Long Distance Moving to California

Moving to California: Embrace the Coastal Living

Living in California means accepting certain events as regular occurrences, including festivals and earthquakes.

Yes, earthquakes. Moving to California will eventually lead one to experience an earthquake. The upside? The earthquake in question probably won’t be anything like what’s depicted in movies and television. California earthquakes tend to be rumblings that shift some things around the house, so take cover and wait for the rumblings to pass before going out.

Something else to keep in mind; California is not populated solely by hippies and beatniks (and anyone still using those terms should go see for themselves before going home and thinking up new derogatory terms). Granted, it might be easy to draw that conclusion, since Casual Friday seems to occur every day of the week in California and office attire tends to be less formal than it would be in Washington D.C.

Also, keep in mind that California doesn’t get contained to the limits of Hollywood, so don’t expect to move into the neighborhood where a famous actor lives. True, the odds of doing so will be much higher than moving next door to a famous person in South Dakota, but don’t hold your breath.

But if you’re still hopeful…

WORKING after you move to California

…keep in mind that, despite appearances, not everybody in California works in the entertainment industries. It only feels that way because every movie, show, talent contest, or national news station not operating in New York calls California home.

Also, when job-hunting in California, it will help to speak Spanish. Because of the large input of Mexican culture into the state, being able to speak Spanish will be a huge advantage. And if working in the tech industry doesn’t seem like your thing, there’s always the various wine makers, farmers, and real estate offerings to consider.

You might also consider renting a house out to anyone needing a place to stay for a week, because everyone wants to come here.

WEATHER: The best reason to Move to California

There’s an old joke that television weather experts working in California have the easiest jobs in the world. Anyone moving to California should certainly continue to check the weather reports, but the exercise might seem pointless since the temperature tends to remain static throughout the year: hot and sunny, with the humidity hitting peak numbers in the morning before drying out in the afternoon.

When the cold weather does arrive, it might be amusing for anyone who just arrived in California from someplace that experiences actual winter. Few things in life can be funnier and/or exasperating than watching the native residents break out the heavy winter gear when the temperature dips below 70 degrees.

Still, the perpetual warm weather might entice anyone to wander outside for extended periods, particularly in the direction of a beach or one of the state’s many, many parks and attractions. At the same time, the (mostly) perpetual sunshine might encourage homeowners to consider rooftop solar systems and other solar-powered energy options. If the sun shines, why not get it to power your coffee maker?

The real estate can be surprisingly diverse, too. The Poconos offers luxuriant hills and the Santa Monica cliffs get recognized for its rocks and occasional mudslides after rains.

THINGS TO DO once you move to California

California embraces the notion of outdoor activities, be they surfing or going to an outdoor concert. And that’s not even including the big tourist attractions like Disney Land or any number of Hollywood tours; there’s something for everyone in California. Being outdoors even extends to shopping, as outdoor shopping malls feature heavily into the California living experience.

Odd parks like abandoned zoos and art sculptures in the desert attract off-beat attention while the national and state parks, mountains, and beaches draw the more traditional tourist attentions. The best part? A good deal of the activities, be it festivals or hiking trails, won’t cost anything.

Quick note: one of the smartest things to do would be to keep an eye on your pet while they’re outside. Coyotes have a habit of attacking and/or running off with small dogs and cats, not to mention the occasional bird of prey literally dropping in to say hi before flying off with Mittens.

Something else that can be easy to do in California? Getting in shape. Between the plentiful exercise options and the wide variety of vegan/vegetarian restaurants, anyone trying to make lifestyle changes will find tons of encouragement here. Just keep in mind that “getting healthy” doesn’t have to mean “training for the Olympics.” Healthy lifestyles tend to be more focused on being and feeling better, and not necessarily about earning eight-pack abs.

Not that those are bad, either. Moving on…


Like Texas, California’s culture benefits from its inclusion of multiple voices, most prominently from the Asian and Spanish communities and from the nearby Mexican border. Mexican food plays an understandably large role in dining culture, although anyone expecting the Tex Mex style of Mexican food popularized through Taco Bell-type establishments might be in for a surprise the first time they try Cali Mex. With a greater emphasis placed on fish, avocados, and more vegetables, Cali Mex strives for a Mexican food experience that doesn’t smother everything in cheese.

Especially the avocados. Don’t ask us why. Maybe because they’re grown locally. They’re in everything here, even the sushi. Speaking of avocados, California also abounds in produce, mostly because of the large number of farmers living in the state. Fruits and vegetables abound here, with farmers markets drawing huge crowds.

And if you’re angry that you didn’t get Tex Mex at the cantina, be prepared to share your frustrations with everybody else on the road. California traffic gets recognized around the country for its massive congestion and perpetually vying for the title of “Best Road Rage” with New Jersey.

Still, if road rage doesn’t seem like something you want to deal it (and who wants to deal with it, really?), consider the joys of the music affiliated with California. Skate punk, psychedelic rock, and surf rock all originated here, and West Coast Rap has made a huge impact in the nation’s culture.

Don’t try to do everything at once, anyway. If you’re moving to California, you’ll have plenty of time to try it all.

Congratulations on moving to California. Why not start your move off right by calling one of our professionals today for a free quote. We’ve got the time, experiences and resources to get your home or business moved off to sunny California. Go ahead and enjoy your new Cali life and leave the moving to us.

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