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Long Distance Moving to California

Long Distance Moving to California
June 9, 2023

If you are long distance moving to California, there are a few things to keep to-of- mind. While the Golden State enjoys a robust technology and entertainment economy, the cost to live there can be a real shock in terms of cost of living. However, relocating to California will also provide more outdoor adventure than you ever thought possible. Check out these top five things you MUST know when moving to California from out-of-state.

California is the 4th Largest Economy in World

That’s not a typo! The Pacific Coast state does not have many equals on the world stage in terms of income. Between entertainment, media, and technology, the Golden state is rich in high paying career jobs, but the cost of living is also well-above the national average (and then some). If you’re considering long-distance moving to California, make sure the salary and compensation can cover your expenses.

While Los Angeles has the lion’s share of Television and movie production companies including Disney, NBC, CBS, Universal, and more, San Jose and San Francisco is home to tech giants like Amazon, Apple, Google, Cisco, Adobe, and Facebook. The state also has some other big brands in Chevron, Wells Fargo, Hewlett-Packard, and Kaiser Permanente.

Long Distance Moving to California Means Costly Housing

In a 2023 poll, California is the most desired place to live (if money is not a problem). While interstate moving to California from Ohio sounds amazing: magnificent weather, perfect beaches, and glorious mountains, there’s also a hefty price to put a roof over your head. Homebuyers and renters pay steep prices in and around Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, San Jose, and Sacramento. The affordable housing is inland and east in desert communities like Ontario, Temecula, and Fresno. Best to do some cost, benefit analysis and housing research well before you long-distance move to California.

Long-Distance moving to California

A Car is a Must When Long Distance Moving to California

Californians have more cars per capita than any other state. It’s been purported by many that the U.S. automakers conspired with lawmakers to stymie public transportation systems in the 1950’s compelling Golden Staters to buy their cars. With a 2.3 cars per household, it’s not hard to understand why the 405 Freeway has ten congested lanes running north and south. Also, the expense of fuel and auto insurance is about the highest in the United States. So, if you are moving from efficient public transportation cities like New York and Boston, California will be vastly different, which is why everyone drives their car!

Majestic Mountains, Parks & Beaches

Moving to California means you’ll enjoy at least 250 days of sunshine and dry weather (annually) to soak in some of best scenery and outdoor activities in the world. Surfing is popular at San Diego and LA Beaches, while hikers and nature lovers thrive in famous Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks. At the same time, you’ll be amazed by the California Redwood trees that almost disappear into the clouds. Northern California is adored for its rocky beaches in the Monterey Peninsula. And let’s not forget The Mojave Desert whose Santa Ana winds warm the coastline during the winter.

Mother Nature Can Be Cruel

Moving to California comes with its own set of hazards. The Golden state is susceptible to dangerous natural disasters like earthquakes, wildfires, and mudslides. While it doesn’t rain in Southern California very often, when it does watch out for hilly terrains like Laurel Canyon and Topanga Canyon areas in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. However, wildfires have been the most consequential in recent years in spots like Napa and Sonoma Valley. That said, many Californians have moved out-of-state in recent years due to these events and associated steep insurance costs.

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