, decked out like a palace with all-white everything and chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, is great for a special occasion or just an afternoon pick-me-up. Snacking like royalty makes the price tag all worth it. 

7pm Dinner Reservations at Chef Oya's The Trap
3355 N Keystone Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46218

  • Chef Oya Woodruff offers items like loaded crab legs, shrimp, lobster tail, salmon, and snow crab, all topped with your choice of her famous flavored “buttah,” along with sides like broccoli, potatoes, corn, and boiled eggs. The butter, in flavors like OG herb garlic, yaad jerk, and vegan citrus chive, is rich and flavorful, especially drizzled over your entire tray of food where it combined with the seasoning on each dish to enhance the experience. But the Trap is more than great seafood.


9-10am City Central Eating at Garden Table
342 Massachusetts Ave # 100, Indianapolis, IN 46204

  • The Garden Table is a farm-to-table specialist serving inventive New American fare with fresh pressed juices. The Broad Ripple and Mass Ave locations have modern rustic interiors bathed in natural light, and the food is creative and seasonally influenced. Both locations close at 3pm.

10-1pm Appreciate Native American History at Eiteljorg Museum
500 W Washington St, Indianapolis, IN 46204

  • A must-see Indianapolis museum, the Eiteljorg features exhibits and Western art that tell the story of American Indians. The extensive collection of Native American artwork and artifacts is considered to be the best in the world. In addition to the permanent collection, the museum also displays rotating exhibits and hosts lectures.

1pm Lunch at Bluebeard
653 Virginia Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46203

  • A gastropub with a Southern flare, Bluebeard serves comforting American cuisine in a renovated 1924 warehouse. The menu features hearty dishes like beef tongue lentil stew and sandwiches with spicy tomato sauce, as well as delicious desserts from Amelia's bakery next door. Local favorite, Bluebeard has earned a James Beard award semifinalist status and locals come for the delicious food and quirky atmosphere.

3-6pm Experience Indianapolis Motor Speedway
4790 W 16th St, Indianapolis, IN

  • Indianapolis is the racing capital of the world and home to the largest single day sporting event in the world: the Indy 500. More than 300,000 fans flock to Indy for “The Greatest Spectacle in Racing” every year over Memorial Day Weekend.

Dinner at Harry & Izzy's
153 S Illinois St, Indianapolis, IN 46225

  • A modern steakhouse with a notable wine selection and contemporary spin, Harry & Izzy's is an iconic restaurant in Indianapolis. Both the steakhouse and its sister restaurant, Harry & Izzys, are must-visits for any foodie in the city. The steak with an orange brandy butter sauce at Harry & Izzy's is delicious and definitely worth trying.

It looks like Indianapolis could be the next big adventure for you and your family. Colonial Van Lines can make that move smooth and easy. Contact us for a free quote.