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Piano Moving Made Easy: Essential Tips for a Smooth Relocation

piano movers for cross country relocation
October 30, 2023

Moving a piano is like orchestrating a delicate symphony; it requires meticulous planning, perfect harmony, and careful execution to ensure a safe journey to its new abode. A piano is not just a piece of furniture—it’s a masterpiece that deserves extraordinary care during the moving process. Colonial Van Lines has expert piano movers to guide you. 

Relocating your piano doesn’t need to be a daunting task. With the right knowledge and steps, you can smoothly transition your prized instrument to its new home. We’ve crafted a detailed guide to help you maneuver through this process with grace and precision.

Gathering the Necessary Supplies

Before you embark on this piano moving journey, let’s gather the essential supplies that will make the move as smooth as possible. 

  1. Moving Blankets: Moving blankets provide the necessary cushioning and protection to shield your piano from any potential damage during transit.
  2. Packing Tape: Packing tape will ensure all protective layers stay securely in place.
  3. Straps or Ropes: After you layer the piano with blankets and tape everything down; you will want to use secure straps or ropes to ensure nothing moves around during the packing process. 
  4. Furniture Dollies: Furniture dollies are going to make it easier to move the heavy instrument.
  5. Stretch Wrap: Stretch wrap acts as the final protective coat, wrapping around the blankets to keep them firmly secured.
  6. Screwdriver and Wrench: Keep these tools handy for any last-minute disassembling or reassembling of removable parts.
  7. Colonial Van Lines: Choose a moving service that can comfortably accommodate your piano, ensuring a smooth and spacious ride.

Preparing the Piano for Its Journey

In the weeks leading up to your move, you will want to make a few preparations around your home and for your piano move. 

Measure Doorways and Pathways
Before you attempt to move your piano, measure both the piano and the pathways in your old and new homes. This ensures a seamless exit and entry for your beloved instrument.

Remove Obstacles
Clear the pathways of any furniture or obstacles that could obstruct the piano’s movement. It’s important to have a clear route for a smooth transition.

Lock the Piano Lid
If your piano comes with a lid that can be secured, lock it in place. This precaution ensures the lid remains shut and doesn’t accidentally open during the move.

Remove Pedals and Legs (if possible)
If your piano has removable pedals and legs, carefully unscrew and remove them. Wrap these components in padding and store them securely, ready for reassembly at your new destination.

Loading the Piano onto the Moving Van

Use a Ramp
Roll the piano up a sturdy ramp into the moving truck. Ensure the ramp is securely in place and at a manageable angle for a smooth transition.

Position the Piano Securely
Place the piano securely against the wall of the truck. Use straps to fasten it in place and prevent any movement during transit. There is definitely an art to packing a truck.

Unloading and Setting Up the Piano in Your New Home

Unload Carefully
When unloading, gently roll the piano down the ramp and into its designated spot in the new home. Take your time to avoid any jolts or bumps.

Position the Piano
Place the piano on a flat surface in its designated spot, away from direct sunlight or extreme temperatures, which can affect its tuning and condition. However you decide to use your instrument, proper placement of a grand piano in your living room is crucial for the design and functionality of your home.

Reassemble Pedals and Legs
If you remove any pedals and legs, carefully reassemble and attach them in their rightful places.

Tuning Your Piano After the Move
After the move, it’s advisable to have a professional piano tuner come in to tune the piano. The move may have affected its tuning, and a professional will ensure it’s perfectly tuned for your new home.

Young adult man move in new accommodation dropping boxes on floor

Seek professional help from expert piano movers

Moving a piano should ideally be handled by professional piano movers due to the complexity and weight of the instrument. They possess the expertise and equipment needed to ensure a safe and harmonious move for your musical masterpiece. If possible, seek assistance from professionals to ensure a smooth and melodious transition.

Embrace the music in every aspect of your life, including the move of your cherished piano. May your keys continue to create beautiful tunes in your new home. For help, check out our blog on how to pack a house for moving checklist.

For a seamless piano moving experience, contact Colonial Van Lines today. Let us orchestrate the perfect move for your musical treasure. Schedule a consultation with our experts now.

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