Corporate Relocations: Helping Your Employees Settle In

Informing an employee about the need to relocate to another office or branch comes with mixed excitement. Thoughts, like taking up a new challenge, settling in, and other logistical considerations, will keep running through the employee’s mind. The fact that the employee has to start working with new staff members can cause anxiety. However, as the corporate relocations specialist, you have to ensure that everything turns out fine.

What’s more, as your employees prepare for the transition, you will want to ensure that they are taken care of. If not, they will find it tough to settle in. Thus, affecting their efficiency and productivity. In this post, we will be providing corporate relocations professionals with useful tips to help employees settle in smoothly.

Prepare Your Employees for Their New Place

Leaving your comfort zone to move to a new place or city can be worrisome. Make it easier for your employees to acclimate by providing them with detailed information about the new city. These can include information about the best neighborhoods for young professionals, families, and so forth. You can also give them an idea of the weather conditions of the new place.

Also, you can as well send your employees on a pilot trip. This offers them the opportunity to see the new city, new office, and environs. You can introduce them to their new team. Give them a chance to get a vibe of their potential place of assignment. This will get them excited about what the new place or city has to offer.

Be Transparent About Your Relocation Policy

Corporate Relocation

However, try as much as possible to be clear and transparent about the relocation package or policy of the company. Let the employees know if you have any special provision or package for them. These can include:

  • Compensation for relocation
  • Helping with moving or covering part of the cost
  • Assisting with finding accommodation

Also, give your employees room to ask questions and state their concerns about the transfer. Ensure that you provide suitable answers to the best of your knowledge. Open communication helps build trust and puts the employee’s mind at ease. It will also make everyone feel more confident and comfortable about the transfer. This will do both the corporate relocation specialists and the employee some good.

Help Your Employees Handle The Essentials

An important part of helping your employees settle in is by taking care of some essentials prior to the relocation. As the corporate relations specialist, you can provide your assistance in certain aspects. These include transferring health insurance, setting up bank accounts, and lots more.

In addition, the HR team can help gather useful information about requirements for driver’s license changes and car registrations in the new city. If the employees have kids, you can provide useful information about how to register their kids for school.

Likewise, you can make transportation easier by purchasing boarding passes for your employees. Doing all these will help alleviate the burden on your employees. Hence, they will be able to focus their attention on keeping the business running smoothly.

Corporate Relocation

Offer Assistance in Finding Temporary Accommodation

When it comes to accommodation, we all have different taste. However, an employee moving to a new city will always welcome the idea of temporary accommodation. If accommodation is not part of the relocation package, you should still help them find a temporary place to stay.

You can assist them in finding a discount hotel or motel. Airbnb is a good place to search for different house rental options. You can arrange the temporary accommodation or provide them with a list of possible options to check out. Consider that your employees have lots of things to worry about. Hence, taking care of accommodation for them will be an excellent idea.

Corporate Relocation

Assign a Buddy

One of the things that scare employees about relocation is the fear of isolation. How will I relate to the new team? What if they don’t like me? Am I ready to cope with working under a new boss? All these questions and many more will keep running through the employee’s mind. The best way the corporate relocations specialists can be of help is to assign a buddy or co-worker at the new office.

Assigning a buddy will always be an excellent idea. The employee will have someone to ask for help or advice. It also makes integration into the team seamless. However, ensure that the employees are aware of their responsibility before the transfer. This will bring relief to everyone.

Corporate Relocation

Organize a Warm Reception or Social Event

A warm reception brings the feeling of importance and peace of mind to every employee. Instruct your HR team to organize a warm reception for the transferred employees upon resumption. This offers them the opportunity to meet their new team. A social gathering can also be an excellent way for both old and new employees to know each other. You can organize this in a more relaxed and tranquil atmosphere.

Corporate Relocation

Hire a Reputable Moving Company

Here comes the most crucial part; helping your employees with moving. Make moving an enjoyable experience for your employees. Hire a professional and reputable moving company. This will save them all the overwhelming experience that comes with moving and packing.

On the corporate side, your employees will feel more assured. They know that their files and office equipment will arrive in an organized manner. Thus, they will have time and energy to concentrate on sorting their personal belongings

What’s more, if moving personal belongings is a part of your relocation package, it will be an effortless execution. The employees will be confident that their items and belongs will arrive on time and undamaged. The professional company will handle the entire moving, packing, unloading process. Thus, providing them with more time to settle in and focus on their new assignment.

There you have it! The above are a couple of useful tips for corporate relocations professionals to help employees settle in smoothly. As the Corporate Relations Officer or HR Manager, it is your responsibility to ensure that your employees are well catered for during and after relocation. With the above tips, you can help eliminate any relocation stress or anxiety that can affect productivity. This will result in happier employees and a more flawless workflow transition.

Are you a Corporate Relocations Specialist or an HR Manager? Hiring a reputable moving company is an integral part of helping your employees settle in. Contact us today at Colonial Van Lines to help with the moving aspect of your employee’s relocation. Our services are affordable, well-detailed, and highly professional. We guarantee you excellent services that will surpass your expectations.

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