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Professional Moving Starts with Training

Professional Moving Starts with Training
May 24, 2023

Professional Moving Bootcamp at CVLU

Colonial Van Lines is an interstate moving company committed to customer satisfaction and consistency for every long-distance move. Professional moving begins with training, which is why Colonial invests in an intensive on-site mover training program that guides the “Colonial” distinction of professionalism, expertise, and customer service on every long-distance move. In fact, our rigorous training module is four weeks long at Colonial Van Lines University in Pompano Beach, Florida. Here, we teach a redundant system of safety, packing protection techniques, and equipment utility. Our long-distance movers learn every nuance of moving a one-bedroom apartment or a five-bedroom house.

CVLU includes a fulltime training team that manages the entire in-house education program. Every field mover is required to pass certification for their position and to progress in our long-distance moving company. The program is refreshed annually to integrate new moving technology, equipment, and techniques. As a Department of Transportation (DOT) licensed interstate moving company, we adhere and exceed maintenance and safety requirements for our growing fleet of 60 moving trucks.

Through the power of interactive media sharing platforms, Colonial has a series of tutorial videos to share what the CVLU instructors teach our professional interstate movers. It may not be Top Gun, but we think it’s really cool and helpful for residential movers.

Visit the Colonial Van Lines YouTube Channel

We Teach Moving in Our House, Not Yours!

Colonial Van Lines University (CVLU) is centered on a fully stocked residential home we own on our corporate headquarters’ property. In this environment, our movers learn and make mistakes as part of the moving education process. However, when accidents happen, it is our stuff that gets damaged or broken, not our moving customers belongings! We believe this an essential part of the training program and a strategic investment to be the premier long-distance moving company. Only when the coursework has been completed successfully can our movers work in the field. The fully functional home is also utilized as out-of-town lodging for our movers in the program. So, if they break all the dishes and glassware, they are going to have to be creative come dinnertime!

The CVLU training home is a typical residential house with all the trimmings. However, we insert some tricky items to emphasize the importance of following safety, handling, packing, and loading procedures. We like to think of it as an “escape room” type of situation. It includes a fully loaded kitchen,  complete dining room, furnished bedrooms, living room, bathrooms, linen & wardrobe closets, garage-storage, outdoor patio set, and common household hazardous materials

Every aspect of our moving training contributes to put safety first, while carrying out our mission to offer the best long-distance moving and storage services in the U.S. We believe little things are EVERYTHING to a customer’s moving process and sets us apart from other companies. Whether it’s prepping your home’s entrances and pathways, cleaning up after we have unloaded, or putting aside your child’s favorite toys, we teach our movers to be professional, kind, and care for your home possessions like they were their own. 

Professional Moving Starts with Training

About Colonial Van Lines
Colonial is a national moving company brand headquartered in Pompano Beach, FL. For over two decades, the company has focused on interstate, long-distance moving services primarily for residential, commercial, and corporate relocation markets. With additional locations in New York, Texas, California, and North Carolina, Colonial is a top perennial long-distance moving company. You can reach Colonial at (800) 356-1855.